Murphy's Laws: Bathroom and Toilet

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Rinse Formula

1. Children rarely flush the toilet.

2. When you have guests, children never flush the toilet.

Bathroom mystery

1. Why does your sweet girl get poisoned in the bathroom before dinner?

First tip: she doesn't wash her hands or use the toilet.

The second hint: she enters there when the table has not yet been set, and exits from there after the table has already been set.

2. Why does your sweet girly girl poison herself in the bathroom after dinner?

First tip: she doesn't wash her hands or use the toilet.

The second hint: she enters there when the table is not yet cleaned, and exits from there after the dishes have already been washed.

Washing exception

The only time your child washes their face and hands on their own is after they've just finished off the chocolate flaky cake you baked for guests and wants to hide the "evidence."


Evidence will be abundant on the towel hanging in the bathroom.

Hand washing heresy

No matter how many times you tell your child to wash their hands before dinner, you will have to repeat it again and until he tells you in response that you did not wash your hands either ... again.

Mistake called "chur, I am the first"

1. Everyone wants to grab the first piece of cake.

2. Everyone wants to beg their first can of soda and syrup.

3. Everyone wants to be the first to get into the bathroom ... but here's the problem: there is only one bathroom in the house.

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