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Watches are one of the attributes of wealth and luxury. Here are the top twenty most expensive watches in the world.

William Baume Flying Tourbillion. Baume @ Mercier has released the $ 75,000 William Baume Flying Tourbillion watch. The novelty is equipped with a flying tourbillon, which is not fixed at the top and bottom, as usual, but only on one side. Although today the tourbillon is not so necessary for the movement, it remains a sign of belonging to the elite, because it is the most complex element of the system. The watches have a black dial and black crocodile leather strap, and their circulation is very, very limited. There are only 10 lucky winners of the William Baume Tourbillion in the world.

Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer was created by the French company Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. This watch costs 80 thousand dollars. At one time it was this company that revised the concept of the movement and created the first automatic chronograph. Then, in the 60s, this, as well as the square waterproof case, was unprecedented and in many ways daring. For many, such a model remains an inaccessible luxury, and only 150 copies were produced. The watch case is made of platinum and the strap is made of crocodile leather.

Paramount Tourbillion Linear Power Reserve. The independent watchmaker JeanRichard has created an unusual watch - Paramount Tourbillion Linear Power Reserve. Their price was 128 thousand dollars. The unique accessory features a tourbillon, and the creator has created a linear indicator for the 72-hour power reserve. For the case, the precious material is also used - white gold, and the rubberized strap is traditionally made of alligator leather.

Julius Assmann 4. The watchmakers at Glashütte Original could not stay out of the race for luxury. This is how the Julius Assmann 4 in white gold was born. Their price is about 160 thousand dollars. The watch was presented by the company as a special edition of the Assmann series in 2007. The watch can be worn not only on the hands, but also in the pocket. The unique characteristics of this model include not only the tourbillon, but also the retrograde display. Although the original model is presented in white gold, a wealthy buyer can order a case in red or rose gold. It seems that such a desire will be fulfilled.

Porsche Design Indicator P´6910. Porsche Design is crafted from 800 individual parts, and 12 of the company's most talented engineers and watchmakers were involved in the design. This is how the Porsche Design Indicator P´6910 was born, which became the world's first chronograph with a mechanical-digital stopwatch. It can record up to 10 hours. The watch was presented in 2008 in three design variants at once. The case is made of rose gold, which is covered with a titanium layer on top. The cost of a unique watch is $ 225,000.

L'Astronomo Luminor Tourbillion 1950 Equation of Time. Richemont is the owner of the Panerai brand, which launched the L'Astronomo Luminor Tourbillion 1950 Equation of Time watch in rose gold in 2010. They were presented at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. The meaning of the release of such a watch is a tribute to the memory of Galileo Galilei. The circulation is very limited - only 30 pieces. It is important that the customer, when ordering, can name his hometown, whose name will be engraved on the back, next to the rotating celestial diagram of the very area. At the same time, the time of sunrises and sunsets in the hometown will be displayed on the dial. If you see such a watch on someone, you should know that they cost the owner at least 235 thousand dollars.

Grande Complication. Breitling launched the Grande Complication pocket watch, presented at Baselworld in 2010. Their cost is $ 280,176. The model has a deliberately antique look and consists of 700 parts. The case is composed of 18K gold. The watch is engraved with an image of Walter Owen Wentley, founder of Bentley Motors, a longtime partner of Breitling.

Grande Complication. IWC first introduced its Grande Complication range over 20 years ago. Since then, the watch has not lost its value. The main features are a perpetual calendar with moon phases and a chronograph with automatic movement. Only 50 watches from this series are produced annually, the cost of each unit is 318 thousand. The watch case is made of platinum, as well as its bracelet.

C1 Tourbillion Gravity. Today, Concord is owned by the Movado Group. C1 Tourbillion Gravity, worth 320 thousand, became a unique product of the watchmakers. The watch case is made of 18-carat white gold, the chronograph has a reverse movement. The product is completely waterproof, the manufacturer guarantees a problem-free stay under water to a depth of 30 meters. The power reserve is also quite large - 84 hours.

Grand Tourbillion Heures Mysterieuses. The Montblanc company, owned by Richemont, is best known for its design solutions in the field of pens. However, over the past few years, this brand has released several jewelry collections, as well as watch models. The most famous and expensive of them is the Grand Tourbillion Heures Mysterieuses, whose body is made of platinum. To date, only 1 copy of such a watch has been produced, which costs 365,750 dollars. There are also more economical options - 8 pieces each in a case using 18-carat white and red gold, at a price of $ 319 and $ 302.5 thousand, respectively, the color of the metal.

Chopard. The Chopard watch was created by Secret and costs 508 thousand dollars. The dial has a square shape and is studded with diamonds of various cuts with a total weight of 19 carats. The watch sits proudly on a satin strap with a diamond buckle. There are only two owners of such a masterpiece in the world.

Tourbograph "Pour le Mérite". A. Lange @ Söhne has released a limited edition of 50 hours of the Tourbograph "Pour le Mérite", costing $ 508,900 each. The manufacturer is the most famous in East Germany and is now part of the powerful and reputable Richemont Group. The watch case is made of honey gold, inside there is a tourbillon - an indicator of the elitism of the product, and the chronograph is double here. Today such watches can be found on sale only in Dresden, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Meccanico dG S25D. De Grisogono was founded in 1993 in Geneva. In order to fully enter the elite club of watch manufacturers, the Meccanico dG S25D model, worth 590 thousand, was released. The watch first appeared at the Baselworld exhibition and shone there (literally and figuratively) with its diamond inlay. A total of 20 Meccanico dG units were produced, with as many as 3 variations. This is a classic in black and white, as well as baguette-cut diamonds. As such, the model is made of 18-carat rose gold, and the number of precious stones is 126 pieces. The dial displays two time zones at once with an analog digital display, there is also a power remaining indicator. To top it all off, the watch is water resistant, withstanding immersion to a depth of 30 meters.

Quadruple Tourbillion. The Greubel Forsey company became famous for using two or four tourbillons at the same time in its unique watches. This was the approach taken in the $ 690K Quadruple Tourbillion. The movement consists of 531 parts that are separated by two double tourbillons. This very complex design has led to the fact that the watch has an asymmetrical case made of platinum, while the strap is made of crocodile leather.

Malte Tourbillion Regulator. Vacheron Constantin presented the world with its exquisite High Jewelry collection, which is adorned with the Malte Tourbillion Regulator watch. Their cost is as much as 700 thousand dollars. The product is encrusted with 263 baguette-cut diamonds on the dial. Another 274 such stones are located on the body. All of this led to the high cost of the watch. The model has a standard tourbillon for its class, a black leather strap and a classic case shape. The manufacturer itself is famous for the fact that it was founded back in 1755, located to this day in its first office. But today Vacheron Constantin, one of the oldest watch manufacturers, is part of the Richemont Group.

Constellation Baguette. The Omega boutique in Geneva sells the world's only Constellation Baguette. Their cost matches the uniqueness - 708,742 dollars. The watch literally shines with 459 Top Wesselton diamonds weighing over 30 carats. Such a gift could be ideal for a loved one, emphasizing his individuality. 146 baguette and trapezoidal diamonds are placed on the dial, while the case itself is made of 18-carat white gold. The Omega brand itself is owned by the Swatch Group.

Classique 5349 Grande Complication. Breguet has created a unique model Classique 5349 Grande Complication, priced at 755 thousand dollars. Inside the platinum case, there are absolutely identical rotating tourbillons. The watch is set with diamonds and its movement contains 570 parts. To create such a masterpiece, we had to resort to three unique and patented technologies. And all this is contained inside elegant watches from Breguet, which is part of the same Swatch Group.

Jules Audemars Grande Complication. Audemars Piguet has created only one single copy of its Jules Audemars Grande Complication watch. The cost of a masterpiece by watchmakers and jewelers is $ 789,600. The titanium case houses an automatic winding movement and a chronograph, while a perpetual calendar displays not only hours, minutes and days, but also weeks, months, lunar phases and leap years. The watch will be attached to the hand of the lucky owner with a crocodile leather strap. The exclusive can be purchased only in New York - in the boutique of the Audemars Piguet company.

Crystal Tourbillion. Jacob @ Co. has created only 18 pieces of Crystal Tourbillion watches, worth 900 thousand each. They can only be purchased at the company's brand boutique in New York. The case of this luxury piece is made of 18-carat white gold and set with baguette-cut diamonds weighing 17.48 carats. The dial is made transparent, which allows you to observe the operation of a flawless movement. The luxury and flawless look is complemented by a crocodile leather strap and a buckle encrusted with a 2.22 carat diamond.

Black Caviar Bang. The most expensive watch in the world was created by the Hublot company, they received the name Black Caviar Bang and cost exactly $ 1 million. The winner is encrusted with 544 black baguette-cut diamonds with a total weight of 34.5 carats. There are no numbers on the watch dial at all. And are they needed when there is such a scattering of precious stones around? The case is made of 18-carat white gold, which is already customary for the elite class. In 2009, the watch received the first prize at the prestigious Grand Prix de Genève Jewelery Watch. Today the Hublot company is part of the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton group.

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