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They say that a person can look at three things endlessly. One of them is how the water flows. And the sight of her falling from a height attracts even more. This article will focus on waterfalls - one of the wonders of nature.

Waterfalls are called falls of water in a river from a certain ledge located on the path of the channel. This term is suitable for water falling from a height of more than a meter. Waterfalls always attract the attention of tourists, because they are an impressive sight.

The most famous waterfall in the world is Niagara, meanwhile it is far from the tallest and widest in the world. Many of them are located in hard-to-reach places and were opened relatively recently.

Angel, 979 meters. This waterfall is located in Venezuela. Here the water of the Churun ​​River falls from the top of Auyantepui, the "Devil's Mountain". Local Indians call the waterfall "Waterfall of the Deepest Place". The water falls down from such a great height that it turns into fog and dust, never reaching the ground. Civilization learned about Angel at the beginning of the last century. However, they started talking about the waterfall only after American pilot James Angel flew over it in 1933. It was in his honor that the waterfall was later named. They say that he was looking for diamonds in these places, which the aborigines told him about. In fact, the waterfall plateau is covered with quartz. Angel and his partners made an emergency landing on the plateau, returning to the people only after 11 days. The pilot spoke about the amazing waterfall discovered during the trip. In 1994, UNESCO inscribed the entire Canaima National Park, along with Angel, as a World Heritage Site. Surprisingly, in 2009, the Venezuelan authorities, fighting against imperialism, took, and renamed Angel in its original name Kepepakupai-mera. Today, tourists from all over the world come to see the highest waterfall in the world. However, it is located in a rather inaccessible area, so you can get here either by the river or by plane. The tour starts at $ 250.

Tugela, 948 meters. The second highest waterfall is located in South Africa on the river of the same name. In fact, it consists of five cascades, the largest of which is 411 meters high. Every second from here about 400 cubic meters of water falls down. The Tugela River flows through the Drakensberg Mountains in Natal National Park. It is best to watch the waterfall after a heavy rain or at sunset. Then its rays make the water falling from a height shine. The Tugela River originates just a few kilometers from the ledge. Its water is so clean that it is considered drinkable. In winter, the waterfall often freezes, covered with ice and snow, and everything around turns into a fabulous wonderland. You can get to the foot of the Tugela waterfall using mountain hiking trails and suspension bridges. During the day, you can overcome the entire route and get to the very top of the mountain. There is an observation deck - the Amphitheater, from which you can see numerous cliffs covered with greenery, and the water falling below, and the entire national park.

Three sisters, 914 meters. This waterfall is located in South America. In Peru, there is the Ayacuccio region, quite remote from civilization. The world learned about the waterfall quite recently. A group of photographers went on an expedition to photograph another waterfall - Katarata, 267 meters high. But unexpectedly for themselves, the travelers discovered another miracle of nature, even more spectacular. The waterfall got its name due to its structure. It consists of three tiers separated from each other. From the air, you can see only two of them, but the third is a huge pool, where the water eventually falls. The waterfall is surrounded on all sides by tall trees reaching 30 meters. It was they who protected this miracle of nature from prying human eyes for a long time.

Oloupena, 900 meters. The already mentioned Niagara, even in America, is far from the highest. But getting here is not easy. And Oloupena is not located on the mainland at all. The waterfall is located in Hawaii; Molokai Island became its home. Not everyone knows that there is a waterfall on these remote islands, and even one of the highest in the world. Most of the photographs of this object were obtained using aerial photography. The waterfall is surrounded on both sides by mountains of volcanic origin. It itself is quite thin and is distinguished by numerous transitions down from one level to another. Water does not fall down, it slides along an almost vertical rock, falling directly into the ocean. The waterfall cut deep into the rocks, so for a long time they could not photograph and find it. It is best viewed from the sea, many travel companies in Hawaii offer tours to it. Flights to the falls by helicopter will require good weather conditions.

Umbilla, 895 meters. This waterfall is located in Peru and was also relatively recently discovered. It is located in the Amazon basin, and scientists are still debating its height. The figure is also called 895.4 meters, and 870 meters. Umbilla itself is a multi-level system with four steep descents. The discovery of Umbilla was very pleased with the Ministry of Tourism of Peru, which is developing a two-day tour of its largest waterfalls. This object itself, although tall, is very thin. It is visible only about 600 meters from the entire path of the fall of the water, while it erupts down very little. To get here, you need to hire a local guide, because there are no markings here. Due to the remoteness of the waterfall, there are very few photographs of it.

Winnufossen, 860 meters. The highest waterfall in Europe is in Norway. It is fed by the Winnu River, and it falls from Mount Vinnufjellet and flows into the Driva River. Water appears on the top of the mountain from a glacier, melted by the warm sun, it turns into a stream. The waterfall is cascading, with the height of the largest step being 420 meters. There are several other tourist attractions in the vicinity of the European record holder. So, from here it is only 39 kilometers to the Dovrefjell National Park.

Balayfossen, 850 meters. This waterfall has a lot in common with the previous one. It is also found in Norway and looks more deep in spring. The source of the 6-meter wide waterfall is the Bala stream, which flows out of the mountain lake. And in this case, the water falls down three steps, soon falling into the nearby sea. The longest of them is 452 meters. For tourists, the waterfall is not particularly attractive, as it periodically dries up completely, and the volume of falling water is not high here.

Puukaoku, 840 meters. The Hawaiian island of Molokai has two of the ten highest waterfalls at once. Puukaoku is 80 meters high. It contains the most water during the rainy period, which lasts from November to March. And in this case, the waterfall flows directly into the ocean, from where it can be clearly seen. And in this case, the water does not fall, but flows down the basalt cliff.

James Bruce, 840 meters. From the name of this Canadian waterfall, it immediately becomes clear that it is named after a man, a great traveler. It was the Scotsman Bruce who found the source of the Blue Nile. This natural object is located in British Columbia, in the Marine Provincial Park named after Princess Louise. The width of the waterfall is only 5 meters, and it is generated by two parallel streams created by glaciers. One stream is permanent, while the other dries up in summer. Thus, the most full-flowing waterfall looks like rainy winter or autumn.

Brown, 836 meters. This waterfall is located in New Zealand's Fiordland National Park on South Island. Its width is 12 meters. Interestingly, the horizontal distance between the beginning of the fall and the end is 1130 meters. As a result, the water falls not at all vertically, but at an angle of 42 degrees. There is only one cascade, and the length of the highest drop is 244 meters. Brown Falls is located in the heart of the tropical rainforest typical of these islands. Water for him comes from the high-mountainous Brown Lake. The waterfall flows through cascades to the fjord in the Bay of Arm.

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