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Arbury - from the name of the Arberesh tribe
Arjana - golden life
Ardiana - from the name of the tribe Ardiaea
Ardita - golden day
Ariana - golden life
Arlinda - Gold
Arta - golden
Aferdita - dawn, morning

Beziana - oath
Bezidzhana - oath
Burbuke - germ, germ
Besa - an oath
Bllerina - green
Blairt - green
Bora - snow
Bujair - generous
Bookerosh - beauty

Valbona - wave
Walbone - wave
Valmira - a good wave
Venus - love
Veton - lightning
Visar - treasure

Genta - from the Latin name for the flower "bittersweet"
Gentijana - from the Latin name for the flower "bitter"

Dardana - pear
Dashari - closeness, love
Jezim - Joy
Jaehona - echo
Dills - sunny
Donjeta - lust for life
Donita - lust for life
Drita - light

Erta - golden

Zamira is a good voice

Illka ​​is a star

Kaltrina - the blue girl
Kendrese - attitude, position
Kendresea - attitude, position
Xhevahair - a gem

Laljeta - the flower of life
Lindita - the birth of the day, dawn
Lyridona - desire
Ljul - flower

Majlinda - born in May
Manjola - magnolia tree
Marigona - named after a historical figure
Mimosa - mimosa
Mirjeta - a good life
Mirlinda - Well Born

Albana - Albanian

Pranvera - spring

Resarta - the golden ray
Rilinda - rebirth
Rowena - holy spear
Rozafa the prisoner
Rosafati - Prisoner

Teuta is the queen
Tefta is the queen

Fataim is a teetotaler
Fatjeta - lucky
Fatjona is our destiny
Fatlinda - lucky birth
Fatmair - lucky
Fetage is lucky
Flori - named after the Illyrian martyr
Flutter - butterfly

Schipe - eagle
Spresa - hope
Stjefen - crown

Egzona - pleasure
Edona - loving
Elyra - free
Endrita - light
Era is the wind

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