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Meaning of the name

Akhmet translated from Turkic means "most glorious".


Proud, independent, self-centered people with a strong character. With age, this external harshness and intolerance soften, and it becomes obvious that Akhmet is a kind, sympathetic person. He does not tolerate any dictate over himself, and his trust can only be won by sincerity and gentleness.

This is a type of a businesslike and unusually hardworking man, but to achieve success he lacks balance, the ability to think, details. He can cut from the shoulder, without the need to take risks, when it is enough to calculate with a cold head and get a great profit.

There is a lot of contradiction in the character of Akhmet: he is restrained in expressed feelings, but it is better for him not to fall under the hot hand, agreeable, but the fashion is to be stubborn, can look at beautiful women, but be faithful to one. His abilities are realized late.

Akhmet is a devoted son and a caring father. He is not ambitious, does not strive to shine in society, all his life Akhmet has been working to find a calm, independent, secure life.


It is rather difficult to emotionally captivate him, he can be with you for a long time without showing any external signs of falling in love, and you decide that he simply does not have a heart, but this is not so - he is cordial to women.

As soon as Akhmet decides that you are his true chosen one, he will immediately let you know. Falling in love, he will burn with an even sexual flame, surround you with attention and warmth. Aren't these all the qualities inherent in a fairy-tale prince?

Akhmet asserts himself in the world through love and is afraid to admit this to himself. Akhmet loves to have sex for a long time, he is inventive, liberated, enjoying a woman to the fullest, he can forgive her for any shortcomings and will never leave her in trouble. But in return he expects the same attitude. If a woman does not live up to his trust, he can withdraw into himself.

Having met a woman, Akhmet would willingly go straight to bed with her, but his own experience tells him that very few women react positively to such a haste.

Akhmet is affectionate in bed, his sexual capabilities in favorable conditions simply drive women crazy. He gets real satisfaction when he completely immerses himself in his feelings. Yuri is characterized by good speech, manners, tough self-control.

His sociability has boundaries that he does not cross with a woman. Akhmet is attentive to little things that women do not attach so much importance to. He has an excellent memory, remembers all the minor details of intimacy.


Dark blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Leo.


The sound of the name Akhmet gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, kind, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, powerful, big, active, bright, joyful.

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