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There are about 7 billion people in the world. Our story will be about the most common surnames.

Lee. There are more than 100 million people with this surname on the planet. Most of them live in China. There is nothing unusual in this fact, because the surname itself comes from the Chinese character Li. Although there are a billion Chinese themselves, they do not have a wide variety of surnames. In total, there are about 450 options. So it turned out that most of the owners of the surname Lee. They are about 8% of the total population in the country. But Li is often found in other Asian countries, for example, in Vietnam. The most famous bearer of this surname is the actor and fighter Bruce Lee.

Zhang. This surname is also very common in China. Even 20 years ago, in the Guinness Book of Records, it was Zhang who was listed as the most common surname on the planet. But in China in 2006, it was the third most popular in China. Today, the planet is home to nearly 100 million people with the surname Zhang. The very first mention of it was recorded in the annals 4 thousand years ago. An example of the owner of such a surname is Yining Zhang, the 2004 Olympic table tennis champion.

Wang. About 93 million people in the world carry the surname Wang. The most famous in our country is the film actor Jean Claude Van Damme. Van is a prefix for Dutch and Belgian surnames. Also, this word is often called people in China. In the ancient and Middle Ages, "Wang" was the title of rulers in Mongolia, Korea and China.

Nguyen. This surname is borne by Scotty Nguyen. He was nicknamed "The Prince of Poker", because this man's winnings in various tournaments are more than $ 9 million. In total, there are more than 36 million owners of such a surname in the world. Nguyen are very common in Vietnam. It is believed that about 40% of the inhabitants of this country bear this surname. The spread of the word throughout the world was facilitated by the Vietnam War, followed by numerous immigration. In Australia it is the 7th most popular surname, in France it is 54th, and in the USA it is 57th.

Garcia. This surname is very common in South America. There are also many Garcia in Spain and the Philippines. In total, there are at least 10 million people in the world with such a surname. The most famous of them can be considered Hollywood actor Andy Garcia. There are several theories about how such a surname appeared in general. It is usually believed that she still has Basque roots. There are quite a few people in Spain with the surname Garcia, in this country there are about 3.32% of the population. And in Cuba there are many people with this surname. And in Mexico, Garcia has over 4 million.

Gonzalez. Another popular South American surname is Gonzalez. One of its carriers, a Chilean by nationality, plays for the Moscow football club CSKA. In total, there are about 10 million people in the world of Gonzalez. Meanwhile, it is believed that the homeland of this surname is Spain. It is also very common in this country. About 2.08% of Spaniards are Gonzalez. And in South America, most of the carriers of this surname are in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and Paraguay. Thus, in the Spanish-speaking world, Gonzalez is the most popular. And there are quite a lot of them in the United States, the surname in terms of prevalence takes 23rd place there.

Hernandez. In the world, about 8 million people bear this surname. You can remember the actress Dalia Hernandez or the football player Xavi Hernandez. This surname is most commonly found in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. And she was born in the 15th century. Most often, Hernandez can be found in Mexico, Spain, Chile, USA and Cuba.

Smith. There are about 4 million owners of this most common English surname in the world. A well-known personality is the actor Will Smith, who was twice nominated for an Oscar, received a Golden Globe and a Grammy. And in the movie "The Matrix" the faceless special agent chose the surname Smith. It is very common not only in England, but also in the USA and Australia. The Smiths are the second largest in Canada and the fifth in Ireland. In America alone with this surname there are about three million people, and in England their number is at least half a million.

Smirnov. But in our open spaces the most popular surname is not Ivanov at all, but Smirnov. In total, more than 2.5 million such people live in the world. There are a lot of well-known Smirnovs, one can recall at least the actor Alexei Smirnov, who shone in "Operation Y". The latest population censuses in Russia showed that this surname is most often found in our country. The female variant - Smirnova is also taken into account. And this surname was born. it was in Russia, from where she migrated to her neighbors in the near abroad. There are many Smirnovs, in particular, in Belarus. And the surname did not come from the word "quietly", as many believe. It is based on the kind words "peaceful", "appeasement", " put up. "We can assume that once this was the name of people who harmoniously coexist with nature.

Müller. This word has a literal translation from German, meaning "miller". Today in the world more than a million people bear this name. That there is only the famous SS Gruppenfuehrer Müller, whose image will brilliantly embody Leonid Bronevoy. This surname is the most common in Germany and Switzerland. In Austria, it is the fifth most common. And in the French part of the Lower Rhine and Moselle, Müllers are generally found more often than others. Only here they can be written like Miller.

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