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A man on a motorcycle, especially if he looks the part, is not just style, but also courage. Moreover, this can also be a confirmation of the status and significance, because some motorcycles surpass even the most elite cars in their cost. Let's talk about the most expensive motorcycles in history.

Ecosse Sprit ES1. Ecosse Sprit ES1 is in the first place. The gap in cost from competitors is simply great, which is not surprising - after all, leading Formula 1 engineers are involved in the design. But the opinion of the buyer, who does not spare $ 3.6 million for the exclusive, is undoubtedly taken into account when creating the look of the motorcycle. The production series of the motorcycle has only 10 copies. Ecosse Moto Works Inc. It specializes in the production of expensive exclusive motorcycles for "those enthusiasts who understand the difference." The company was founded in the US in 2001 by motorcycle fanatic Donald Atchinson. The bike is equipped with many ergonomic devices, it is built on the basis of the most advanced composite materials, it is possible to adjust the engine operation according to the desired parameters, in addition, there is an electronic control system for the operation of the systems. The motorcycle weighs only 120 kilograms and has a power of 200 hp. This allows him to reach speeds of 400 km / h, truly formal. Everything in a motorcycle is subject to aerodynamics. Even the design provides for the position of the driver's legs much closer together than in other vehicles. This significantly reduces drag on the bike. This model is available with two types of wheels - for experienced riders and for premium riders.

Dodge Tomahawk. The second place was given to the Dodge bike - the Dodge Tomahawk model. The cost of such a device is 550 thousand dollars. It was presented to the general public back in 2003 and is remembered for its unusual design. The designers from DaimlerChrysler decided that each of their new creations should plunge the venerable public into a state of admiration. The front and rear wheels are double, between both there is a small distance of a few centimeters and each has its own independent suspension. This design was required to receive the torque from the 8.3-liter ten-cylinder engine. As a result, the power of the bike was 500 hp, and acceleration to 96 km / h takes 2.5 seconds. The lucky owner can theoretically accelerate to 480 km / h, which so far no one has dared to test in practice. The technical capabilities of the motorcycle, without taking into account wind resistance, generally allow reaching an incredible 676 km / h. The official slogan of the bike: "Life has just become more extreme. Much more extreme."

Ecosse Heretic Titanium. The third place is taken by the Ecosse Heretic Titanium motorcycle, which the manufacturer offers for 273 thousand dollars. The name "Titanium Heretic" is directly related to its appearance - after all, the bike is equipped with a titanium frame and weighs about 200 kg. All 9 parts of the motorcycle lining are made of carbon fiber, and the wheels are also made of it. There is a dedicated racing titanium exhaust. The fork tilt can be adjusted from 25 to 29 degrees and the suspensions are fully adjustable. The motorcycles are assembled exclusively by hand by Ecosse specialists. Each part, like the bike itself, has its own individual number. It is he who will be indicated on the exclusive wristwatches that come with the purchase. The motorcycles are equipped with an impressive 2.15 liter engine with over 200 hp. Its torque is 295 Nm. However, it is hardly possible to buy such a bike - a limited edition of 10 pieces has long been sold out.

Ducati 1198S Scuderia from Red Fenix. Ducati, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer, could not be out of this list. Ducati 1198S Scuderia from Red Fenix ​​costs 204 thousand dollars. The owner will receive for his use the chassis of the class of elite bikes of the World Championship. Magnesium wheels are 17 inches in diameter, there is a 47mm K-Service forks and the upholstery is made of carbon. Those who like to save money are also offered the 1198R model, which is the weakest of all by 10 hp, but also costs half the price. The 2009 model has a dry weight of 170 kg and an engine capacity of 1.2 liters.

Macchia Nera Concept Bike. Not much inferior in price to the previous model of Macchia Nera Concept Bike, its price is 201,000 dollars. Its creator, the Italian company NCR, is preparing the concept for a series. The motorcycle has a fresh and aggressive design, which it owes to the famous Italian designer Aldo Drudi. The engine is from the Ducati Testastretta 998 and is tuned for a sporty ride. The power of the motorcycle is 185 hp and the weight is only 135 kg. Electronic speed transmission can be programmed as desired. The low weight of the motorcycle is made possible by the use of titanium alloys and carbon structures. Thanks to this, the weight of the motorcycle skeleton itself is only 4 kg. During the development, the designers worked closely with Poggipolini titanium artistry, which has extensive experience in using the most modern materials in both MotoGP, F1 and space technology.

MTT Turbine Superbike. This is followed by a unique model - MTT Turbine Superbike. This motorcycle for 200 thousand dollars became famous for the fact that an aviation turbine is installed here. In the Hollywood movie "Torque", the hero rides this motorcycle, which proved to be fast as a hurricane and accelerated with a piercing sound reminiscent of a fighter jet taking off. The manufacturer, the American company MTT, offers customers only 5 of these motorcycles per year. It is noteworthy that this is the only bike with a gas turbine engine allowed for movement on ordinary roads, more typical of a turboprop aircraft or helicopter. The development is based on the aircraft Rolls Royce Allison 250, specially modified for the motorcycle. This 61.2 kg gas turbine engine outputs power to the shaft. The result is a maximum torque of 52,000 rpm and an output of 320 hp. The motorcycle itself weighs 227 kg. The transmission is automatic, two-stage, and there is a possibility of manual shifting. The daredevil, not afraid of such torque and power, can accelerate to 365.3 km / h on the MTT Turbine Superbike. A television camera is installed at the rear of the motorcycle, which transmits the image to a color LCD display. The motorcycle comes standard with a radar detector that looks for them in the space in front and behind. It is worth noting that here the 17-inch wheels are made of carbon fiber, and the aircraft engine can use not only kerosene as fuel, but also ordinary diesel fuel.

MV-Augusta F4CC. For 135 thousand dollars you can buy a real Italian dream - the MV-Augusta F4CC. The initials CC belong to Claudio Castiglioni, CEO of the manufacturer. He decided to add his name to the F4, since the resulting model is the ultimate in his dreams. The model itself has long been a brand in the world of motors. The legendary brand has won over 75 world titles and universal recognition. The motorcycle gives the impression of a graceful and beautiful woman in a black dress. There is a deliberate contrast between colored patches and naked black surfaces. By themselves, the skin, gas tank and tailpipe look like examples of modern architecture. In the hierarchical ladder of the F4 series, the CC model is the very top. It differs from the more commercial versions in that about 90% of the parts are handmade. In the event of a fall, the brake and clutch levers "fold in" here. The engine capacity of the model is 1078 cubes, and the maximum power is 200 hp. The exhaust system is made of titanium and the clutch piston is custom made. It uses new Brembo Racing monobloc brakes, forks and a mono shock. As a result, the dry weight of the bike is 187 kilograms. The mintage of the super motorcycle, of course, is limited - only 100 copies.

Ducati Desmosedici RR. Another Ducati model, the Ducati Desmosedici RR, costs $ 72,500. This is the first replica of the Desmosedici GP6 grand series prototype. Everything is subordinated to the spirit of MotoGP racing - looks, aerodynamics, performance and even a color scheme. As in the original model, the super-lightweight carbon fairing retains its shape. The front of the bike looks pretty ravenous, aided by the cheeky design of the headlights. The corporate identity can be easily seen in the direction indicators, which are integrated into the mirror housings. The dashboard looks deliberately rough, but it is in the spirit of racing. Ducati technology was able to create a motorcycle with 200 hp. with a desmodromic L-shaped 4-cylinder liquid-cooled Testastretta Evolution engine with 4 valves per cylinder and a proprietary desmodromic valve timing mechanism. This bike has a displacement of 989 cc and a torque of 11.8 kg / m3 at 10,500 rpm. Despite the high cost of such motorcycles, about 15 thousand units were produced.

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