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Meaning of the name

Artem in translation from Greek means "healthy".


Receiving his name, Artyom involuntarily takes on a certain solidity, to the extent that he often looks somewhat older than his peers. In terms of sound energy, the name fills its bearer with self-confidence and calm strength. At the same time, the relative rarity of the name noticeably enhances this effect.

Most likely, Artyom will not want to stay in the shadows: if he joins the company of his peers, he will try to dominate it. Often he begins to be attracted to older guys, with whom he feels much better. This name does not show a tendency to aggression, and its strength is more manifested in firmness and masculinity.

It is very good if in the process of education the character of Tyoma receives just such a development; otherwise, the name will look inappropriate, as on a cow saddle, the good attitude of people can suddenly change to the opposite.

The most important feature of this name is, perhaps, the desire to go his own way, primarily relying on himself. Usually Artyom knows how to respect authorities, but he treats them without trepidation and admiration and is always ready to show character. Of course, such a position can cause both respect and hostility from the "powerful of this world", and therefore much in the fate of Artyom depends on the environment.

In family life, it will hardly be possible to drive him under the heel, and if something like this happens, then Artyom risks withering away or even falling into depression.

In childhood, they often suffer from respiratory diseases. They are calm, never impose their opinions on others. There are usually no problems at school. They read a lot, are always objective in assessing situations, they always tell the truth, and sometimes they get it for it.

They look like a mother. They are friendly and sociable. In adulthood, they are docile, purposeful. Not careerists. They achieve everything with their work, they are very loyal, they know how to keep secrets. They are people of various professions: jewelers, doctors, electricians, artists, journalists, architects, teachers, watchmakers.

By getting married, they become good husbands. They are hardworking. They love travel, drive a car well, and repair it themselves. There are no leaders in the family. They like to receive guests and cook for them.

They are stubborn and persistent, but not conflicting. Talented, with a rich imagination, but many of the talent remains undiscovered. They love adventure literature. They go in for sports, but do not reach great heights.

Their weakness is to talk on the phone. Kind and trusting, mothers are always worried about them, since in life they are helpless. They willingly travel and go on business trips, quickly find friends.

The strong energy of the name is able to help Artem in the implementation of his own plans; he is worse at working in other people's projects and enterprises. In creative professions, he will most likely be able to express himself where there is little poetry, but there is enough logic and analysis.


Artem is trying to assert himself in sex, having achieved success with the largest possible number of the fair sex. For him, intimate relationships become a way to relax, relieve tension, which can be caused by both successes and failures. He is prone to prolonged erotic games, although they sometimes exhaust him.

For him, all sorts of external factors are very important, he attaches great importance to the figure of a woman and, when meeting, first of all draws attention to how she is built. In sex, the main thing for him is tenderness, a feeling of love and deepest pleasure.

Stubborn, always trying to insist on his own. When choosing a spouse, she takes into account her sexual capabilities, looks closely for a long time before deciding on a serious step. He is very jealous, suffers in his soul, but does not show it.

In sex he is very temperamental, which does not affect in any way in ordinary communication. He does not show special attention to women when he is busy with men's conversations - he simply does not notice anyone if friends are nearby. In intimate relationships, he is tireless, which his friends do not even suspect.

Artem will only be suitable for a woman who is capable of having sex at any moment, in any conditions, whose attraction is as strong as his. Himself invites his girlfriend to have oral sex; if she is not yet ready for this, she will set her up, start first.

Too picky about sexual partners; if one of them does not satisfy his needs, he breaks up mercilessly. Appreciates women who are able to make him an erection at his first desire.


Dark green.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Artem gives the impression of something good, majestic, brave, mighty.

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