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Meaning of the name

Translated from Hebrew means "servant of God".


Very emotional, energetic, good-natured boy. Everyone affectionately calls him Avdyusha. He adores animals, stealthily drags them home from his parents, constantly feeds them. A brave and determined child. He suffers from allergies, bronchitis, but easily tolerates high fever, and on the second day of illness he cannot be kept in bed.

He treats toys very carefully, and one should not scold him when he accidentally breaks something: he is already very worried, he feels sorry for the toy. During the game, he can unexpectedly have fun and mischief, but this comes from an excess of feelings and energy that are looking for a way out.

Avdey is very impressionable, and before going to bed he should not get too carried away with the game, after that he does not sleep well. Peers are always interested in him. If a competitor appears, Avdey can quit the game and go about his business. He is very noisy, creates uncontrollable situations during games, he can hit a rebellious comrade in excitement, but he will immediately make peace, he does not remember evil.

He studies well at school, but he could have been even better if he had been more diligent. It is difficult to determine what he has more abilities, he is fickle in his hobbies. Having taken up boxing, a week later he can get carried away by football or go to the gymnastics section. Likes to paint landscapes, sculpt animals from plasticine. It’s better not to touch it at such moments. He should be taught to perseverance and consistency, otherwise his chaotic temperament will greatly harm him in the future.

He is inclined to adopt bad habits: he can start smoking, swear obscenely, believing that this is a manifestation of "adulthood". It gives in to influences and, if it is explained to him in time what is good and what is bad, he quickly forgets the bad. Parents should pay attention to who Avdey is friends with, direct his energy in the right direction. Shouting at Avdey does not work, you need to establish friendly relations with him and talk on equal terms in order to achieve a result.

Growing up, Avdey becomes more calm, balanced, independent. Attentive to relatives, devoted to friends. As a rule, she gets higher education, but does not always work in her specialty. However, he knows how to apply the knowledge gained in another industry.

He is very proud, unobtrusive, so many consider him arrogant. His main problem when choosing a profession is that he cannot give preference to one thing for a long time. He does not reveal his talent right away. He achieves the greatest success by working in a team of like-minded people, it is difficult for him alone to achieve the goal. In a difficult situation, he desperately needs the support of colleagues.

Avdey is intelligent, well-mannered. Possesses outstanding organizational skills, common sense. There are no trifles in work for him. Avdey knows how to control his emotions, can be restrained, undemanding.

For him luxury is not important, window dressing is alien, flattery is intolerable. Knows how to get around sharp corners, non-conflict. He has a sense of responsibility and justice, does not like to deviate from generally accepted rules, prefers the beaten path. Favors new ideas, knows how to implement them.

Professions: juvenile inspector, head of analytical center, journalist, engineer, architect, programmer, football coach, watchmaker, merchandise expert, enamel painter. At work, he is curious and observant. Loyal to his ideas, reliable. He gets along with the boss, but tries to stay away from him.

In marriage, a good husband, father, tries to help his wife, willingly spends time with his son. Avdey does not marry for a long time, he carefully chooses his wife. He is quick-tempered, very jealous, not every woman can stand it.


Avdey seems very modest, sometimes somewhat timid, a woman does not immediately discern male strength in him. Meanwhile, he is temperamental and sexually active enough. He often changes partners, but prefers not to talk about his love affairs. He is able to give happiness to each of his many friends, albeit for a short time.

However, he is not omnivorous: of course, he prefers experienced partners, but if he needs to choose between one that is fluent in the technique of sex, but is primitive, low-cultured, and a woman, much less experienced, but highly educated, in whom he feels a spiritual relationship, - Avdey will certainly prefer the second.

He owns the art of sexual love and, with intimacy, always reaches orgasm simultaneously with his partner, carefully listening to her erotic experiences. The crown of intimacy for him is a feeling of spiritual and physical satisfaction, deep gratitude to his partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Leo.


The sound of the name Avdey gives the impression of something good, beautiful, kind, majestic, courageous, active, bright, joyful.

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