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Eve - alive
Erania - heavenly
Yerbana - a city dweller
Erline - noblewoman, princess, warrior
Yerlin - noblewoman, princess, warrior
Erline - noblewoman, princess, warrior
Ernestein - a fighter against death
Ersella - little bear
Erta - earth
Etta - House Ruler

Jacqueline - the displacing
Janine is a good god
Jasmine - jasmine flower
Zhdun - life force
Geneva - white race
Genevieve - White Race
Jonquilia - a pale yellow flower
Jocelyn is a goth
Julien - youth
Julayat - youth
Jules - youth

Zavana - savannah
Zavanna - savannah
Zawiya - new home
Zandra - Protector of Humanity
Zara - blooming flower
Zelia - Zealous
Zella - zealous
Zelma - the protector of God
Xena - hospitable
Zenia - hospitable
Zybilla - fortune teller
Call - life
Zoe - life
Zoe - life
Zeda - a gift from God
Zelma - to be always
Theodora - a gift from God
Zeodosia - a gift from God

Eve - alive
Willow - named, taken from the biblical name of the place
Ivan - beautiful, fair
Yvette - yew tree
Evie - named plants
Yvon - yew tree
Ivory - Ivory Jewel
Igraine - From the Legend of King Arthur
Ida - work
Idel - work
Going - work
Going - work
Idoni - loving again
Isabella - God is my oath
Isabelle - God is my oath
Isabel - God is my oath
Izzy is Isis's gift and God is my oath
Izzay is god is my oath
Isidora - a gift from Isis
Iisha - alive
Iline is a bird
Ilana - tree
Ilene is a bird
Ilynn is a bird
Imogin - girl, virgin
Imogen - girl, virgin
Ina is an abbreviation for longer names ending in "... ina"
Indy is the land of the Hindus
Indiana is the land of the Hindus
Indigo - blue paint from India
India - the land of Indus
Innojen - girl, maiden
Yolanda - purple flower
Iolonda - purple flower
Irena - the world
Iris - color, iris
Ireland - country name
Irma - whole, universal
Irene - peace
Islin - dream, vision
Issy - god is my oath
Isha - alive

Jena - Well Born

Ka is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Ka"
Kadi - blameless, chaste
Kaelea is strange
Kaeli is strange
Kayety - chaste, chaste
Kazandra - Confusing Men
Kazarin - blameless, chaste
Kaki - alert, awake
Kaki - alert, awake
Calanz is a beautiful flower
Kalantia is a beautiful flower
Kaley is strange
Cali is strange
Kalida - hot
Kalin - girl
Calla - beauty
Kalta - cup
Camellia - camel
Cameo - blooming flower or agate
Kamila - Servant (for the temple)
Camilla - Servant (for the temple)
Kammi - Servant (for the temple)
Camryn - curved nose
Candace - lollipop, sparkling, pure, unsullied or queen mother
Kandy - lollipop
Candida - pure, white
Candice - kandas, has several variants of origin
Caneds - rhythm
Caprina - goat
Capucine - nasturtium
Kara is a lover or girlfriend
Karamia is my beloved
Karei - dark
Karen - chaste, chaste
Kari is a human
Karisma - grace, kindness
Karil - human
Karin - virgin, chaste, nut or keel of a ship
Karina - nut, keel of the ship
Karis - grace
Karissa - grace
Karita - sweetheart or girlfriend
Karla is a man
Carley is a man
Carly is a man
Karla is a man
Carlin is a man
Karlisa - man and God - my oath
Carmela - vineyard
Carmen - vineyard
Carmel - vineyard
Carnation - complexion
Karog - sweetheart or girlfriend
Karol is a man
Carolyn is a man
Carolina is a man
Karon - to love
Curry is a man
Karrin - Gone With The Wind
Kasia is not evil
Cass - Confusing Men
Cassandra - Confusing Men
Cassie - cinnamon or the one who confuses men
Cassia - cinnamon tree
Cassidy - curly (hair)
Cassia - cinnamon, cinnamon tree
Kat - blameless, chaste
Katya - blameless, chaste
Katherine - blameless, chaste
Kati - blameless, chaste
Kataya - blameless, chaste
Kathleen - blameless, chaste
Katrayona - chaste, chaste
Katrin - chaste, chaste
Katrina - chaste, chaste
Katherine - blameless, chaste
Kevin - pretty, sweetheart
Kezia - cinnamon tree
Keila is strange
Keira is a little African American
Keita - forest
Keitia - forest
Keisha - cinnamon tree
Kay is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "K"
Cadens - rhythm
Cameron - curved nose
Keirna - keel of the ship
Cairns - love
Casey - Alert, Awake
Kate is pure, chaste
Caitline - chaste, chaste
Caitlin - chaste, chaste
Keithl - chaste, chaste
Kelia - blonde
Kelkei - the ship of victory
Kell is blonde
Kellay - blonde
Kelley is a blonde
Kelly is blonde
Kellaya is blonde
Kelsei - the ship of victory
Kelsey - the ship of victory
Kelsaya - the ship of victory
Kenda is a beautiful image
Kendall is a beautiful image
Kendra - High Hill
Kenzi - pretty, exactly made
Kenya - mountain of the ostrich
Kenna - pretty, exactly made
Kennedy - ugly head
Kera is a little African American
Kerenza - love
Kerensa - love
Keri - the people of Kiara
Kerra - Little African American
Kerry - the people of Kiara
Kerry - Kiara's people
Kerray - the people of Kiara
Kerstin is a follower of Christ
Kestrel - grinding
Katherine - blameless, chaste
Keshia - cinnamon tree
Kiana is the name of silky fiber
Kiara is a little African American
Kiarra - Little African American
Kibil the fortuneteller
Kiva - beautiful
Kiwi - beautiful
Kiki is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Ki"
Keela is strange
Keelan is fair and honest
Keely is a boomerang, strange
Keeler is a little warrior
Keely is a boomerang, strange
Keelin - fair and honest
Killa - blind
Kim - urban royal meadow
Kimberlai - urban royal meadow
Kimberlay - urban royal meadow
Kimberley - urban royal meadow
Kimberlin - urban royal meadow and lake
Kimberly - urban royal meadow
Kimbra - urban royal meadow
Kimmy - urban royal meadow
Kingsley - urban royal meadow
Kindi - a woman from Kintos
Kindra - protector of humanity
Kira is a mountain range like the sun, little African American
Cyril - Lord
Kirra - Mountain Range, Little African American
Kirsten is a follower of Christ
Kirsty is a follower of Christ
Kirstin is a follower of Christ
Kirsten is a follower of Christ
Kiseli - blind
Keith - blameless, chaste
Kitty - blameless, chaste
Kitty is pure, chaste
Kisha - cinnamon tree
Clyde - dirty
Clara is clear
Clarama - bright pearl, sweetheart
Claramey - bright pearls or bright sweetheart
Claret - clear, bright
Claribel - bright and beautiful
Clarinda - clear, bright
Clarity - Clarity
Claudia - lame
Clematis - branch or brushwood
Clemency - gentle and merciful
Clementine - gentle and merciful
Clementine - gentle and merciful
Cleo - Father's Glory
Claire is clear
Klla - killer, killer
Clover - clover
Claude - lame
Claudine - a little lame
Claudet - a little lame
Claudie is a little lame
Clotilde - a famous battle
Claire is clear
Clarice - famous
Knby - the queen's castle
Cody - assistant
Kurtney - short nose
Coco is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Ko"
Coline is a girl
Tunic - victory of people
Coliin is a girl
Kolla - beauty
Colline - girl
Collie is the most beautiful
Colleen is a girl
Coloer - color
Columbina - pigeon
Comfort - comfort
Connie - resilient
Conradine - a daring meeting
Constance - stable
Kora - maiden, gorge
Coraine - Virgo
Coralie is a small pebble
Coral is a small pebble
Cordelia - heart
Cordula - small heart
Coretta - maiden or gorge
Coriander - similarities
Corinne - Virgo
Corina - Virgo
Corinna - Virgo
Cornelia - horn
Crown - crown, wreath
Corrain - Virgo
Corrie - Virgo
Courtney - short nose
Roll - unknown meaning
Cressida - golden
Krizanta - golden flower
Chris is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Chris"
Chrisi is a follower of Christ
Chrissy is a follower of Christ
Christa is a follower of Christ
Christabella is a follower of Christ
Christabel is a follower of Christ
Christabel is a follower of Christ
Christai is a follower of Christ
Christine is a follower of Christ
Crystal - crystal
Kristel - crystal
Kristen is a follower of Christ
Christy is a follower of Christ
Christiana is a follower of Christ
Christaya is a follower of Christ
Christine is a follower of Christ
Christina is a follower of Christ
Christine is a follower of Christ
Christia is a follower of Christ
Crystal - crystal
Christobel is a follower of Christ
Kristel - crystal
Xavira - new home
Xavia - new home
Ksara - blooming flower
Xena - hospitable
Xilina - an inhabitant of the forest
Xilia - an inhabitant of the forest
Kuanda - companion
Kuanna - fragrant
Kuiana - divine, heavenly
Quianna - divine, heavenly
Quilla - feather, needle
Quina - queen or wife
Queenie - queen or wife
Quinn is the queen
Quinta - fifth
Kay is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Kay"
Keiki - alert, awake
Kayla is strange
Kayleigh is weird
Kayleigh is weird
Kailin is a girl
Kaylynn is a girl
Keilich is strange
Katie - pure, chaste
Caitlin - virgin, chaste
Caitlynn - chaste, chaste
Candy - lollipop
Candice - Candace, has multiple origins
Caroline is a human
Carolyn is a human
Carrie is a man
Katie is pure, chaste
Kathleen - chaste, chaste

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