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Computer games have filled our leisure time. Creating a successful computer game is a difficult task. It is necessary to bring together many factors - the talent of screenwriters, developers, artists.

But the game still needs to be sold, advertised. And just luck cannot be discounted. But the most hit games have a strong place in modern culture. They even make movies on them. Suffice it to mention in this regard Lara Croft, Doom, Resident Evil, and Super Mario. So who are they - the creators of those very game masterpieces?

Gabe Newell. This man founded and still heads the Valve Corporation. It is to him that gamers owe the appearance of such hits as Counter-Strike, Half-Life and Steam. After Gabe dropped out of Harvard, he went to work for Microsoft. After leaving there after 13 years of cooperation with his friend, Mike Harrington, Newell decided to start creating computer games. This is how the Valve studio appeared in 1996. Funding came from the pockets of the co-founders, and the first brainchild was the Half-Life game. It used the source code of the Quake engine, but it became popular among gamers. On the basis of this series, Counter-Strike and its modifications then appeared. These iconic products are still popular today, championships are held on them, hundreds of players take part in online battles at the same time. Today the studio employs only 250 people, and the company's value is estimated at several billion dollars.

John Carmack. The creations of this programmer are known even to people far from the computer industry. It is enough to mention only the names Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein. From childhood, John became interested in computers. After studying only two semesters at the university, Carmack decided to start an independent career. In 1991, he co-founded id Software. She became famous, in fact, thanks to Carmack, spawned a new game genre - FPS. It was John who was the lead programmer who created many iconic projects. He is called the father of Doom and Quake. Thanks to the company's revolutionary programming and design solutions, this genre exploded the world of computer games in the 1990s. Since then, Carmack has taken part in many projects, although his modern merits are not so obvious, cult games remain in the hearts of people. Currently, Carmack and his team are engaged in the design of spaceships, but at the same time he is working at id Software on the continuation of his legendary series.

Sid Meyer. Thanks to this man, many were able to feel like the rulers of the fate of mankind. And the Civilization series of games helped them in this. After graduating from Michigan State University, Meyer founded his own company, MicroProse. There he began developing games for the first personal computers - Commodore and Atari. A new industry emerged that required a variety of programs. In 1991, the Civilization game was released, which was a simulator of human development. Since then, this series has only improved, giving new games. New generations have appeared, trends and tendencies have changed. Meyer was scolded and criticized, but his main brainchild remained popular. Civilization is loved by people of different ages in different parts of the Earth. The secret of this success lies in the special approach to product development. Meyer has always released the latest games, not afraid to use modern technology for this. At the same time, the charming and exciting atmosphere of the first parts of the series has been preserved. After Meyer's departure from his brainchild, the company was closed, while Sid himself is currently working as a development director at Firaxis Game.

Chris Metzen. Metzen has one important advantage over other game developers - versatility. Chris draws, scripts, produces, voices ... Thanks to this talented person, Blizzard was able to release hits such as Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft. It's no coincidence that Metzen is vice president of creative development. Metzen not only invents the plots of new games, but also writes books on the universe of the worlds he created. Chris joined the company in the mid-90s as an artist and animator. He took a small part in the creation of Warcraft, but the second game in the series became his full-fledged brainchild. Thanks to Metzen, the game became unique. True, Chris is accused of both plagiarism and self-plagiarism. Some of his plots are borrowed from already created games, and the heroes miraculously resurrect. Metzen works from morning until late at night, demanding full commitment from his subordinates. Chris personally checks all the quests created by his employees, which confirms his fanatical attitude to work.

Peter Molnieux. Glory to this developer was brought by his brainchildren such as Populous, Syndicate, Fable, Black @ White. Peter's father kept a toy factory, which determined the interest of Molyneux himself. However, he decided to pursue an independent career by starting a small accounting and gaming software firm. Peter's first serious game was the Enterpreneur business simulator, which was released in 1984. That project failed, which upset the young man. The text game turned out to be unusual and difficult for the audience. Then Molyneux decided to devote all his efforts to game development. In 1987, Bullfrog Productions was born. Her third project, the game Populous, brought Molyneux worldwide fame. It can be argued that it was this developer who created such a genre in computer games as the "god simulator". His most famous subsequent hits and were created in this direction. It is said that the idea for such games came to Molnieux through watching ants. Also, Peter was at the origins of the creation of the famous strategy Syndicate, created a series of RPG Fable. In 1997, Molnieu left his brainchild, bought by the giant Electronic Arts, and created a new studio, Lionhead.

Todd Howard. This ingenious game designer is also a Producer and Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios. Thanks to him, the game Fallout 3 saw the light, and the legendary series The Elder Scrolls has been going on for over 14 years. But there are Redguard, Morrowind and Obvilion. Reputable magazines list Howard as one of the most influential people in the gaming industry. Thanks to him, the object of adoration of fans, the game Fallout, was able to return from oblivion. We can safely say that Howard is the main property of the studio. At the same time, he himself has not become a star at all, but continues to constantly generate new ideas that are embodied in games. Howard is considered to be funny, and at the same time rather modest. This producer often appears at various specialized events, he presents his products in the media. According to Howard, Bethesda games have a special philosophy - to allow people to live a different life in another world.

Drew Karpishin. This Canadian writer has Ukrainian roots. Drew got into the computer world when he got a job as a game designer at Wizards of the Coast. Then there was the Bioware company, where Karpishin created many of his masterpieces. It was he who wrote the script and almost all the dialogue in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Karpishin has worked on Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights, the Baldur Gate series. During this time, the writer created several more novels, which took place in the universes of Star Wars and the Forgotten Kingdoms. It was Karpishin who inspired the famous series of fantasy role-playing games Mass Effect. In February 2012, the famed computer screenwriter left Bioware to pursue his projects. The fact is that working on games prevented him from writing his scripts. But we do know why the popular games from Bioware were so interesting.

Markus Persson. At the age of seven, Marcus began programming on the Commodore 128 home computer. Until 2009, Persson worked for, developing games for them. Nobody knew anything about this Swedish programmer and about his studio Mojang AB, founded in 2009. However, the Minecraft game he created in the sandbox genre literally blew up the gaming industry. It took Markus only a week to develop it. The player is given blocks from which to build labyrinths and piles. The game has become very popular on the Internet. In just a couple of months, 3 million people bought it. Currently, Persson himself has retired from active affairs. His projects are continued by the studio staff. An ingenious programmer enters into an organization of people with the highest IQ, sometimes creating for people like himself. For example, his game 0x10c requires people to be able to program in Assembler and also for an invented processor.

Ken Levine. Ken studied drama in college before entering the game industry and even wrote a couple of screenplays for movies. In 1995 he became a game designer. Levine understood that for any meaningful game, special attention must be paid to the plot. At the same time, the narrative line should have a bunch of unexpected turns and replete with shocking endings. That is why the main creations of Ken - Bioshock and System Shock 2 came out so exciting, because in them the scriptwriter was able to embody all his ideas. Fans have appreciated these products. As head of studio Irrational Games, Ken has released many other products. This is both the role-playing game Freedom Force and the tactical shooter SWAT 4. In 2013, Ken Levine is going to release Bioshock Infinite, where the world around him must shock the player and aggravate his fears. Levine and his team were able to create deep computer characters. Players learn their complex life stories, additional storylines appear that complement the images. Levine sees the secret of success in the fact that he truly loves his job.

Shigeru Miyamoto. In the gaming industry, this Japanese man is a cult figure. After all, it was he who created such famous video game series as Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda. In 1980, young Shigeru joined Nintendo as an artist. He was assigned to design games for arcade machines. The first years of Miyamoto's creation brought the company some losses, but then Donkey Kong appeared, which aroused the love of gamers. Over time, the jumping man turned into that very famous Mario. This character became the protagonist of many video games, he was beyond the control of time. Miyamoto's games feature original worlds with hidden secrets and new levels. Miyamoto is currently the general manager of Nintendo EAD, competing with Microsoft and Sony. Shigeru himself still spends a lot of time playing video games. One of his most recent successful projects was the Nintendo Wii. Despite the high status and fame in the gaming industry, the Japanese remain a humble person and often come to work by bicycle.

Hideo Kojima. In 1986, a Japanese man was hired by Konami. Kojima's first project was Metal Gear for the MSX 2 consoles. It can be said that the game marked the beginning of the stealth-action genre. Some of its elements have been encountered before, but it was Kojima who shaped the direction as we know it today. The hero had to constantly hide and dodge battles. In 1990, the sequel to the game, metal Gear Solid, was released. The basis of the gameplay has not changed, but the plot has become much deeper. When the game came out for PS, the designer became a celebrity. In total, more than two dozen projects were released in this game series on different platforms. When the Japanese left Konami, it seemed that his games would end. However, Kojima managed to found his own studio, which continued the main work of his life. Projects in the Metal Gear universe can be seen today on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS platforms.

Cliff Blesinski. They say that Cliff wrote his first game at the age of 12. It was called Spermatoza and was about the adventure of the sperm on the way to the egg. Unsurprisingly, this is what the preoccupied teenager was interested in. Indeed, at this age, many people begin to worry about computers and girls. Passion for both directions only intensified with age. The very first commercial game was written by Cliff in 17 tapes in the pixel hunting quest genre. Blesinski is currently the managing designer for Epic Games. It is to him that players owe the appearance of such cult games as Unreal and Gears of War. True, it is difficult to consider CliffyB a workaholic. This man loves club parties, expensive cars and beautiful girls. He uses his millions and fame to the fullest.

David Yaffe. This game designer graduated from the University of Southern California. The American decided to go to film school and become a director, but did not enter there. Then Yaffe came to the world of computer games. His most famous creations are God of War and Twisted Metal. It is not known what kind of director Jaffe would have become, but two of his games were included in the list of the 25 best for the Playstation 2 ever. At the same time, God of War is generally located on the first line of the rating. In 2007, Yaffe created his own studio, which immediately signed an exclusive contract with Sony to create games exclusively for its products. In 2012, Twisted Metal was released for a new platform, PS3. Jaffe is a unique personality among developers, because he is in close contact with the public. David gives interviews, maintains his blog, where he considers not only the issues of games, but also his personal views on life.

Hironobu Sakaguchi. This Japanese game designer gave the world a series like Final Fantasy. Sakaguchi's story is similar in many ways to Miyamoto's. They both worked for companies that were on the verge of shutting down. But if Nintendo suffered directly because of Miyamoto, then at the Square company, where Sakaguchi worked, things initially did not go well. In a state of uncertainty, the designer came up with what he thought was the last game at this place of work. It was called Final Fantasy. The game was released in 1987 on the NES platform. Suddenly this product has become very popular. The plans to close Square were immediately forgotten, Sakaguchi began working on a sequel. In 1991 he became vice president of the company, and in 1995 he became president. All games in this unusual universe came out under his control. Sakaguchi even released the cartoon "Final Fantasy", which flopped at the box office. Then the designer left his native company, founding the Mistwalker studio. Now she creates games for consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo.

William Wright. In Louisiana, Wright began studying architecture, but then suddenly transferred to mechanical engineer. The young man was fascinated by robots and computers. He never finished his studies, because the games took all of Wright's free time. As a result, he decided that the development of such programs suited him, as it could not come in handy. In 1987, Maxis was created, which in 1989 released its main hit, SimCity. This simulator offered to build a city on its own, develop its communications, distribute income. On the basis of SimCity, many other games were released that have not received such popularity. Building ant colonies was not as interesting as deciding the fate of thousands of townspeople. Wright, on the other hand, has a reputation for being an excellent designer of software games that can neither be lost nor won. In 200, a new project was released by the designer, the idea of ​​which he had been hatching for a long time - Sims. Now the player was asked to manage the life of a single family in her house. In 2008, another iconic project by Wright appeared - Spore. In this game, it was proposed to carry out the evolution of a single-celled organism, creating a whole civilization of intelligent beings.

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