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Hong Kong is both a city and a country at the same time. It is an autonomous territory that has become part of the People's Republic of China since 1997. You can often find such an expression as "the crossroads of Asia". I must say, this characterizes Hong Kong quite clearly. For a long time it was under the patronage of Britain, which is probably why at present it is a unique combination of the traditions of Western and Eastern cultures.

On the one hand, we see a huge bustling metropolis: tall skyscrapers, ultra-modern buildings, and people are always busily bustling about and everyone is in a hurry. However, the other side of Hong Kong is also open: unexpectedly small, quiet traditional Chinese houses and gardens. A truly explosive mixture of millennial culture with the customs of life of a typical highly developed urban society of the West.

Most Hong Kongers are of Chinese origin. Unlike China, Hong Kong spends more time and energy on education.

Hong Kong people work hard, they are pragmatic, making money is almost their main purpose of existence. Indeed, Hong Kong is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. The population density is insanely high here.

Huge crowds of people moving at high speed through the streets, a typical scene for Hong Kong. The buildings here are very tall, the houses intended for living are densely populated. Most of the apartments are small in size and are incredibly expensive. Perhaps that is why it is extremely difficult to see a local resident idly staggering and just relaxing.

The characteristics and peculiarities of the Chinese, many traditions of Chinese culture are close to the people of Hong Kong. Although, of course, orientation to the West is also inevitable. For example, the position of women in society is significantly different from that of women in neighboring China.

It cannot be said that women in Hong Kong played a less important social role than men. Most of them are educated and hold various positions of responsibility. In accordance with traditional views, it is believed that, first of all, a woman should be a good housewife and devote time to household chores, taking care of her husband.

However, practice suggests that often, even if it is not advertised, the fair sex even plays the dominant role in their family. An interesting case tells of a young Hong Konger who was engaged in accounting services for a very influential company. There were never any complaints about his work, even, on the contrary, over the years of work he received numerous awards.

As it turned out, he took all his work home, where his wife did it for him. She gained her knowledge through the Internet, and all this time her husband, a certified but failed accountant, worked as a loader in the port. The executives of the firm were discouraged, but did not want to lose a valuable employee, even though his enterprising wife had no special education.

Traditionally, Hong Kong has a respectful respect for the older generation. Any insubordination of children to their parents is unacceptable. In most cases, it is the parents who choose the profession for the child. Children take very seriously the acquisition of knowledge and those who carry knowledge. The teaching profession in Hong Kong is not only respected by the students he teaches, they almost worship him.

In Hong Kong, it is extremely important for most people to show their wealth and financial well-being to strangers. Problems, especially financial ones, are never taken out of the house. The opinions of the people around them mean, for the people of Hong Kong, sometimes it is of great importance.

For example, even if the family does not have a lot of funds, they will still try to arrange the most magnificent wedding possible. Often, Hong Kongers are even willing to borrow money in order to hold a more grandiose celebration than their neighbors'.

As soon as possible, families are trying to get a car, expensive equipment, trying to buy clothes in prestigious stores. The main thing is to show yourself, as they say, "get a face". They will rather save on food, buying the cheapest and not the best quality products, because no one sees it.

However, Hong Kongers will not deny themselves membership in some expensive country club. Rather, usually suburban entertainment is available only to the male part of the population, and their wives, as it is customary, stay at home.

Hong Kong women are capable of tremendous care for their beloved. None of them will save time, for example, preparing delicious food for their husband. Moreover, many men, mostly, however, very wealthy, have mistresses.

Young Filipinos constantly come to Hong Kong hoping to find their long-awaited happiness. Basically, they get the job of service personnel and the role of mistresses of wealthy men, and respectable Hong Kong wives prefer to turn a blind eye to such impartial affairs of their husbands.

They know that their other halves will return home anyway, so it is better and easier for them not to notice anything than to make scandals. It is important for them to create at least the appearance of strong family relationships. However, in general, there are a lot of happy and successful married couples in Hong Kong.

The Chinese have shown a penchant for invention for a long time. Hong Kong couples have not lost this ability either.

They always find something to do in their small and cozy apartments: arrange a breathtaking tea party, or cook a wonderful dinner of steamed vegetables, or maybe go to the cinema. Maybe they will hold hands and dream that they will soon live in a luxurious penthouse, and tomorrow they will go to work again: another day, another step towards a dream.

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