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There are countries in the world in which it is very difficult for residents to get used to the modern world, or rather, they simply do not pay attention to the fact that some kind of perfection and convenience for a person are being introduced.

Iceland is just such a country, because ordinary cities, which we are used to seeing in Iceland, have appeared quite recently and residents cannot get rid of life in the villages.

Conveniences created for humans are not perceived by Icelanders as they should be. This can be seen from the empty underground parking lots, which have been built so that there are as few cars on the streets as possible.

It is very difficult for the inhabitants of Iceland to leave their homes in the villages, because all their lives they and their ancestors lived on their own, engaged in fishing and agriculture. People are accustomed to a calm and measured life and it is difficult for them to immediately plunge into a new world, active and too hasty for an Icelander.

Unlike most countries in the world, Iceland is famous for its strong and strong-willed women. Probably, this is the only country in which women do not see the point in fighting for their rights, which they already have enough. All their lives they have more power over men who, although confident in themselves, are rather weak in relation to family life.

Women in Iceland take on the most difficult work and can easily handle the household and raising the children and in order to manage the entire house. The reason for this female behavior was the moment that Icelandic men spent most of their lives at sea, and women had to cope with all the worries alone.

Naturally, women became stronger and tougher in character and men were forced to come to terms with the fact that women in Iceland had become more of a stronger sex than themselves. In addition, Icelandic men live much less than women, life expectancy for men is not as long as for women.

As a result, there are a lot of single mothers in the country who raise their children without a spouse and a fairly large percentage of children who are born out of wedlock altogether. Single-parent families are common in Iceland.

Women in Iceland, despite the fact that men are weaker than them, still marry Icelandic men, because they cannot allow the man to remain the main one in the family. Affected by the habit when there were always weak men nearby.

Looking at an Icelandic man, you can never say that this is a weak person who is controlled by a woman in the house as she needs it. Men are confident in themselves, know their own worth and can solve any problem in a few minutes if required.

It becomes incomprehensible why, then, women treat their men with such disdain. Simply, everything that is done by the hands of an Icelandic man does not have a long service life.

Even many years ago, when the construction of bridges and streets began in Iceland, these very bridges could collapse as soon as a person stepped on them. Precisely because in the house there is no sense from a man, women have a need to do everything on their own. All men are good for is fishing.

On the one hand, women in Iceland can be envied, because they have not faced such a problem as discrimination against women, when there are only restrictions and prohibitions for them.

However, on the other hand, what kind of woman would like to do all the male work on her own and always be the strongest. After all, a woman is still a weak creature who needs attention, affection and care.

Due to the fact that fathers spend a long time outside the home, mothers are constantly busy with housework and household chores, children are left to themselves. They can do anything and as much as they want. With this problem, the school day in Iceland lasts much longer than in other countries, in order to spend as much time as possible with the children and not let them just walk the streets.

A large number of children walking freely unaccompanied by their elders can cause some problems, but nothing serious happens in Iceland regarding children who are too free. This is largely due to the Icelandic government.

The inhabitants of Iceland cannot understand how accidents, unpleasant situations and so on can happen to children. Children can be safe here, because all the necessary conditions have been created for children.

In addition, no one from Iceland will ever harm children, even if they are seen for serious hooliganism. No one in the family takes up raising their children because both parents are busy with work, until the children start to create really serious problems and troubles. That's when real upbringing begins, and parents already more strictly show their feelings and actions.

For Icelanders, family is not just the most precious thing, it is sacred for every Icelander and a special attitude towards parents here. Recently, of course, nursing homes have appeared, where elderly parents often go on their own, in order not to be a burden for their children and so that they can live peacefully and independently without unnecessary worries and problems.

However, before such an opportunity arises, usually younger children have always moved in with their parents to provide them with a dignified old age and always be there to provide the necessary assistance. Either the children themselves moved to their parents' house, or the parents themselves can come to their children’s house and they have always received them with special respect.

A more active lifestyle, when women are forced to go to work, now does not allow to devote so much time to caring for their parents, so the government itself made sure that older people can receive all the necessary assistance in public institutions. Young people also have more free time, who can devote more time to their family.

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