The strangest assassination attempts on politicians

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Murder is a real, albeit dire, opportunity to get things done. But does their own fate and the life of another person stop those who dream of changing the fate of the world? It is not surprising that politicians of different levels are constantly being targeted by maniacs, terrorists, and even simply embittered compatriots.

But the secret services are not asleep either, constantly identifying and catching those who conceived the attempt. Let's talk in more detail about such curious cases of hunting for politicians.

Adolf Gitler. This dictator can argue in the degree of his evil influence on the history of mankind with any tyrant in history. And although Hitler managed to unite the nation, many did not like him even during his lifetime. It is no coincidence that the German Fuhrer survived as many as 42 attempts on his life, eventually becoming even invulnerable. The most unusual incident happened in 1938. Georg Elser was a turner, carpenter, ex-communist, music lover who played the double bass. By the time the assassination attempt was organized, he was a wealthy bourgeois who worked at a factory. But Elser believed that Hitler was oppressing the working class and leading the country into a new war. As a result, the worker decided to kill the dictator. Elser learned that Hitler annually visits the Bürgerbreukeller beer hall in Munich, where the annual celebration of the fascists' rise to power is held. Elser visited there and was convinced that Hitler really came to the institution on November 8. For half a year, the worker gradually stole explosives in the production, creating a bomb. But the attempt to get a job in the pub failed, after which Elser continued to replenish his deadly reserves. Soon the terrorist moved to Munich and began to spend every dinner in the coveted cafe. Every day before closing, Elser hid in a cafe, waited for the servants to leave, and at night he hammered a depression in a wooden column. The terrorist was very patient and worked like that for three whole months. A powerful time bomb was ready and set for November 21-20. Elser did not take into account one thing - it was in this year that Hitler refused to attend the festival. And the worker himself was detained while trying to hastily leave the country. Elser looked painfully suspicious. The bomb that exploded killed six Nazis, and the most unlucky terrorist had a postcard in his pocket with the image of the very same pub. And although Elser did not admit his participation, his guilt was proven. The terrorist, surprisingly, was not shot, but decided to reserve for a triumphal trial in captured London. When it became clear that this was a utopia, the poor man was simply forgotten. Elser spent six years in the camps and was shot in April 1945, when the Nazis destroyed the concentration camp in Dachau.

Anal weapons. It is easy to kill with explosives, but it must first be skillfully hidden. For this, various tricks were used. For example, they have repeatedly tried to blow up politicians with a bomb hidden in a bouquet of flowers. But all were surpassed in August 2009 by Abdullah al-Aziri, by the way, the younger brother of the main al-Qaeda demolition in Arabia. The terrorist realized that it would be very difficult for him to overcome the guards of the prince of Saudi Arabia. Then he decided to blow up his enemy with a bomb placed in his own anus. The result was sad and curious at the same time. The politician himself received only minor injuries, but Abdullah was literally blown to pieces. Apparently, in such an unusual place, the bomb behaved unpredictably.

Georg Jenach. For most of us, the name of this Swiss remains unknown, but in his country he is practically a national hero, a symbol of the state's independence from external claims. But Yenach became a hero later, thanks to romantic stories. Most likely, he was simply fighting for power. At the same time, Yenach did not hesitate to torture his enemies, personally killing them with an ax, despite the protests of the priests. And although the “hero” was originally an ardent Protestant, this did not prevent him from taking the side of the Catholics over time. It is not surprising that the personality of the politician was so ambiguous that he literally begged for murder. But in Switzerland, which supplied mercenaries to all of medieval Europe, there were no problems with this. That is why the death of Georg Jenach did not surprise anyone, the only unexpected thing was that he was hacked to death by a man in a bear costume. And there was an assassination attempt during the city carnival. On this holiday in the Middle Ages, many were killed, because the identity of the criminal is difficult to establish. Jenach decided to take a break by ordering a separate room in one of the taverns. In the midst of the fun, a group of masked people knocked on the room, and with them was also a huge mummed bear. The arrivals had weapons in their hands, and an ax was also guessed under the bear's skin. The guests asked Yenach for permission to sit with him. Suddenly he agreed. Here the bear extended its paw to the owner for a handshake. When Yenach gave his hand in response, he was shot in the stomach from a pistol hidden in his sleeve. And then the whole company drew their swords and began to cut and stab. The Swiss hero, even a wounded one, fought off enemies for a long time with a candelabrum, eventually becoming the first victim of a bear with an ax and a pistol in history.

Vladimir Lenin. Today Lenin certainly looks like the leader of the young new Russia. And in 1917-1918, Leon Trotsky was considered the most influential party leader. It is precisely the inner-party struggle for power that explains the most famous attempt on Lenin's life. After all, immediately after the revolution, the Bolsheviks' course did not suit everyone's taste, among them was the social revolutionary Fanny Kaplan. This assassination attempt still leaves a lot of questions, because it made it possible to quickly punish the guilty without really understanding. There is still a fierce debate about whether Kaplan fired, whether she was a Socialist Revolutionary. But this plan looks rather strange - the attempt was entrusted to a half-blind woman, who, moreover, had to shoot from a crowd of workers, Lenin's associates. But Kaplan's practical experience of terrorism was limited to an unsuccessful attempt on the life of the Governor-General back in 1906. Then the bomb exploded at the time of the arrest of the revolutionary, which led to her blindness. According to the official version, two of the three Kaplan bullets hit Lenin - one in the neck, the other in the arm. They even wrote that the insidious terrorist even poisoned the bullets with poison, but this can no longer be proven. Fanny Kaplan immediately gave up, did not admit anything and quickly disappeared. It is not even known whether she was shot or burned in an iron barrel. But after the assassination attempt, Lenin recovered surprisingly quickly and immediately began retaliatory actions against political opponents, proclaiming the "Red Terror".

Agrippina. This woman went down in history as the mother of Nero. At the very beginning of our era, the Roman Empire was torn apart by clans in the struggle for power. Nobles interspersed with orgies with wars and marriages of convenience. So 16-year-old Nero, barely becoming emperor, first of all thought about killing his own mother. Agrippina was the cunning and domineering sister of the emperor Caligula, in whose murder, by the way, she was involved. Nero's mother retained considerable influence, so the young emperor strove to get rid of her under the guise of an accident. The good old poison was tried first. But three attempts failed, because the experienced intriguer ate plentifully on antidotes. But Nero decided not to back down. He was a rather eccentric ruler, his murder plans became so sophisticated that it even began to look ridiculous. So Nero ordered the creation of an ingenious mechanism that was supposed to bring down the ceiling of Agrippina's bedroom on the first person to lie on the bed. Only, according to ancient Roman tradition, the hostess's bed was always warmed up by a slave in advance. Then the emperor came up with another ridiculous and complex murder weapon - a self-destructive ship. Nero invited his mother to the celebration and ordered to secretly damage her boat, so Agrippina had to agree to return on a gift from her son. And then Nero did not betray himself - the ship also had a falling ceiling filled with lead. The implication was that the woman, if not crushed, would drown. And again the expected ending - the ceiling killed everyone except Agrippina and her maid. After all, there was a solid bed with a high back on the ship. And the sliding bottom of the ship refused to open under the pressure of water. It got to the point that the sailors manually began to rock the boat, throwing the women into the water. But Agrippina just swam to the shore, fortunately she was a diver in the past. Nero realized that it would not be possible to kill his mother creatively and simply ordered her to be stabbed in her bed. On the night of the murder, Nero burned his mother's body, and the Senate openly congratulated the emperor on getting rid of the enemy. But the image of Agrippina began to haunt the killer at night, he even hired Persian magicians to calm his conscience.

Qin Shi Huang. This is a cult emperor for China. Even his own name is rather significant and translates as "the first emperor of the Qin dynasty." True, she was in power for only 15 years, 11 of which fell on the founder himself. But Qin Shi Huang Ti was the first to unite China and create a single country with a central control system and laws. This emperor built the Great Wall of China, as well as a three-lane road network with a total length of 7,500 kilometers. The central strip was reserved exclusively for the emperor. He was buried in a giant top-secret tomb surrounded by the Terracotta army. However, the unification of China meant a harsh suppression of all disaffected. It is not surprising that there were many who wanted to kill the emperor. One of them, the former aristocrat Gao Tsznyay-Li, managed to escape after a failed assassination attempt. He hid, at first he was a wine seller, and then he mastered the art of playing the lute. And it turned out that the conspirator had good musical talent. The fame of this lute player spread throughout the empire. The famous musician was even invited to play Qin Shi Huang himself. It is not known what the terrorist was counting on in general, because he was immediately recognized. True, the emperor, touched by Gao's game, decided to pardon him, but ordered both eyes to be gouged out. But the musician was taken to serve in the palace. Over time, the emperor became attached to the old enemy and even began to trust him. The lute player was allowed to visit Qin Shi Huang in person, without protection and to play a couple of steps away from him. It was then that Gao conceived a plan of revenge. He did not come up with anything sophisticated, he simply put a couple of pieces of lead in his lute and went to kill the emperor. Approaching him closer, the lute player swung and struck at the place where Shi Huang was supposed to sit. However, Gao did not take into account that the lute is a bad weapon, and his blindness is clearly not an ally. After all, not so long ago the ruler was able to personally kill a sighted murderer. The unlucky blind terrorist was captured and quickly executed, and the emperor, as they say, was finally disillusioned with people.

Reinhard Heydrich. This Nazi leader has a bad reputation. After all, he led the Imperial Security Service, behind the creation of the death camps. Heydrich was not liked, even close friends called him a "goat" for his thin voice and elongated face. Even in the name of the operation to destroy Heydrich, there was hatred. According to the plan of the "Anthropoid", it was supposed to shoot a fascist in his car simply and without any frills. After all, Heydrich preferred to do without guards and drove around occupied Prague with only one driver. The Czech resistance, together with the British, organized an assassination attempt, the plan seemed simple and successful. But for its implementation, two brave but ordinary soldiers were selected, in a hurry, trained. Yak Kubisch and Josef Gabchik managed to turn the murder into a real circus act. They took a submachine gun, a couple of pistols and a bomb. Soon, an accomplice signaled the approach of a Nazi's Mercedes. When the car slowed down next to the terrorists, Gabchik pulled out a machine gun and found that its mechanism was clogged with grass! He collected it for his rabbits and for some reason put it in the same place where the disassembled weapon was. Both the Czechs and Heydrich fell into a stupor. Then the fascist came to his senses, but instead of quickly leaving, he drew his pistol, aimed at Gabchik, and found that the Walter was not loaded! Kubish tried to correct the situation, who took out a bomb and threw it into the car. However, the terrorist managed to miss, and the bomb only slightly touched the rear wing. As a result of the explosion, not only Heydrich was injured, but also Kubis himself, who was hit in the head by fragments. At that moment, the Germans came to their senses, but instead of leaving, they chased the attackers. And this despite the fact that the Nazis had no weapons! Kubish jumped on the hidden bike and rolled down the hill. The driver chased the Czech and even caught up with him in the bakery. But there Gabchik remembered that he had a pistol, shot at the driver and also fled. As a result of such a ridiculous assassination attempt, Heydrich was left to bleed to death with his driver. The Czech drivers were not eager to help the SS men. It was only when the police stopped the truck that the wounded Nazi was taken to the nearest hospital. But too much time passed, and the storm of the Jews died in the hospital. Kubish and Gabchik did not manage to survive the war, they died in battle, being betrayed by their own participants in the resistance.

Safe assassination attempt. At times, attempts on the life and freedom of politicians can look very harmless. This is exactly what happened to 30-year-old father of four children, Michael Fagan. He managed twice to freely enter Buckingham Palace, that is, in fact, home to the Queen of England. First he got inside with a drainpipe. But the insolent was noticed by the maid. After the guards found no one, everyone decided that the alarm was false. And Fagan climbed into the palace through the attic and began to walk aimlessly around the royal dwelling. The offender sat on the throne, tasted various dishes, and even looked through the gifts that Princess Diana prepared for her son William. Then Fagan became corny and bored and went home. Surprisingly, all security detectors that could detect the intruder turned out to be broken. On his next visit, the Englishman came across a working detector, but the guards thought that the alarm had malfunctioned and simply turned it off! The already tipsy criminal not only broke the glass tray, but also went into the queen's bedroom. She began to call the police, who never arrived. As a result, Fagan asked the maid for cigarettes, received them, and began to await his arrest. And it was not the security service at all that did this, but an unarmed servant. The guard at that moment was walking the queen's dog and he was not in the palace. As a result of such amazing adventures, Fagan was accused of stealing a bottle of wine (the charge was later dropped) and sentenced to six months of psychiatric observation. And in England itself, a new law has appeared, according to which getting into the royal palace is now considered a criminal offense.

Luis Carrero Blanco.This politician was supposed to rule Spain after the famous dictator Francisco Franco. After the end of the war, the initially fascist leader managed to maintain relations with both the West and the Soviet Union. Franco gave Spain to his successor as a completely European state. But he did not really have time to rule Blanco - Basque militants from the ETA organization decided to kill him during Franco's lifetime. Perhaps they intended to then strike at other leaders of the country. But as a result of such an assassination attempt, King Juan Carlos I began to rule the country. In 1973, four activists from ETA decided to kill Blanco, who was then prime minister. This plan was called "Cannibal" and in the degree of its madness could compete with the projects of Nero. The terrorists spent a whole year preparing. During this time, they acquired a bunch of useless weapons, experienced many adventures, were able to fail several robberies, and in general they did a lot that had nothing to do with the original plan. Basques, next to the street along which the politician often went to church, rented a basement room. At the same time, they passed themselves off as student sculptors. After that, the terrorists began to dig a tunnel under the street, not bothering to learn how this is generally done. It was immediately discovered that the picks brought from the village were too large to swing under the ground. In a short time, one of the diggers announced that he was claustrophobic. And how did he plan to dig a tunnel with her? The walls and the ceiling began to crumble and creep away constantly in the process of undermining. In addition, foreign gases and drains appeared in the tunnel. It's good that one of the terrorists realized the absurdity of the unprepared work and bought a job in a bookstore to build tunnels. And although the techniques described there were not quite suitable for such small digs, the Basques were able to at least stop the landslides. Only the book did not say anything about regular gas poisoning. But the difficulties did not stop the brave men, and after a week they finished digging. Oddly enough, but such an absurdly prepared assassination attempt was crowned with a resounding success. As Blanco's car drove over the tunnel, terrorists disguised as electricians fired a detonator on a heap of explosives hidden underground. The explosion turned out to be so powerful that the politician's car flew up five floors. The car flew over the roof of the church from which Blanco was returning, and landed on the terrace on the other side. The Prime Minister and his driver were instantly killed. Spain headed for a constitutional monarchy, and the Basques are still trying to gain independence by hook or by crook.

Fidel Castro. America is very much afraid of the red communist plague. That is why the appearance of proud little Cuba right next to her was a challenge. It is no coincidence that the US intelligence services have repeatedly made efforts to kill the leader of the communist country, Fidel Castro. As you can see, all attempts have failed, and the determined politician retained his power. Fidel's talents deserve respect if you even find out how many attempts on his life were planned. The British even made a documentary called 638 Ways to Kill Castro. This suggests that, on average, over half a century, they tried to kill the Cuban leader once a month. He was able to survive 15 times more assassination attempts than Hitler himself. For example, almost the most famous plan involved the assassination of the Comandante with an exploding cigar. In 1966, a CIA agent disguised as a New York police officer tried to treat her to Castro during his visit to the UN. But the cautious Cuban was on the alert. On another occasion, it was decided to use the chief's love for diving. Shooting Castro with an underwater weapon or cutting his oxygen hose is easy. That is why the CIA decided to give the Cuban a special suit infected with a deadly fungus. And after the failure, a whole batch of mussels was purchased and filled with explosives. Other assassination attempts were related to an attempt to hand Castro a ballpoint pen with a poisonous needle and a handkerchief with deadly bacteria. As a result, the Americans lost faith in their attempts to kill the Comandante that they began to plan at least to deprive him of his famous beard. But Castro is still alive, and he has a beard. And although the Cuban people are not the happiest and satiest, the leader remains the idol of the left from around the world. Castro himself not so long ago said that he was extremely surprised that he lived to be 87 years old, having managed to bury many friends and enemies.

The murder of Grigoris Lambrakis. This story took place in the early 1960s, when Greece had an extreme right-wing government. But the authorities found an influential opponent. A doctor, an ardent champion of peace and an athlete, Grigoris Lambrakis was active in politics, constantly putting the authorities, the military and the police in an uncomfortable position. As a result, it was decided to remove such an active enemy. But Lambrakis was very popular, so it was dangerous to kill the people's favorite. As a result, a pair of ultra-right terrorists agreed to commit the assassination attempt. On the scheduled day, they armed themselves with a wooden truncheon, boarded a three-wheeled tricycle scooter and drove to the square, where the politician made a speech against the military. The assassination plan was very simple. It was supposed to leave the transport on the road and, during the performance, approach Lambrakis from behind and hit him with a club in full view and everyone. Actually, this is what happened. However, the killers did not fully think about the retreat in their simple plan. Although the police did nothing to apprehend the criminals, their tricycle turned out to be so unusual that it was immediately remembered by a whole bunch of spectators. Supporters of the politician rushed to the transport and pulled out the naive killers from there. The police had already arrived and arrested the conspirators. They were condemned and forgotten about them. But about poor Lambrakis they even shot a film that was nominated for an Oscar.

Lincoln's assassination. This assassination attempt became a real ode to the stupidity of the terrorists. On April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth, actor and undercover Confederate agent, shot Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater. It was planned that evening not only to assassinate the President, but also Secretary of State William Seward, as well as Vice President Andrew Johnson. But the plans initially failed - the secretary of state resisted, and Johnson's killer simply got drunk and failed his part of the assignment. Only the assassination of Lincoln went according to plan. When the audience laughed at the funniest scene in the comedy "My American Cousin" Booth entered the politician's box and fired. At the same time, the noise of laughter drowned out the gun. But then the problems began. Booth himself wanted to leave unnoticed, but then a guest, Major Rathbone, entered Lincoln's box. The killer, escaping, simply jumped from the balcony into the auditorium. This jump was unsuccessful, Booth not only received scratches, but also broke his leg. But, being an actor, he got into a spectacular pose and declared loudly in Latin: "Such is the fate of tyrants!" After that, Booth, as far as possible with a broken leg, tried to walk with dignity to the exit. Oddly enough, he managed to leave and hide for 12 days. But on April 26, the killer was found in a barn, where he was hiding with his friend. I had to set fire to the building to get Booth out. They shot at him, fatally wounding him in the neck. The last words of Lincoln's killer were: "Tell my mother that I died fighting for the Motherland."

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