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Aziza - dear, dear
Aida - attending
Aisha - prosperous
Ayna - the source
Alia - majestic
Amina is faithful
Amani - desire
Amira is the leader
Anisa - friendly
Asama - purity
Asila - noble
Asia - guardian of the weak, the name of the faithful wife of the pharaoh
Asma is the name of the daughter of Abubakr

Bashira - bringing joy
Bayanat - accuracy
Bilkis - the name of the Queen of Sheba
Birlant - diamond

Jamila - beautiful
Janan - the heart of the soul
Children - silver
Deshi is gold

Zhovkhar - pearls

Zainab is the name of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad
Zayna is beautiful
Zakiyya - pure
Zahira - luminous
Zaza - bloom
Zezag - flower
Zuleikha - the name of the wife of the Prophet Yusuf
Zumrud - emerald
Zuhra - flower, star

Yisa - stay

Iman - faith

Camila is perfection itself
Kasira - a lot
Kurbika - proud
Khokha - pigeon

Layla - night
Lina - tenderness, meekness

Madina - the city of the Prophet Muhammad
Maimuna - blessed
Makka - the city of Mecca
Malika - queen
Maliika is an angel
Maryam is the name of the mother of the Prophet Isa
Mufida - necessary

Nabila is famous
Najat - intact
Najiyya - security
Nazira - equal
Nailya - the acquiring
Nasira is the winner
Nafisa - precious
Nidaa - appeal
Nur - light

Polla is a butterfly

Raisa is the leader
Razia - happy
Raseta - happy
Rashida is prudent
Ruwaida - Smoothly Walking
Rukia is the name of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad
Rumani - pomegranate seed

Savda is the name of one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad
Seda is a star
Saida is happy
Sakina - divine peace in the soul
Salima - healthy
Sana - splendor
Safa - clarity, purity
Safiyya - carefree, pure
Sahla - smooth
Satsiyta - enough
Sumayya - the name of the first female martyr
Suhaila - smooth, light
Sukhaima - small arrow

Tabarak - grace
Taus - peacock
Toita - Enough

Fawziyah - lucky
Fazilah is a virtue
Fatima is the name of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad
Farida is unique
Farikha - happy, joyful
Firdovs - the name of one of the levels of Paradise

Khava - the foremother of people
Khadija is the name of one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad
Hadiya - the righteous
Hajar is the name of the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim
Haza - beautiful
Khazabika is beautiful
Halima - tender, the name of the nurse of the Prophet Muhammad
Khalisa - sincere
Khalifa - Caliphate
Hanifa is a true believer
Hasna - beautiful
Hayat - life
Huria - maiden of paradise

Chowka - jackdaw

Sharifa - noble

Yasira - meek
Yasmine - jasmine
Yaha - live
Yahita - let me live

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