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Meaning of the name

Scandinavian means "bride of the spear", "bride of a knight", "warrior". There is another version - the name appeared in Soviet times as a synthesis of the words "hero" and "labor" (hero of labor). Actually, both of them have the right to exist, since they do not contradict each other.


In childhood they are sickly, weak, with poor appetite, shun strangers. They try to stay close to their mother. They are very careful in communication, especially emotional people with a violent temperament frighten them.

These are diligent girls, they go to a music school, they go in for dancing. Despite their seemingly quiet nature, they are more friends with boys and enjoy authority among them.

Gertrude is generally a firm, tough name. Winter-born Gertrude is a fighter for justice and in this field often breaks her forehead. She is well brought up and strict, outwardly similar to both her mother and her father, but her character is more masculine. Despite the external grasp, he is a kind person.

These women are as strong as nature itself. They have a somewhat masculine character. They start like an arrow or a lark. They are choleric, so it is better not to tease them.

They like contact with the outside world, but they are absolutely unaffected. They are very demanding both to themselves and to those around them. They are often restless, which sometimes spoils even their best impulses. Unusually hardworking, always achieving their goal.

The scope of their activity is very extensive: they become doctors, pharmacists, are fond of exact sciences, languages. Among them there are agronomists, even the owners of bars and cafes. All of them are by nature educators and teachers, and in any work they strive to teach. They do not even want to hear about intuition, considering it incompatible with intelligence and common sense.

They consider their colleagues at work as opponents, even enemies, but, if necessary, they can moderate their aggressiveness. Gertrude is friendly as long as it doesn't conflict with her interests.

They tend to be overweight, so they need to follow their diet. They should be engaged in swimming, tempering, vacation at sea, as they require iodine.

Some Gertrudes do not marry, and those who do are loyal and devoted wives.


Love for her is unthinkable without an intimate relationship. Being in the arms of a man, she is always tuned in to mutual sexual satisfaction and, if she does not receive her share of pleasure, experiences an acute sense of trampled dignity, even humiliation. She, like no other woman, suffers from a lack of male attention.

Often they are restless, which sometimes spoils even their best impulses. These women respond to attacks so violently that you may not be able to stand. Their husbands have to come to terms with this ... however, as well as relatives!

These women prefer to wait until others take the first step. Gertrude's own moral principles depend on the foundations of her environment.

Sex for Gertrude is first of all a pleasure, how to live well and eat deliciously. They show a certain aggressiveness towards men. In childhood, they stay closer to their father than to their mother. Growing up, they do not give in to impulses of sensuality, they are guided by calculation. The bonds of marriage are of great importance. They don't like other women.

She treats all men with a certain degree of suspicion; at the slightest hint of infidelity, she is ready to break off all relations with her partner.


Dark brown.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Gertrude gives the impression of something angular, small, bright.

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