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Love - love
Lavender - lavender flower
Laverne - spring, green
Avalanche - cleanliness
Lavon - yew tree
Lavone - yew tree
Lajina - motionless, unchanging
Ladonna - Lady or World Ruler
Lisa - God is my oath
Lakeisha - cinnamon tree
Lackey - like a lace
Lakeshia - cinnamon tree
Lakisha - cinnamon tree
Lakretia is rich
Lalaj - babbling
Lalia - suave
Lana is beautiful and light
Doe - torch, moon or secretly escape
Lara - a fortified city
Lareina - of Lothar
Larry - laurel
Larin - from Laurentum
Larissa - a fortified city
Larissa - a fortified city
Lark is a songbird
Larain - of Lothar
Latisha - happiness
Latonia is invaluable
Latoya is a toy
Laura - laurel
Laurel - laurel
Lazi - like a lace
Lashey - like a hawk
Lachon is a good god
Lashonda - good god
Lea - weary
Lady - noble kind
Leia - weary
Leivna - purity
Laivrne - spring, green
Lexa - Protector of Humanity
Lexine - Protector of Humanity
Lexey - protector of humanity
Lexi - protector of humanity
Lexia - protector
Lexus - protector
Lenore - foreign, different
Lenora - foreign, different
Leola - lion
Leon - lion
Leona - lion
Leonora - foreign, different
Leontyne - like a lion
Forest - a garden of oaks
Lesia - god - my oath, happiness
Lesley - garden of oaks
Leslie - Oak Garden
Leslaya - garden of oaks
Leslie - Oak Garden
Lassie - garden of oaks
Leta is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Leta"
Letitia - happiness
Letty - happiness
Letha is true
Lee - meadow
Liana - graceful meadow
Leanne - Graceful Meadow
Lianna - graceful meadow
Libbey - God is my oath
Libby is god is my oath
Liberty - freedom
Livvy - elf army
Lida - from Lydia
Liddy - from Lydia
Lydia - from Lydia
Liz is god is my oath
Lisa - God is my oath
Lysandre - freer, liberator
Lisanne - god - my oath, benefit
Lisbeth - God is my oath
Lizzie - God is my oath
Lizzie - god is my oath
Leah - meadow
Lilas is the name of a flowering shrub
Lily is god is my oath
Lillian - lily
Liliana - lily
Lilith - night
Lily - the name of the flower, lily
Lillay - lily
Lilly - lily
Lillian - lily
Lilly - lily
Lin, Lin, Lynn, Linna - abbreviations of longer names starting with "Lin"
Lin - lake
Linda is a snake
Linden - the lime tree
Lindy is a snake
Lindsay - wetlands
Lindsay - Wetlands
Lindsay - Wetlands
Lindsay - wetlands
Lynette is the idol depicted
Linzi - wetlands
Lynn Lake
Linna - lake
Linnaea - twin tower
Linne - lake
Linnet is an idol
Linnett is the idol depicted
Linney the snake
Linsay - wetlands
Lincy - wetlands
Lyre - lyre
Lyrics - lyric poem
Fox - god - my oath, free, liberator
Fox - god - my oath
Lisbeth - God is my oath
Lissa - honey bee, beetroot flower
Lita is an abbreviation for longer names ending in "... litas"
Leaton - onion
Litris - a traveler (for life)
Dashing - weary
Loanda - moving, wanderer
Logan - emptiness, lowland
Lois - Desirable
Lola - sadness
Loli - babbling
Lolisia - sadness
Lolla - babbling
Lolly - babbling
London - from London
Lor - laurel
Loraine - land of Lothar people, laurel
Lorey - the land of Lothar's people
Laurel - laurel
Lauren - from Laurentum
Lorena - from Lorentum
Laurencia - from Laurentum
Loressa - laurel
Loret - small laurel
Loreto - laurel
Loretta - small laurel
Lori - Land of Lothar's people, from Lorentum
Lauryn - from Laurentum, laurel
Lorinda - laurel
Loris - sadness
Lorissa - laurel
Lorita - laurel
Lorna - from Lorne (place names in Scotland)
Lorray - of Lothar
Lorrie - from Lothar
Lorraine - of Lothar
Lauren - from Laurentum
Lotus - the name of the flower
Lott is a man
Lottie is a man
Lowella is a famous warrior
Lou is a famous warrior
Luana - bird of paradise
Luann is a famous warrior
Luanna is a famous warrior
Luanne is a famous warrior
Luvinia - purity, woman of Rome
Meadow - meadow
Luella is a famous warrior
Louise is a famous warrior
Luisa is a famous warrior
Lucile - a little light
Onion - a little light
Lukil - a little light
Lukinda - light
Lourdes - shrine, holy
Lucetta - a little light
Lewella is a famous warrior
Layday - noble kind
Layla - night
Lainay - torch, moon or secretly escape
Leitanya - father
Leitasha - birthday, or Christmas
Layton - onion
Lettie - happiness
Lux - light
Lucy - light

Mabella is attractive
Mabel - attractive, inspiring
Mavis - songs of the thrush
Mavrina - beloved
Magdalene - from Magdala
Magnolia is the name of a flowering tree
Madalin - from Magdala
Maddy - from Magdala
Maddison - daughter of Madd
Madizin - Maidd's daughter
Madison - Maidd's daughter
Madison - Madd's daughter
Madken is a girl
Madlyn - from Magdala
Madoline - from Magdala
Madonna is my lady
Mae - pearls, sweetheart
Maegan - pearls
Makei - a gift from God
Poppies - a gift from God
Mackenzie - pretty, exactly made
McKenna - daughter of Kionaodh
McCale - Who Is Like God?
Maxine - largest or flow
Maxine is the biggest or the flow
Macayla - who is like a lord?
Malandra - Protector of Humanity
Raspberry - follower
Malinda is a black, dark snake
Malikh - beloved
Mami - sweetheart, pearl
Mandi - moon day, attractive
Maralin - beloved lake
Margaret - pearl
Margarita - pearls
Margot - pearl
Margot - pearl
Margow - pearl
Marge is a pearl
Margery - pearls
Margie is a pearl
Marjorie - pearl
Marie - sweetheart
Maria the sweetheart
Mariabella - sweetheart, god is my oath or beautiful
Mariam the sweetheart
Mariamne the sweetheart
Marianna - sweetheart
Maribeth is my beloved, god is my oath
Marivonne - the sweetheart and the yew tree
Marigold - sweetheart
Maril - sweetheart
Marilena - sweetheart
Marilyn - sweetheart, lake
Maril - sweetheart
Marilow - beloved and famous warrior
Marilu - beloved and famous warrior
Marina - from the sea
Marinda is wonderful or sweetheart
Maris - from the sea
Marisa - from the sea
Marissa - from the sea
Maria is the beloved
Mariann - sweetheart and good, grace
Markey the warrior
Marks are a warrior
Markaya is a warrior
Marla - sweetheart, from Magdala
Gauze - sweetheart, from Magdala
Marlena - sweetheart, from Magdala
Marley - sweetheart, from Magdala
Marlaya - sweetheart, from Magdala
Marlin - sweetheart, lake
Marlin - sweetheart, from Magdala
Marceline the Warrior
Martha is a lady
Marta is a lady
Marsha is a warrior
Marjanne - sweetheart and benefit, grace
Matilda - powerful in battle
Matti is a gift from God and mighty in battle
Mathilda - powerful in battle
Mahala - malice, disease
Mahalia - malice, disease
Megan - pearl
Honey - chewing in the meadow
Mabel is attractive
Meidlin - from Magdala
Meidlane - from Magdala
Makenzie - pretty, exactly made
Meiknna - daughter
Melayora is always the best
Melanie - black, dark
Melba - stream
Melva is a gentle leader
Melinda is a black, dark snake
Melisa - honey bee
Melisent - strong, working
Melissa - honey bee
Melia - work
Mell - sweetheart
Melloni - black, dark
Melody - melody
Meredith - Sea Lord
Meriwether - fun weather
Merideth - Sea Lord
Meryl - marine, bright
Marilyn - sweetheart, lake
Merle - Blackbird
Merla - blackbird
Merlin - sea fort
Merrilin - sweetheart, lake
Merril - marine, bright
Merritt - Granite Gate
Mercedes - merciful
Mercia is merciful
Murphy - the sea warrior
Mia is the sweetheart
Megan - pearl
Mignon - charming, thin, pretty
Mignonet - charming, thin, pretty
Mead - living in the meadow
Midge - pearl
Mickey - Who Is Like God?
Mildred - gentle strength
Milizent - strong, working
Millicent - strong, working
Millesant is strong. working
Millie is a minister (for the temple)
Millicent is a strong worker
Merciful - Forgiven, Merciful
Mimi - sweetheart
Mindy is a black, dark snake
Minnie - helmet
Peace - peace
Mirabelle is wonderful
Miraine - The Rapidly Limiting
Miracle - wonder, surprise
Miranda - admirable
Miriam - sweetheart
Myrna is the beloved
Mirrain is a fast-moving, limiting
Myrtle - small myrtle
Myrtle - small myrtle
Misi - pearls, honey bee
Missy - honey bee
Misty - dull, cloudy, undefined
Michaela - who is like a god?
Micheline - Who Is Like God?
Michel - who is like god?
Michaila - Who Is Like God?
Mo - powerful in battle, dark skinned, moor, and lover
Maud is powerful in battle
Modesty - moderate, sober
Modi - powerful in battle
Moira is the beloved
Moyna is a little noblewoman
Moira is the sweetheart
Moli - sweetheart
Molly is the sweetheart
Mona is a little noblewoman
Monat the little noblewoman
Monica - informative, advising
Monisa - informing, advising
Monna - deliberate
Monta - a steep hill
Montana - mountainous
Mora is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Mora"
Moraine is the sweetheart
Morwen - a big gap
Morgan - sea circle
Morgana - sea circle
Morgen - sea circle
Moriah - teacher
Maureen - sweetheart
Maureenne - sweetheart
Mold is powerful in battle
Mya is the mother
Mab is attractive
Mag - pearl
Maggie is a pearl
Madge is a pearl
May - mother, hawthorn flower
Maybelline - attractive
Mabel - attractive
Mabel is attractive
Maim - sweetheart, pearl
Mairge - pearl
Majorjory - pearl
Macy - pearl
Malorie - unlucky, unhappy
Mel is an abbreviation of longer names starting with "Mel"
Mandy is attractive
Mary - beloved, forgiven, merciful
Marian is a little sweetheart
Marilyn - sweetheart, lake
Marion is a little sweetheart
Marit - granite gate
Muriel - marine, bright

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