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Meaning of the name

Gabriel translated from Hebrew means "divine warrior".


Favorite mother, similar to her in character. In early childhood, it is closed, painful. Reads a lot. Self-loving, but always treats people well. He has an analytical mindset, always thinks first and then does. He does not impose his opinion, and does not like top-down attitudes.

He is very hospitable and kind, in his life he always has envious people. Never gives in to panic, be patient. Very vulnerable. Likes to collect paintings, antiques, stamps. A good family man. It is difficult to converge with people, but it is easy to part.

A lot in his life depends on his upbringing. So, say, the energy of this name has little to do with a cheerful wit, but if in the process of upbringing Gabriel develops a normal sense of humor, then his life will be much more successful.

Moreover, it will be almost impossible to mock the witty Gavrila, and he himself, having got rid of painful pride, can find a worthy application for his active character. This is also able to help him in overcoming some of the explosiveness of his nature.

Often, bearers of this name try to behave in an emphatically intelligent manner and secretly nurture ambitious dreams of a high social status. However, if Gabriel begins to withdraw into himself, then he will hardly be able to fulfill these dreams.

He undoubtedly has many talents, Gabriel is good-natured and can show compassion; only, perhaps, he takes life and himself too seriously, and this prevents him from achieving success.

These men are leaders. They speak foreign languages. Rational, flexible and have a good career. They always act carefully, considering each step. They do not give in to influence, they can listen to advice, but they will do it in their own way.

Their outward calmness is deceiving - they are good actors and they know how to hide their difficulties well, especially since they are optimists by nature. They go in for sports, but do not achieve great results, they do it in the name of health.

Good family men, children love them very much. They like to talk on the phone for a long time. They can perfectly express their thoughts, but this only applies.

Men with this name have good intuition, are sociable, they are not alien to career considerations, and they achieve a lot in life.


A good psychologist, he perfectly understands the state of his partner, is able to find an approach to any woman. Full of self-esteem, self-confident. Correct, respectful of the partner. You cannot call him a sophisticated and refined lover, but his passion is strong, his energy is inexhaustible.

Often in intimate relationships, his goal is primarily physical satisfaction. However, Gabriel almost always has success with the opposite sex. His charm attracts women, he has a developed sense of humor, knows how to entertain his partner.

Gabriel is frank with her, does not promise her what he cannot fulfill, his relationship with women is always very clear. The partner does not have to rely on his affection or dream of marriage.

Gabriel is patient, he does not rush a woman, but he will definitely achieve his goal. He is tireless in the eternal search for the ideal partner, often falls in love, but truly loves once. Does not encourage conversations on sexual topics, is restrained in the manifestation of emotions. Gabriel is rarely disappointed, there is no limit to his optimism. Loves to give gifts to his woman, is unusually generous.

Winter-born Gabriel's unwavering sexual perseverance is due to the fact that he is completely confident in his potency of power. He doesn't have to prove anything like other men. Does not tolerate hypocrisy and pretense on the part of the partner.

Some women find Gabriel in bed simple, as he prefers to make love without any frills and tricks. However, the lack of imagination is compensated by Gabriel's tirelessness. The partner should take the initiative more often, and then a wonderful union is formed.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Gabriel gives the impression of something angular, courageous, strong, powerful, agile, bright.

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