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Meaning of the name

Gleb in translation from the ancient German means "presented to God".


From childhood, he draws the attention of others with his not childishly serious and calm character. He looks older than his age due to his slowness and discretion. With age, he gives the impression of a somewhat gloomy person. He is very good-natured, everyone respects him for his prudence. Gleb does not tolerate empty words and promises from others and does not give them himself.

If Gleb is the team leader, his subordinates are lucky, since Gleb is not only strict and objective, but also benevolent. Gleb's authority is not questioned, everything that he has achieved in life is the result of his work.

He prefers concrete deeds to wordy promises. Gentleness, emotional distress and an unkind fate bears the name. He takes everything that happens around him for granted. And even the troubles that come from friends and strangers do not seem to him to be something like a natural disaster.

Will never refuse help. Leads a life open and visible to everyone, but still incomprehensible to others. The motives of his actions are known only to him. During periods of war or other dangers, Gleb transforms, becomes a good soldier, a rescuer. Health is good, but looks older than his age, mainly due to the slowness and thoroughness.

In his character - on the second day after meeting, to lead his future wife down the aisle. Gleb completely trusts his wife so much that it is simply impossible to deceive him without feeling like the last scoundrel. If he doubts the loyalty of his wife, interrogations and investigations cannot be avoided.

But Gleb's house is run by his wife. Gleb is a jack of all trades. In his apartment, everything is in place, he makes shelves, mezzanines himself, glazed the balcony without long requests. The wife's parents love Gleb. For children, he is an irreplaceable nanny, can wash diapers and cook porridge. Almost never drinks alcoholic beverages.


Gleb is a passionate nature, he is characterized by violent hobbies, in love he is a romantic. He has a strong sexual personality and can be very diplomatic to avoid complications with a partner. He does not like to pour out his feelings, hides them, and does not immediately reveal himself during intimate meetings with women. He studies his partner for a long time, fearing to make mistakes, because he is deeply experiencing disappointments.

At the same time, Gleb can be assertive, seeks to get down to business immediately, without preparing a woman for sexual contact. To a greater extent, this is characteristic of the "winter" Gleb - he is a man with an unstable psyche, straightforward, not tolerating objections. Such a Gleb is capable of spontaneous intimacy simply out of a desire to relax, relieve sexual tension.

Getting into a relationship, Gleb never thinks how long it will last, and even more so does not think about getting married. He wants to spend unforgettable hours with a woman, to feel loved and desired, without thinking for a long time.

He is demanding, expects strong passions from a partner, exquisite caresses and complete adoration. He himself can truly love only once, and therefore it is difficult for him to find happiness.

It happens that love visits him in his youth, and he carries this feeling through the years, idealizing him and greatly complicating his sexual relations with other women. Gleb strives for a partner who will take care of him, think and live the way he likes. At the same time, he gravitates towards an independent and independent life.

He spends most of his time at work, the entire burden of housework lies on the shoulders of the wife. Does not tolerate an increased tone, irritable. Girls are born, rarely a boy.


Light blue.

A rock

Moon rock.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Gleb gives the impression of something angular, rough, courageous, strong, powerful, agile, fast, bright.

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