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Abhei - brave, fearless
Ajiit - the indomitable
Ajit - the indomitable
Ajitt is the indomitable
Aditya - the sun
Amar - immortal
Amit - endless, immeasurable
Amrit - immortal
Anand - happiness
Anant - endless, without end
Ananta - endless, without end
Anil - air, wind
Aniraddha - has no obstacles
Anish - the highest
Anchor - young tree
Anuj - born after, junior
Anupam - incomparable
Aravinda - lotus
Arjun - white
Arjuna - white
Arun - the redness of the rising sun
Arunaa - the sun
Asim - limitless
Achilles - complete
Ashok - without grief
Ashoka - without grief

Babar - lion
Baber - born a lion
Bazant - spring
Base - inhabitant
Bala - young
Balarama - the power of god
Baleidva - the power of god
Bachmann - good opinion
Beybr - lion
Bijay - victory
Bijoy - victory
Bipin - forest
Boldev - the power of god
Brahma - creator, source
Bridges is the king

Vazant - spring
Vazu - dweller
Wanada - the giver of rain
Vivec - Known, Wisdom
Vijay - victory
Vikram - pace walking
Vimal - pure
Vinay - promotion separately
Vipin - forest
Vipul - a lot
Vishal - big
Vishnu is the savior

Ganesh - god of the horde
Ganesha - Lord of the Horde
Gobind - the seeker of the cow
Govind - cow seeker
Gopal - protector of the cow
Gotham is the best ox
Gotama is the best ox

Daamodara - waist cord
Damodar - waist cord
Damodara - waist cord
Dayaram - Rama's compassion
Dayarama - Rama's compassion
Debdan - a gift from God
Devdan - a gift from God
Devdas - servant god
Devraj - God-King
Juggernaut - World Lord
Jagjit - World Conquest
Jagdish - world ruler
Jaswinder - lightning strike
Jayant - victorious
Jay - victory
Jyotish - the moon
Jirish - Lord of the Mountain
Jitender - Conqueror of Indra
Jitendera - Conqueror of Indra
Jitendra - Conqueror of Indra
Jitinder - Conqueror of Indra
Johar - greeting
Jadev - Divine Victory
Jayendra - Indra's victory
Jaywont - Winner
Dilip - defender of Delhi
Dinesh - Lord of the Day
Deepak - a small lamp
Dulip - defender of Delhi
Dhaval - pure, white
Dhananjay - the victory of wealth

Ibrahim is the father of many
Inderjit - Conqueror of Indra
Inderpal - the protector of Indra
Indra - possesses taming (rain)
Indrajit - Conqueror of Indra
Isha - protector

Kazi - shining
Kalidas - Servant of Kali
Hookah - auspicious and wedding
Kama - desired, beloved
Kamal - red
Cambodia is a handsome king
Capil - reddish brown
Kapila - reddish brown
Karan - ear
Karna - ear
Kiran - the rays of the sun
Kistna - black, blue
Keeshan - black, blue
Kishen - black, blue
Kishore - foal
Krishna - black, blue
Krsna - black, blue
Kumar - boy, son
Kunal - lotus flower
Keilash - crystal

Laxman - Having Luck
Lakshman - having good luck
Lakshmana - having good luck
Lal - fondle, play
Lochan - eye

Madhav - from the springtime
Madhukar - bee
Mazud is lucky
Manju - melodic
Manjunata - Pleasant Lord of the Mist
Mandip - lamp, opinion
Mani is a gem
Maninder - Indra's Thinking
Manish - Lord of Opinion
Manu is a man
Massoud is lucky
Masood - lucky
Mahavir is a big hero
Mahatma is a big soul
Mahinder - Big Indra
Maandra - Big Indra
Merali - flute
Merugan - six-faced
Merukan - six-faced
Mehmood - worthy of praise
Mohan - enchanted
Mohandas - Servant Mohan
Mohinder - Big Indra
Mukesh - ruler, flour
Mukul - blossoming, blossoming

Navin - news
Najendra - Indra Snake
Nanda - joy
Narayan is the son of man
Narinder - Indra's man
Neirndra - Indra's man
Neelam - sapphire
Nirav - calm, quiet
Nitin is the right track
Nikhil - everything, whole
Nishant - dawn, end of the night
Natick - moral

Ohm - basic, sound
Orangzeb - worthy of the throne

Padma - lotus flower
Perushottam is the tallest man
Pistambar - yellow garment
Pollab - a giving leaf of hope
Pollav - a giving leaf of hope
Prabodh is good advice
Prabodhan - noble
Prabhakar - light fabricator, sun
Prabhat - dawn
Prabhu is the creator, powerful
Pradeep - shining
Prazad - offered to god
Prazanne - liked
Prakash - easy
Pramod - happiness, rejoice
Pranav - om
Praneus - a novel
Grant Leader
Prem - love
Pratup - dignity, majesty

Slave Indra - Indra Sun
Ravana is the name of the demon king of the island of Ceylon, who kidnapped Rama's wife, Sita
Ravi - the sun
Rav Indra - Indra of the sun
Stew - fast
Raj is king
Rajan is the king
Rajanikant - Lord of the Night
Rajender - Indra King
Rajesh - Ruler of Kings
Rajiv - lotus flower
Rajinder - Indra King
Radshiv - lotus flower
Rahkesh - Lord of the Night
Frame - Pleased
Ramakrishna - pleased and black, blue
Ramakhandr - Rama's moon
Ramakhandra - the moon of Rama
Range - the winner of the battle
Ranjit - the winner of the battle
Ratnam - a gem
Rahul - effective
Reijndra - King's Indra
Rishi is a sage
Ratan is a gem

Sabhash - courteous
Savitar - sunny
Savitr - solar
Sadhir - Good and Wise
Sandar is beautiful
Sandara - beautiful
Sander - handsome
Sanjay - Triumphant
Sanjeev - Recoveries
Sanjit is indomitable
Sanjitt is the indomitable
Sandeep - lighted lamp
Sankar - making good luck
Saral - straight
Satish - God Sati
Sachin - clean
Sasha - the moon
Swapan is a dream
Swapnil - fabulous
Swaran is a good color
Sekar - the crest reaching the maximum
Seraj - the sun
Serendra - Indra God
Seres - god-ruler
Serinder - Indra God
Serya - the sun
Sib the destroyer
Siddharth is an experienced target
Siddharta is an expert target
Sikander - protector of humanity
Sing - lion
Sohale - Canopus (star)
Sudarshan - correct vision
Sudarshana - correct vision
Suman - good-natured
Sumati - inclined towards good
Sunil - very dark blue
Drying is good behavior

Toril - character

Hari - he who cleans
Harinder - he who cleans up and enjoys taming (rain)
Harish - Lord of the Monkey
Harshad - admired
Harshal - happy

Chandan - sandalwood
Chandr - the moon
Chandra - the moon
Chandrakant - moonstone
Chetana - Emergency
Chiranjivi - endless, durable

Shandar - proud
Shankar - bringing good luck
Shankara - bringing good luck
Shantanu - useful
Sharma - comfort, protection
Shashi - the moon
Shekhar - the crest reaching the maximum
Shiva the destroyer
Shrest is the most suitable
Sripati is the husband of Sri
Shyam - black, blue
Shyamal - black, blue

Esmail - God will hear

Yash - glory

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