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Statistics show that most of us live in more or less large cities. Today, distances are rapidly shrinking, and travel speeds are growing inexorably. The phrase "no man has stepped here" begins to lose its meaning, because we have visited even the most remote places. In some of which, where it is not one hour to fly, and not one hundred and thousand kilometers to civilization, people even live. Let's talk about the 10 most remote and remote places of human residence.

Easter Island. From the continental coast of Chile, this place is located at a distance of 3200 kilometers, to the nearest inhabited place, Pitcairn Island, from here 1819 kilometers. The locals call the island Rapa Nui, or Big Rapa, but to us it is known as Easter Island. The island has an area of ​​about 164 square kilometers and is home to about 4,000 people. The capital and only city is Hanga Roa. The island was annexed in 1988 by Chile. The place would have remained unknown to a wide range of people if they had not found statues made of compressed volcanic ash, or moai. Aboriginal Polynesians believe that the power of ancient ancestors is stored in idols. The statues are at least 500 years old, but who and how created them remains a mystery. Many people believe that stone faces are looking towards the sea, but this is not so - they are facing inland. Once upon a time, Easter Island was covered with dense forest, as the researchers say. Today, there are no trees here, it is obvious that they were cut down in order to build a sled and scaffolding for transporting massive statues. Previously, the journey to this place took several weeks, but now an airport has been built on the island, which receives scientists and tourists from the capital of Chile, Santiago. The Dutchman Roggeven opened the island on Easter Sunday in 1722, which gave such an unusual name to this place. For a long time in the Middle Ages, it was believed that in these places of the ocean there should be a lost continent, as if in opposition to Eurasia. The discovery of Easter Island, with its incomprehensible statues and tablets, has strengthened many in this opinion. However, today scientists have proven that for geological reasons, the island could not be part of something larger. At one time it was slightly larger, but the rise of the waters of the World Ocean changed its appearance.

Cape York Peninsula, Australia. By itself, the smallest continent is quite remote from all the others; as a result of this, unusual natural conditions have arisen. But even within Australia there are places where remoteness is most pronounced. In the northern part of the mainland, Cape York Peninsula is located with a population of 18 thousand people. These are mainly aboriginals who have preserved their traditions and be unchanged, people live here as they did several centuries ago. This remote peninsula is also one of the last undeveloped by man. Local rainforests and savannas are of global ecological importance. Here is a unique river system for Australia, which provides a quarter of the flow of the entire continent. Today, such places are becoming very popular with tourists, but getting there, even taking into account the technology, is quite difficult, especially during the rainy season. In addition, a number of settlements can only be reached by helicopter, and even then - in good weather. So this place can be called really remote. At the northern tip of the peninsula is Cape York, the northernmost point in Australia.

La Rinconada, Peru. In South America, few can compete in terms of privacy with La Rinconada, a mining town in the Peruvian Andes. The height of the town above sea level is an impressive 5180 meters, this city is the highest in the world. La Rinconada is located on the permafrost of a local glacier, and you can get here along a dangerous, winding and unreliable mountain road. It will take more than one day to get this way, given the great rarefaction of the air at such an altitude, it quickly becomes clear that not everyone can become a resident of a remote town. Naturally, there is no question of comfort and excesses. Nevertheless, the population of La Rinconada is 50 thousand people, who are mainly engaged in mining from under the glacier ore with gold. Today, the town has a reputation as a haven for the most desperate workers, many of whom are allowed to work without pay, only required to give the city administration some of the gold they find.

McMurdo Antarctic Station. Indeed, there is simply nowhere to go further than Antarctica. On this continent there are no aborigines at all, and all people living there are scientists from different countries. Most of the representatives of science gathered at the McMurdo Research Station, located on Ross Island, in the northern part of Antarctica. It employs about 1200 researchers and workers, whose main working hours are warm months. McMurdo is located so far from other settlements that it would take several months to travel there by conventional means. Today, runways have been built near the station, which makes it possible to get relatively easily from the Antarctic town. As a result, there are some features of comfort for the locals, who have their own anthem, television and even golf courses.

Ittoqqortoormiit city in Greenland. This city with a difficult to pronounce and untranslatable name is located on the territory of the world's largest island. In Greenland, only about 57 thousand people live, and 500 of them live in this small town. The area in which Ittoqqortoormiit is located is comparable in area to England; as a result, each inhabitant accounts for about 300 square kilometers of territory. The city is located on the shores of the Skorsbisund Fjord, the largest in the world (about 350 kilometers long). Ittoqqortoormiit was founded in 1925 by the Norwegians who sought to gain a foothold in these lands. Food is obtained here by hunting whales and polar bears, and in summer fishing is popular. Even the sea near the city is covered with ice most of the time, so you can get here by water only within three months in summer. There is an airport at a distance of 40 kilometers from the city, but planes are very rare here. As a result, this Greenlandic city is considered the northernmost settlement on Earth.

Kerguelen Islands. This group of islands is also called the Islands of Inconsolability - the reason for this is their isolation and remoteness from the Big Earth. The archipelago includes 1 large island and about 300 small ones. From here to Australia about 5 thousand kilometers, and to the sparsely populated Antarctica - about 2 thousand. The Kerguelen Islands are located in the southern Indian Ocean, just between three continents - Africa, Australia and Antarctica. There is no runway on these pieces of land; to get here you need to sail for a week by ship from Reunion Island, which is not far from Madagascar. There are no local residents on the islands - the entire local population of 100-200 people is a group of French hermit scientists who claimed the rights to these lands. The Archipelago of Inconsolability was discovered in 1772, and since then some famous travelers have traveled here. It is enough just to remember James Cook, who visited the islands in 1776. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the island was used as a whaling base and a place for hunting seals, until the animals in the vicinity were exterminated. Today it houses a French research station, as well as a missile defense system.

Pitcairn Island. The Pacific Ocean contains only the only British overseas territory - Pitcairn Island in the southern part of the ocean, discovered in 1767 by Philip Carteret. The name of the island was given the same as that of the officer's son who saw these lands. The nearest islands, Tahiti and Gambier, are several hundred kilometers away. The population of the island is only about 50 people, while most of them are descendants of the rebels from the legendary ship "Bounty" and the Tahitian women they took with them. Those remarkable events were reflected in the book "Mutiny on the Bounty", they were filmed several times. It is curious that in 1808, during a bloody showdown between residents, one white man, John Adams and 8 women, as well as more than twenty children, remained alive. Today the descendants of these people are engaged in peaceful professions - fishing, farming and making souvenirs. It is curious that a rather significant item of local income is the sale of stamps, which are very rare, which is undoubtedly appreciated by collectors who are ready to give a lot of money for extraction. You can get here by water from New Zealand within 10 days, because there is no runway here either. Pitcairn has the smallest population in the world.

Alert village, Canada. This place has not only an interesting name, but also its own characteristics. From here to the North Pole only 800 kilometers, therefore, this is the northernmost inhabited place on Earth. The village is located in the Novanut district, and for those who come here, the watch period is no less than five years. There are 5 people permanently living here, as well as about 70 military and meteorologists. Of course, it is quite cold here, the temperature often drops to -40, the unique location leads to 24-hour summer daylight hours, and in winter - to 24-hour polar night. The station houses military equipment for radio intercepts and weather sensors. The nearest settlement is 2,100 kilometers from here, and even then it is a tiny fishing village. The real large city of Albert is removed in general by 3578 kilometers. Alert has its own runway, which is used primarily by the military. And even then, often the airfield is simply inaccessible due to bad weather conditions. For example, in 1991, an arriving plane crashed, not having reached only 30 kilometers to the village. Then, as a result of the fall, 4 people died immediately, the rest did not wait for help, freezing in the snow. Rescuers overcame the resistance of the storm only 30 hours later, but it was too late.

Motuo County, China. The Chinese themselves claim that none of the roads leads to this place. This autonomous region is located in Tibet, civilization practically did not touch it, allowing it to keep its secrets. It is extremely difficult to get there, an impassable road runs through the Himalayan permafrost, as well as a 200-meter suspension bridge. A full-fledged transport connection was never established, all the beginnings of a normal road were destroyed by mountain avalanches and mudflows. About 20 years ago, a road from Motuo to the outside world appeared, but it lasted only a few days, now forests rage on this place, hiding the remnants of human defeat in front of nature. But this, on the other hand, allowed the district to preserve its original beauty. Buddhists themselves consider these lands sacred, nature here unfolded in full force, feeling freedom from man. It turns out that as much as 10% of all Chinese flora is in Motuo.

Tristan da Cunha. This island archipelago is rightfully considered the most remote and remote place on the planet. Tristan da Cunha is located in the southern part of the Atlantic. From here to Saint Helena is 2161 kilometers, to South Africa - 2816 kilometers, and South America is located even further - at a distance of 3360 kilometers. The islands are tiny, but have a rich history of their own. These places were discovered in 1506 by the Portuguese Tristan da Cunha, who gave the name to the lands. Later, Great Britain, out of fear of the possible return of Napoleon, who lived "in the neighborhood", annexed these lands. In the 19th century, a group of English, Americans and Italians settled here. Now the island is home to 271 people, and he is still the property of the UK. The archipelago has television and even satellite Internet, but this does not prevent it from remaining the most remote and secluded place. The mountainous terrain hinders the construction of an airstrip here, so you can only get to the island with the help of fishing trawlers, a few of which fish in these waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Once a month there is a flight here, ships are equipped with seats for passengers. It is curious that these islands are mentioned in the novel "Children of Captain Grant", whose heroes were looking for the missing expedition along the 37th parallel.

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