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Let's face it, most office workers have the biggest risk at work associated with turning on the coffee maker or the switches. Let's put aside dry statistics and consider, among other things, real cases that have recently occurred in the world.

Skyscraper window cleaners. To wash the glass of skyscrapers in Dubai, you need to have truly steel nerves. After all, the worker needs to completely crawl out onto the windowsill in order to quickly wipe the entire glass surface with a mop. It would seem, what's wrong with that? Only this apartment is located on the 34th floor at a height of 120 meters above the ground. The dwelling is located in the Jumeirah Beach area of ​​Dubai. The washer in the photo has stepped out onto a narrow cornice and, holding on to the frame, reaches for the annoying spot. His life is in his hands, because with his fingers he clings to a vital frame, without ceasing to carry out his task. The window cleaner was photographed by residents of neighboring houses. At the same time, the employee did not have any safety belts, cradle or helmet. He had no protective equipment at all. When it comes to security among a large number of immigrants, the Dubai authorities prefer not to delve into this issue. The conditions in which these people work have been the subject of discussion in the United Arab Emirates for a long time. Yet today most of these employees are simply denied the right to vote, even when it comes to their own safety. After all, immigrants know that they can be deported to their homeland at any time. And thousands of others always claim their place. And they will not be stopped by the real danger of the profession.

Electrician on a helicopter. The first time you see these guys working with power lines from a helicopter, it might seem like a photomontage. In fact, there are quite real electricians who work right in the air from an aircraft. This is a rather highly specialized field of work, only a few people have special training for such tasks. It seems incredible that you can work with your bare hands on high voltage power lines. Usually they try to isolate the fitter from the ground in some way. The lineman has special conductive clothing that is connected to the live line. As a result, it has the same potential as the fitter, allowing you to safely work with dangerous wire. This operation is extremely common on low voltage networks in the UK, and all electricians are trained to operate in this mode. But work with high voltage lines in England is carried out by a special team. Such groups have been nicknamed "Hot Gloves".

Crocodile fighters. The daily routine at the office may not seem like a bad thing after seeing these amazing pictures. No matter how angry the boss is in the morning, at least you shouldn't stick your head in his mouth, risking your health and life. But the crocodile fighters at the Thai Zoo do it regularly on a daily basis. Men here do what can be considered the most dangerous job in the world. These stunts perform their numbers on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. During hour-long performances, they stick their heads between the jaws of some of the park's largest crocodiles. This is done in the style of Kray Chong, the legendary Thai crocodile hunter. At the same time, the reptiles themselves are not at all sleepy, they move quite briskly, chewing on bamboo and clicking their jaws. And the wrestlers seem to put them into a kind of trance, thrusting into the throat of the animal not only the head, but also the arm up to the shoulder. This cannot fail to impress.

Lviv trainers. This entry belongs to newlyweds from Montana, who spent their honeymoon in Las Vegas. There they filmed lions at the famous MGM Grand Hotel. The photographs show how the lion and lioness are next to their trainers. But suddenly the male didn't like something, and he pounced on people. The female also joined him. The coach managed to escape from captivity with the help of his assistant, the agitated men ran out of the cage. Although there was no trace of blood, there is no doubt that people were in great pain. Soundproof glass also muffled the noise. The fight itself was also rather mild. After all, trainers say that lionesses are much more aggressive in a fight and make much more dangerous blows.

Miners. Chilean Gilberto Anlgulos does not need to be told about working in the mines - he himself has 30 years of experience there. Moreover, his weak body speaks volumes for him. There is a scalloped scar on the man's forehead. The fracture of the left forearm was repaired with a metal plate. As a result, the bones on the left shoulder will never fit properly. These injuries were the result of a mine explosion that nearly killed him. In 2003, Angulos was driving an earth-moving machine in a large copper mine when he felt a surge of air. The miner was lucky in relation to his colleagues, he spent a year in the hospital. However, his injuries became chronic. When a mine collapsed in Chilean San Jose, 33 people were trapped. The owner of the mine, the San Esteban mining company, has never improved the working conditions underground. As a result, people were trapped at a depth of 700 meters, where they spent the next 70 days. Many of them left some of their body parts in the depths of the mine. Mario Gomez lost two fingers at once from falling stones, Victor Segovia spent a whole year in the hospital after a rock crashed into his back. Franklin Lobos was trapped for three hours by the collapse. Hector Avila worked for 20 years in the mines and became a close friend with some of the miners who worked at the San Jose mine. The geologist died in 2007 in an accident that caused the temporary closure of the mine. One mine soon started working again. Since 2000, 374 miners have died on the job in Chile alone, according to government statistics. Such work does not look easy. After all, about 12 thousand brave miners die every year all over the world, who go underground every day.

Target for presentation. Usually in a circus or some similar performance, a target girl is used. It is needed in order to demonstrate accuracy when throwing a knife or archery. The girl is tied or forced to stand motionless near the wall, where they begin to throw sharp objects. Having such a helper makes the show really risky. Demonstration of accuracy without an assistant will be too simple and not interesting. But the possibility of injury or even death by someone brings real drama. At the same time, the knife thrower seems to go through a risky obstacle, reaching the goal. This profession is rather unusual, dangerous, but interesting. There is even a large article about her on Wikipedia, showing real and famous star targets. Usually they are girls who wear open suits. It also gives the performance a sexy twist.

Lumberjacks. Logging annually leads to a large number of victims, few can compare with this. According to experts, the biggest danger comes from deforestation on mountain slopes. People work on rough terrain with a slope of 70-80 degrees, with numerous rocks and crumbling soil. About half the time is spent cutting a 60-70 year old tree with trunk diameters of 30 inches or more. If you cut it down incorrectly, then it will begin to roll down the slope, sweeping away everything in its path. What's more, old forests often have driftwood and dead branches. They can break off and fall randomly when the trunk falls down. The lumberjacks even called them “widow producers”. But cutting down trees alone does not end there. It is very risky to work on loading them. If the chain breaks, even the bullet-proof glass of the cockpit may not save from its links.

Fishermen. Statistics inexorably report that in this industry, there are 129 deaths per 100 thousand employed people, and another 61 people are injured. This makes fishing one of the most dangerous professions in the world. The Discovery Channel has a program called Deadly Catch. This is the story of real crab catchers in the Bering Sea. Their lives are many hours of work, seven days a week, often without interruption and for a long time. They have to catch crabs at any convenient moment, otherwise a solid income will be lost. Cold water and an icy deck can cause accidents. And terrible sea storms can overturn small fishing vessels, and the entire crew can die at once.

Miners. These people are engaged not only in planting mines, but also in clearing them. Such specialists remove deadly land or sea shells from their location. It is manual demining that is considered the best system at the present time. It has been proven that the current generation of specialized machines can only give 80% confidence in success. But the manual technique has an indicator of 99.6 percent. But that 0.4 percent makes the job very dangerous. Demining shells from 1996 to 2002 killed at least 500 people.

Builder. This profession is fairly common, but you shouldn't underestimate its danger. Giant steel beams are used to create the structural shapes of large buildings and objects. The Steelworkers' Union claims that the mortality rate among builders associated with such structures is constantly increasing. After all, property owners, like foremen, are constantly striving to reduce security costs. The most common cause of death among construction workers is falls from a great height.

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