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Meaning of the name

Hella in translation from ancient Greek means "shining", "sunny".


Gella is a girl with a peculiar character, brave and persistent. In character, she is similar to her father and gravitates more towards male society. She is very hardworking, goes in for sports, but without tangible results.

She has many friends who love her for her sincerity and kindness, for her ability to listen to someone else's opinion and not impose her own. They are lively, restless people, often deeply religious.

Women with this name are monogamous, moreover, jealous and unable to forgive betrayal. Their family life is not going well, and some of them remain lonely. Those who get married usually rule over their husbands.

They choose the professions of sports trainers, salesmen, tailors, accountants, nurses, doctors, teachers and engineers.

Those born in winter are impulsive and persistent. They are very hardworking and work to a ripe old age. Their old age is not easy, they often live out life alone.

Despite all the hardships, these are strong and persistent natures, unable and unwilling to adapt. They are proud and will never ask for anything. They love animals, especially cats.

Gelens, born in summer, are softer and more compliant, as a rule, these are gifted people.


Although Gella is a person of mood, she is always lively and affable with men. She has increased sexual excitability, but in order to surrender to a man, she must fall in love with him.

The strength of her sex drive depends on the duration of the intimate relationship with a man. She has a very developed aesthetic perception, a sense of beauty, she knows how to see and understand the beauty of a loved one in intimate relationships and therefore experiences strong erotic experiences.

Gella is sensitive, empathetic and feminine, her partner should be extremely affectionate, know and be able to use all the techniques and positions that increase sexual arousal in the preliminary period of intimacy.

The caresses of a man can bring Gella into a state of irresistible desire and even bring her to orgasm. Unsatisfied Gella is restless, irritable, even angry.

Gella is affectionate and gentle with her partner, loves to beautifully furnish an intimate date, external attributes increase her enjoyment of sex.

Gella is incredibly jealous and suspicious, having caught or simply suspected her beloved of infidelity, becomes unpredictable, can arrange a stormy scene for her rival, showing all her hot temper.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Gell gives the impression of something safe, angular, small, funny, bright.

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