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Today, in almost all countries, one can observe such a phenomenon as civil marriages. People do not strive to marry, they test their feelings for a long time in order to avoid the unpleasant divorce procedure, and therefore most often they marry at a mature age from twenty-five to thirty-five years. In this difficult situation around the world, we need to turn our attention to the exception in the issue of marriage.

One such exception is Indian families, which are not simply based on love and compulsory marital status and parenting. Indian families are created in a unique spirituality, which brings into their lives what everyone else lacks, that unique unity of spouses and their souls that is rarely found in an ordinary modern family.

Indian families, despite the fact that India is also not lagging behind the world and is now becoming modern, have preserved their ancient traditions and customs. The girls are modest and are brought up in love and respect for their parents and for national traditions, which, above all, is appreciated by her future husband.

In some families, there is still a custom according to which the bride to the son or the groom of the daughter is determined as early as infancy. You might think that Indian traditions are similar to Muslim traditions.

True, this is a gross mistake, because in an Indian family it is believed that both spouses are the same, and both are important for creating a complete and strong family. Of course, a man is considered strong and he is the main breadwinner for the family, which means that he has more responsibility, because he needs to support his wife and his children in abundance.

In many families, the spouses are often absent from home or leave for other cities or even countries to earn money so that the family never experiences needs. At this time, a woman should maintain the warmth of the hearth, love in the family and the complete improvement of life together.

Thus, both spouses fulfill their function in family life and family relations, due to which their rights are equal. One should get food, and the other should improve the house and keep it.

It is believed that everything that happens in the family is a kind of test for the spouses, and if they overcome all the difficulties that life presents to them, it means that real loving hearts have found each other and will go together through life. Difficulties are hardened and must be experienced together, because first of all, the family itself is created, based on the relationship of two people, and everything else is just external factors.

The main criteria for happiness in an Indian family is the life of each other. It often happens that in the family one of the partners tries to live at the expense of the other and there is no place for unity and friendship, but just cold calculation. In the Indian family, both partners are aimed at giving as much as possible to their spouse, and the more this return, the closer the relationship.

Thus, we can say that all family life in India is built on a deep understanding of each other, equality between both spouses, family life should be built exclusively on spirituality and pure and sincere love.

Do not forget that the Hindus created the famous Kamasutra, a book from which the whole world is learning the art of love. Once after all, it was believed that intimate relations between spouses should occur only exclusively for the birth of children. The Hindus have never thought so and remain true to their opinion. For them, an intimate relationship is another higher manifestation of love and spiritual unity between a man and a woman, which should give pleasure and additional emotions.

As for general family relations, the Hindus are very sensitive to all family ties. Typically, Indian families are quite large if you count all the brothers, sisters, grandparents and other relatives.

A wedding for them is a very important celebration, which takes place in the presence of all relatives from the side of the bride and groom. This is a bright, beautiful holiday, which is held in accordance with all the ancient traditions of India.

After the wedding, young people most often move to their husband's house, where they live, for some time until they acquire their home. However, it also happens that young people, their parents, as well as grandparents live together in the same house.

Whoever has the opportunity to immediately provide young people with separate housing, then it settles down together with young people, where they begin their independent family life.

The Indians treat children with great love, the news that a replenishment is expected in the family flies around the whole district in a matter of days, and relatives and friends of the family come to congratulate the young mother almost every day. The older generation of women begin to give their advice to the young mother, to support her in every possible way throughout pregnancy and the first years of the little man's life.

Needless to say, a child is instilled from an early age with love for the world around him, for national traditions; they are instilled in them a great love for their homeland, religion and relatives, especially taught to honor their parents, brothers, sisters.

Children grow up in a very calm and kind atmosphere, they always feel the love of their parents, their peaceful living with each other and know that they will always be supported and helped in difficult times. Growing up, children try to develop in themselves further that spiritual unity with the whole world around them, which they have absorbed with their mother's milk.

Indian films to some extent convey the family spiritual connection that exists between spouses, we see strong love and respect in the family, love for children. We see how zealously the spouses defend their relationship and how two loving hearts are drawn to each other.

After all, films are not shot easily, all stories are taken from real life, based on real events, and real hot love that connects two people for life.

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