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When faced with the statistics of marriages and divorces from different countries, we see not very pleasant pictures and numbers. Divorce is becoming a common occurrence even in countries where the family is strict and where they are very careful about family and kinship ties.

The reason for this situation is a departure from traditions and customs, which many years ago were of great importance to every person. Many modern families have long forgotten what was once dear to their ancestors.

Among this not very pleasant information that family values ​​go into the distant past, one can set the example of North Korea, which has achieved incredible success in its development, and family values ​​played an important role in this.

In North Korea, as in other countries, ancient traditions were passed from one generation to the next, but over the years they have been preserved and have not changed at all. Thanks to family values, which are very reverently protected here, North Korea has preserved its culture.

Marriage is a union of two people who are ready to create a new family, to raise children so that they can achieve a lot in their lives. This is a great responsibility that those who are about to get married should first think about.

Everyone thinks that this will be the only marriage for a lifetime, but more often than not, the opposite is true, and nowadays few can boast that they had one single and happy marriage in their life.

In North Korea, marriage is really taken seriously and families are created once and for all. For this, both young people carefully consider the moment of the official marriage. There are very few divorces in the country, which puts North Korea in one of the first places among the many countries that are cited in statistics. Divorce in North Korea is tantamount to a global catastrophe that could harm the entire family.

In order to divorce, you need a really serious reason, because it can cause irreparable damage to the career of one of the spouses or both at once. In addition, it is difficult for a divorced man to marry again, and there is nothing to say about a divorced woman. People who could not keep their family together will not be able to move further up the career ladder and in a second marriage it is difficult to trust them.

The situation is even worse in North Korea with adultery. Having a mistress or a lover on the side is a criminal offense that can imprison both perpetrators for a long time, which also does not give advantages to either one or the other.

At present, of course, this law is not in force, but still the spouses remain faithful to each other, for personal reasons of honor and dignity. Adultery is something of a kind of fantasy and no one even thinks that you can have any kind of relationship on the side.

The appearance of a child in a family is a holiday, and in North Korean families, children are of particular importance, because they will have to help their parents in the future in old age. Children live in the same house with their parents until they have their own families. However, in any case, one of the older children still remains in the parents' house, who will have to take care of the parents until their very old age.

Children in North Korea are very strict about raising children, because how well a child is raised will determine whether he becomes a worthy citizen of his country and whether he can contribute to society. The irresponsible and negligent attitude of parents towards raising children is condemned by the whole society.

Children must obey, respect, and care for their parents. In addition, every child is brought up in the love of work. All Koreans are very hardworking and they are not afraid of even the hardest work, they work very hard and as a result, we see a high and rapid development of the country's economy.

Some European countries, in which divorces are very frequent, can be attributed to comparison, as a result of this there are a large number of incomplete families. In this case, the government spends a lot of money in order to provide benefits to single-parent families, single women with children. Although all these funds could be directed to the development of the economy.

In North Korea, due to the minimum number of divorces and hardworking full families, the government can afford to raise the level of the economy, because people are ready to work and earn a living. Children, leaving the parental home, fully provide for themselves and their own family, not counting on the help of their parents, although parents are always ready to lend a helping hand in difficult moments of life. Also, it makes no sense to ask for help from the government, when a perfectly healthy and capable person can fully support himself.

In addition, in North Korea, there is no need for the existence of nursing homes, which also require additional costs from the government. There is absolutely no need to open such institutions in a country where children support their elderly parents and fully provide them.

With regard to education, parents in North Korea decide this issue in advance, even before the moment the child reaches the age when it will be necessary to acquire knowledge. Of course, children's opinion matters, but more often than not, they agree with their parents' wise decisions about which profession is best for them.

Specialists with a complete and higher education will always be needed, and therefore each parent tries to do everything possible to ensure that the child receives the best education.

This attitude towards the family and the well-being of the country will help to survive any crisis, which will force most countries to sharply revise all expenses. The country will have enough budget to help its citizens get through difficult times.

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