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Abbas - gloomy, strict
Abid - praying
Abdullah is a slave of Allah
Abdul is a slave of Allah
Abdurrahman - slave of the Merciful
Abdulgamid - Slave of the Glorious
Abdulhamid - Slave of the Glorious
Abdulmejid - slave of the Most Glorious
Abuser - air
Abid - praying
Aha - master, master
Agakhan - high ruler
Agshin - strong, brave
Agil - smart, understanding, knowledgeable
Adil - fair, acting correctly
Adalat - justice
Adam is the first prophet of the universe
Adnan is the founding founder
Adygozyal is a beautiful name
Azad - free
Azer - fire, flame
Aziz - mighty, invincible
Azim is the greatest
Aydin - clear, clean
Akif - hardworking
Akram is the most generous
Alekber - big, great
Ali - supreme, supreme, mighty
Alim - knowing
Alpan - a brave man, a hero
Altai - the golden mountain
Altun - gold
Alkhan - the great khan
Alim is a scientist who knows
Aly - bright, red, fire
Allahverdi - bestowed by God
Amal is the target
Amin - reliable, keeper
Amir - ruler, sovereign
Amil - ruler, lord
Amrullah - the will of God
Anan - Reminiscent
Anar - garnet
Anwar - giving light to the world
Arastun - Aristotle
Araz - happiness
Aran - seasoned, cold-blooded
Arid is the only one, unique
Ariz - male warrior
Arif - knowing
Arslan - lion
Assad is a lion, fearless
Asim - protecting, protecting
Asiman - the sky
Asif - forgiveness
Aslan - lion, fearless
Asker - warrior, soldier
Atabek - teacher, educator
Atila - rider, on horseback
Afig - traveling the world
Aflatoun - Plato
Afghan - Afghan
Ashgyn - in love
Ashig - in love with the truth
Ashraf is the noblest
Ahri - respected, glorious
Ahmed - glorified, praiseworthy
Ahad is one, one
Ayaz - the wind blowing on a winter night

Baty - west
Bayat - the face of God
Bakhtiyar - happy
Baba - grandfather, father of fathers
Bayat - the face of God
Bayram - a holiday
Bayramali - Ali holiday
Beylar - nobleman
Balakshi - loving children
Bahadur - hero, hero
Baty - west
Baloglan is a sweet child
Points - honey
Balabek - junior bey
Bahmanyar - the gift of Bahman
Bahram - the killer of the evil spirit
Benjamin is important, in charge
Buniat - son
Budulay - gypsy
Bulud - a cloud
Bugday - leader, leader
Bulbul - nightingale
Boran - ebullient, stormy
Bugday - leader, leader

Vagif - the all-knowing
Wasif - praising
Valef - in love
Walid - father, parent
Wasim - handsome
Vatan - fatherland, motherland
Wahid is the only one
Wahab - the bestower of blessings
Vidadi - love, friendship
Veli - dear, close
Velikhan - close, dear ruler
Vezir - Khan's right hand
Vidadi - sympathy, love
Vilayat - principality, state
Vurgun - in love
Vugar - proud
Vusal - dream, goal, desire

Ghadir - valuable
Garib the outlander
Gaplan is a brave man
Hamid - illustrious
Gambar - rock, lump
Hajibaba - Haji's grandfather
Haji is a pilgrim
Gasyr - strong, solid
Gachai - brave, warrior, man
Gachag - a fugitive
Gashkai - happy, sacred
Hasan - handsome, courageous
Gahraman is a hero
Gaia - strong, indestructible
Heydar - lion
Gedim - ancient
Giyas - help
Giyam - riot
Gorgud - fire, light
Goshgar - proud, sedate, majestic
Gochag is great
Huseyn - handsome
Gudrat - mighty
Gyulag is a fragrant man
Gunduz - noon
Guloglan - a young man, beautiful as a flower
Gyarai is a hero

Dawood - beloved, dear
David is beloved
Dadash - brother
Danise - sea
Derya is a big river
Dashgyn - strong, ebullient
Dashdemir - iron and stone
Javanshir - a young lion, strong, mighty
Javad is the magnanimous
Javid - bright, brave
Jeyhun - a paradise river
Jamaleddin is a beautiful religion
Joshgun - seething, restless, seething
Jahangir - the whole world
Jamil - beautiful, beautiful
Jamshid - the shining king
Jarasat - brave
Jamal is brave
Jabrail - the power of God
Jabbar - powerful
Acts - pride
Demrel - an iron hand
Derya is a big river
Dilaver - sociable
Dovlat - the state
Got it - Ali's friend

Zabit - ordering, officer
Zaman - time in the sense of an era, period
Zaire - a pilgrim
Zaur - a pilgrim
Zahid is a scientist, seasoned
Zahir - appearance
Zakir - the one who remembers God
Zaman - time, period
Zardusht - Zoroaster
Zafar - victory
Zia - light
Ziafat - banquet, feast, celebration
Zohrab - clear, shining
Zyaki - smart, smart

Ibad is a servant of God
Ibrahim - Merciful Slave
Idrak - Knower
Ilyas - coming to the rescue
Ilham - inspiration
Ilgar - loyalty
Ildirim - lightning
Ilkin - the firstborn
Ilyas - the prophet Elijah
Ilchin - the first
Inal - master
Intigam - revenge
Isa - God's help
Islam - obedience to God
Iskander - Alexander
Ismail - may the Lord hear
Ikhtiyar - choice

Yilmaz - a daredevil

Cainath - Universe
Kemal - wise, sensual
Kirman is a fortress; Not available
Koroglu - the son of the blind
Kamal - perfection
Karim - generous
Kamran - happy, reaching for dreams
Kyanan - born to rule

We climb - necessary
Latif - open-eyed, friendly, charming, merciful
Lachin is a noble warrior hero
Levan the wanderer
Laysan - a downpour, accompanied by thunder and lightning
Lenar - like fire or light of Allah
Logman - sage, healer

Majid - great, glorious
Malik - ruler, master
Manaf - standing tall
Mansour is the winner
Masood - happy
Mardan - man, warrior
Mahir - master, craftsman, sign
Miri - head, leader
Mirza - prince
Mehman - guest
Mubariz - wrestling
Murad - intention, goal, dream
Murtuza - chosen, beloved
Murtuz - chosen, beloved
Musa - working miracles
Mustafa - the chosen one
Muslum is a Muslim
Muslim is a Muslim
Muhammad - praised, praiseworthy

Nasimi - light wind
Nabi - prophet
Nadir - rare, extraordinary
Nassreddin - Religion Helper
Nazir - the warning
Nazar is mercy
Nazim - keeping in order, fearsome
Nasir - helping friend
Nail - the one who gets what he wants
Namaz - prayer, the road to heavenly life
Namig - writer
Nariman - Courageous
Nizami - organizer
Novruz - revived, original
Nemat - heritage
Nijat - salvation
Niyazi - desire
Nurlan - shine, shine
Nuru - Lordship
Nurgun - a bright day
Nureddin - the beacon of faith

Ogtay - judge
Ozan - poet-singer
Oktay is the son of the people; referee
Oner - the forefront
Osman is a hero
Orkhan - khan of the troops, commander
Ordukhan - commander

Polad - strong, powerful, steel
Punhan - secretive

Ragif is the rival
Razi is a mystery
Ramin - happiness
Ramal - gypsy
Rasim - artist
Rasul - the messenger
Rashad - Conscious, Prudent
Rashid - prudent, conscientious
Rauf - indulgent
Raul - Advisor to the Wolves
Rahman - the all-merciful
Rafik is a good friend
Raphael - the healing of God
Rovshan - light
Royal is a dream
Rustam - strong, brave
Ruslan - lion
Rufat - height
Ruzi - fate, fortune; wealth

Saadi - happy
Sabir - patient
Savalan - majestic
Sadig - loyal, committed
Said - happy
Sakit - peaceful, moderate
Saleh - righteous, right
Samir - interlocutor
Samit - permanent
Sanan - in love, in love
Sarkhan - big khan, ruler
Sardar - commander-in-chief
Sahib - wielding
Sahrab - famous, shining
Sarkhan - Big Khan, Lord of the Day
Sayad is a hunter
Settar - calf
Sehavet - generous
Seyavush - clear, shining
Soyalp - from a kind of brave
Sultan - ruler, sultan

Tarai - the new moon
Taleh - destiny
Tamerlane - lame Timur
Tarlan - eagle
Tahir - pure, chaste
Teimour - strong, iron
Timur - iron
Togrul - falcon
Torai - the moon behind the clouds
Tore - the rules everyone obeys
Tokay - Striker, Warrior
Tomris - the giver of life
Tofig - success, luck, happiness
Thurai - visible moon
Touré - prince
Tunai - the moon visible at night
Teimour - iron, strong
Tomris - the giver of life
Tokay - striker, warrior
Tomris - the giver of life
Tugan - native
Tural - eternal, immortal
Turan - homeland, land of the Turks
Turkel - Turkic land, Turkic people

Ulus - people, land
Ulvi - pure, spotless
Umid - hope, faith, aspiration
Uruz - the supreme title
Urfan - knowledge, art

Farhad - teachable
Fatih is the winner
Fatali - Ali's victory
Faig is excellent
Fariz - a thinker
Farid - rare, unique
Farman - news, news
Fakhri - pride
Farah - joy
Farage - consolation
Firuz - conquering
Fikrat - meditation
Fikret - meditation
Firdovsi - paradise, paradise abode
Fuzuli - cocky
Fuad - heart

Khagani - sovereign, ruler
Khalid - the immortal
Khalil - friend, comrade
Khazar - Caspian Sea
Khamis - the fifth
Khatif - the voice of conscience
Hasrat - longing
Hasan - handsome, courageous
Hayal is a dreamer
Hikmet - wisdom, wise
Khurram - cheerful, laughing
Hussein - handsome
Khosrov - benefactor

Chelebi - divine
Genghis is powerful

Shahlar - the power of many overlords
Shahin - falcon
Shener is a cheerful brave man
Shirin - sweet

Eynulla - the essence of faith
Eyvaz - the power of the rune
Elgiz - the ruler of the people
Elgün - the sun of the people
Elgyur - restless
Eldar - Lord of the People
Eldar - Lord of the People
Eldeniz - a sea of ​​people
Elman is a man of the people
Elmir - the leader of the people
Elsevar is the people's favorite
Elsu - the water of the people
Elkhan - khan of the people
Elchin - the brave of the people
Elchibiai - the groom on the engagement
Elshad - the joy of the people
Elshan - bringing joy to the country
Elmar - eternal, immortal
Elnur - the light of the people
Elvin is the creator of everything, builder, founder
Emil is a rival
Emin - quiet, calm
Etibar - trustworthy
Ehsan - mercy, good deed

Yusif - growth, profit
Yunus - a dove

Yavuz is formidable
Yagub - following the trail
Yalcin - majestic
Yanar - fiery
Yashar - living
Yahya - alive, living

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