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Difficult times sooner or later happen to any of us. Is there any secret of getting through difficulties?

Professor Carol Morgan reveals secrets, noting that the reason lies largely in our relationship to the surrounding reality. We will tell you about these things that will surely help us in difficult times.

Accept reality. The famous Buddha quote says that all our suffering is caused by resistance to reality, to what surrounds us. Probably, it is worth stopping here and letting yourself think about this thesis for a minute. The philosopher says bluntly that all our suffering is generated by our refusal to perceive reality. If we can change something around us, then this should be done. But if change is simply impossible, then life gives us two ways out. You can accept the situation and not accumulate unnecessary negativity, or you can begin to suffer, causing pity to yourself and complaining about the imperfection of the world.

How the problem appears. It turns out that the problem arises at the moment when we ourselves visualize and designate it. That is, our worst enemy, which causes trouble, is ourselves. Our happiness also depends on our outlook on life. If you highlight a part of your life and call it all a problem, then this tangle will begin to fill with negativity. Perhaps it is worth considering what valuable lessons can be learned from this situation? Then it will cease to be a problem.

Start changing the world from yourself. The way we see the outside world is fully consistent with our inner world. There are probably people near us whose lives are immersed in a series of stress and chaos. But isn't this a reflection of the disorder that has reigned in their souls? It's easy to believe that circumstances affect us. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite - we can change ourselves, and this will improve the situation around us.

There are no failures. The words "failure" and "failure" simply should not be in our vocabulary. Any great person on the road to success has failed, returning again and again to his work. Thomas Edison said that he did not fail on the way to invent the light bulb. It's just that along the way, he discovered 99 ways his invention does not work. Let our failures teach us, because they provide information on which path to avoid in the future.

Our best is on its way to us. When we do not get what we want, we must believe that it is still on its way to us. If you look back at your life, it turns out that our victories happened after some defeats or failures. Giving up a good job can also have good consequences - we will become closer to the family. You just have to believe that everything happens in such a way that it leads us to something better.

We must value the present. We live in the future all the time, striving for it, forgetting about the present. But those moments that we have now will never come again. In every moment of our time, there is something valuable that is worth catching and not letting it pass us by. Time is running out, life is inexorably turning into memories. Perhaps someday we will miss those moments that we do not value at all now.

Don't cling to desires. Most of us live with connected brains. This means that we put too much emphasis on our dreams. And if the plan does not happen, then we acquire negative emotions. Why not start practicing the “detached mind” after that? Each of us has our own wishes, but we need to learn to be happy, even if we don't get it. In any case, our emotions must be kept positive or at least neutral.

Realize your fears and be grateful to them. It turns out that fear can teach you a lot. Overcoming it will allow us to get closer to victory. Many young people are afraid to speak in public. But life develops in such a way that in life they then have to communicate with large groups of people due to the duty of work. And some even teach others the art of public speaking themselves. And you can overcome your fears with the help of regular practices. You just need to understand that fear is nothing more than a product of our fantasy.

Allow yourself to be joyful. Oddly enough, some people just don't allow themselves to have fun and enjoy life. These people know nothing about true happiness. Someone is completely immersed in their problems, his inner world is a continuous chaos. These people do not know what they would be without such a load. That is why you need to give yourself the opportunity to be happy. And no matter that this is a small moment, it is important to periodically focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Don't compare yourself to others. Often people, comparing themselves with others, note their inferiority. But why not compare yourself with those who live even worse? Even an unemployed person can at least be glad that he receives unemployment benefits. But the majority of the world's inhabitants live in extreme poverty. Girls who are far from the standards of photo models should understand that there are few real natural beauties. And, most likely, you are more attractive than many. Why not think about it?

You cannot consider yourself a victim. If we are someone's victim, then only our thoughts, actions and phrases. Nobody is plotting or doing anything against us on purpose. Our life experience is created by ourselves. You just need to take responsibility for your life into your own hands and understand that difficulties are quite real to survive. And you need to start by changing your thoughts and actions. It is worth giving up thinking of the eternal victim of circumstances and starting to become a winner.

Everything around will certainly change. It is said that on the ring of the ancient King Solomon was inscribed "This too will pass." It happens that a bad situation develops, from which there is simply no way out. And it seems like a vicious circle. But the changes will certainly come. They say that nothing is eternal but death. Therefore, we must abandon the thought that nothing can be changed and the circle will be closed. Everything will change sooner or later. And it depends on our actions how quickly this happens. The situation itself is unlikely to magically improve.

Everything is possible. Believe that miracles can happen every day, this is absolutely true. But in this article it will not be possible to tell about all the unusual cases that happen to people. Some were able to heal from an incurable disease, while others suddenly met their fate. And such cases happen all the time. You just have to believe that it happens. And with the awareness of miracles in our life, it will be possible to win the whole battle.

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