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The family should be the most important thing in life for every person. It is impossible to live without all this.

How can you come home from work and know that no one is waiting, and no one can understand you. No matter how fragmented the family is, when many relatives live in other cities and even sometimes in other countries, it is always necessary to keep in touch, to gather for holidays or weekends. Do everything possible to maintain family ties.

For every South Korean family, it is the family hearth and family relationships that come first. In spite of everything, each family keeps its traditions and customs, which were laid down by distant ancestors. Nowadays, it is very difficult to meet the real traditional housing of Koreans, they were replaced by multi-storey buildings, which have replaced small private houses.

However, this is the only change that is currently taking place in South Korean families, because, even living in apartments, Koreans still strictly observe all the customs and rules of family relations.

A home for a Korean is, one might say, a holy place that must always remain clean. As a result, walking around the house in shoes is strictly prohibited, even ordinary house slippers do not change anything. In the house, it is customary to walk only barefoot or in socks. To keep your feet warm, underfloor heating is always installed in all houses, which, of course, has become modern over time.

It is hardly worth saying that young people in South Korea have long since come out of the supervision of their parents. This happens everywhere, but young people have more freedom of choice today, but still they do not dare to take such a serious step as creating a family without parental consent.

When meeting parents in South Korea, the names of the parents are never mentioned. They can only be represented as "mom" and "dad" and nothing else. Even if the acquaintance is closer and older, there is no difference. The South Koreans try to disclose their names as little as possible. This has been the custom for a long time and it is believed that knowing the name gives power over a person and makes him weak.

The wealth of families has increased over time, but this has not changed the tastes of South Koreans, who are distinguished by their frugality. There is nothing superfluous in the house of a South Korean family, it is always clean and tidy, all things, of which there are not so many, are in their places. The excesses in South Korea may not be understood, because South Koreans are used to being content with little, and do not understand why to acquire different things, without which it is quite possible to live.

Traditionally, meals in South Korean families always take place only on the floor, where a small table was set up, around which all family members sat. South Koreans also sleep on the floor. However, today Koreans still prefer more comfortable beds, sofas and ordinary dining tables, although many can sometimes comfortably sit on the floor at a small and comfortable table.

In South Korean families, the relationship between a man and a woman has always been characterized by an enviable mutual understanding, despite the fact that men will never help a woman with the housework. In these families, a clear and strict division of labor into male and female work has been established. A woman in South Korea has the same rights as a man, although there are nuances as in any other traditional family.

Household chores, the preservation of the hearth and within family relationships always fall on the woman. Peace, love and warmth depend only on her, which should always be present in a normal family. A woman for every family member is an authority. Understanding between family members depends on her, it is the hostess in the house who must do everything possible so that each of the family members feels comfortable.

However, on the other hand, a man or the owner of a house in South Korea is also an authority that everyone obeys. He does not interfere in family conflicts, handing them over to his wife, who herself decides all issues. Naturally, some unforeseen situations require the intervention of a man, but this happens very rarely.

For the South Korean family, reverence for parents remains in the first place, so children always do what their parents tell them and never violate prohibitions. In South Korean families, there is no specific preference for the gender of the child born, as is the case in many countries, when the son is more important to the parents and to society. Parents treat their sons and daughters equally.

The South Koreans have a peculiar chronology, which has survived to this day. The born child is already celebrating its first anniversary, because it has already spent almost a year in its mother's womb. The child celebrates another anniversary on the first New Year of his life. It turns out that the age of South Koreans, according to their calculations, is two years older than in reality. In all documents, the year of birth is also recorded.

As for the hospitality of South Koreans, every family always prepares a very rich table and is always happy to welcome guests. It is also not customary for guests of all family members in South Korea to be introduced by name, so the treatment at the table takes place at the level of kinship. The owner of the house always sits at the table first, and only after him can guests and other family members take their places.

It seems that this is disrespect for guests, but it has already become customary that the owner in the house should always be above everyone else and you should not think that this is how an attitude towards strangers is manifested. In general, South Koreans are very happy to receive guests, they are very sociable and are always happy to receive more information and learn something interesting. The table is always full of the best dishes, because all women in South Korea are very good housewives.

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