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In the depths of the history of our civilization, there are many secrets and endless fascinating stories. Hundreds of works have been written about almost all the largest mysteries, films have been made that substantiate the most incredible hypotheses.

The Secret of Stonehenge. This structure was built in three sections 5,000 years ago by the Neolithic inhabitants of the Salisbury Plain in southern England. Stonehenge has been attracting visitors for thousands of years. The formation consists of 30 vertically placed sarsen stones weighing 25 tons and 30 bridges between them (horizontally placed stones). Inside the circle, along with sandstone boulders, are also blue stones weighing 6 tons. They traveled 380 kilometers here, since this is where the nearest quarry is located. The builders managed to create a monumental complex using only stone tools and practically without the use of draft animals. This is puzzling today. For thousands of years they have not given an answer to the question - why was Stonehenge built? Why are those blue stones located here? Today very little is known about the builders; they did not leave behind written stories. There are many theories about the construction of Stonehenge. Starting from the natural, glacial origin of such a pile up to the intervention of aliens. And the goals of the construction of Stonehenge by people could be different. It could be a temple, a place for astronomical observations and even a burial place for unknown creatures. Blue stones are believed to have healing powers. Recently, a huge number of burials were discovered around the complex, which gave rise to a new theory - burials were celebrated here.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy. US President John F. Kennedy was shot in the back and head as he followed his wife, Jacqueline, in a motorcade through the streets of Texas on November 22, 1963. Just 80 minutes after the shots, the killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was arrested. Several hours of interrogation followed, which in no way corresponded to the existing norms. Oswald was quickly accused of murder, and 2 days later, while trying to transport him to another prison, he was killed by Jack Ruby. It happened in front of hundreds of journalists. As early as November 29, President Lyndon Johnson created a special commission to investigate the murder. It was chaired by Earl Warren, President of the country's Supreme Court. He then revealed that Oswald was a lone shooter and committed his deadly actions from the sixth floor of the school library. The murder weapon was the Carcano carbine. Conspiracy theories began on the day the Warren Commission's findings were published. First of all, it is not clear how many shots were fired exactly, and, accordingly, the shooters. According to other versions, the Federal Reserve, the CIA, Cuban émigrés, the mafia, Lyndon Johnson (Kennedy's successor), the Soviet bloc, and even the Israeli government could be behind the Kennedy assassination. Questions were caused by the strange trajectory of one of the bullets, which was even called magic. And the sudden death of some of the persons involved in the investigation also left questions. Oswald himself, who never confessed to the murder, was killed suspiciously quickly.

Crystal skulls. Interest in these artifacts flared up with renewed vigor after the release of the next series of "Indiana Jones". The mysterious find came to light in 1881, when the first two skulls were found by Mexican mercenaries. Soon, more similar crystal skulls were found; a total of twelve such objects were discovered in Central and South America. It was reported that the age of the skulls is about 500 years, they are the legacy of the civilizations of the Aztecs and Maya. The most famous skull belongs to the Mitchell-Hedges family. It is said to have been found by 17-year-old Anna, who accompanied her father, Frederick Albert, on his Baileys expedition. It was later revealed that the family had actually acquired the skull at Sotheby's in London in 1943. The Mitchell-Hedges skull is unique in that it is anatomically correct and came with a removable jaw. Another famous skull belongs to the British Museum. It was once bought by a mercenary in Mexico, then sold to the artifact dealer Eugene Bolan. As a result, the skull was acquired by the museum itself through a Tiffany auction. Other famous crystal relics are the Parisian Skull (its path is similar to that of the British Museum exhibit), Smithsonian Skull, Mayan Skull, Amethyst Skull, Texas Turtle (nicknamed Max), ET Skull (the name is associated due to markings and increased malocclusion), pink quartz skull and Brazilian skull. It was believed that the skulls were created over time by the Aztecs or Mayans. At the same time, it is unclear what technologies allowed them to do this. Recent years have been rich in absurd hypotheses. Thus, the creators of relics are considered foreigners, aliens, Atlanteans or even inhabitants of the inner core of the Earth. Today, scientists claim that the skulls are fake. Quartz was not originally from America, but from Europe, moreover, traces of abrasive finishing of the 19th century were found on the finds. Nevertheless, crystal skulls still remain a mysterious secret of mankind, which causes research, conjecture, gossip and even films.

Tomb of Count Dracula. The most famous character of Bram Stoker, Count Dracula, had a real historical prototype, the Prince of Wallachia. Dracula fought against the Turks, on the one hand he was a patriotic hero, and on the other, a ruthless villain. It is believed that Vlad Dracula tortured and impaled from 40 to 100 thousand Turks and his fellow tribesmen, who posed a threat to his power. Information about the atrocities of the count appeared from a document published in 1463 by an unknown author. As a result, Dracula was killed during battles with the Turks in 1476 near Bucharest. The head of the ruler was cut off and sent to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed II. Where the rest of the body has gone remains unknown. The personality of Count Dracula, thanks to the myths about his bloodthirsty character, has become legendary. Moreover, it remains unclear where the body of the ruler went after his death. The most popular version turned out to be about Vlad's tomb in the monastery on Snagov Island. But the archaeological excavations carried out there did not find any traces of the Count's remains. Other rumors claim that Vlad's body was originally buried in the Koman monastery, but in the 17th century the structure was significantly rebuilt and nothing was found. There is also a variant closely related to vampire tales. They say that Vlad knew how to move to any place to defend himself from monks who wanted to kill him in his sleep. The tomb of Dracula, as well as the very fact of his cruelty and the use of blood, is one of the greatest historical mysteries.

The Amber Room. This masterpiece was originally created in 1701 for the first king of Prussia, Frederick I. The room soon arrived in Russia as a gift to Peter the Great. In 1743, the study was restored under the supervision of Empress Elizabeth and took its place in the Winter Palace. Over time, the office was transformed into a whole Amber Room, moving to the palace in Tsarskoe Selo. The property of the nation was kept there for about 200 years. The room was about 55 square meters, it took 10 years to build and 6 tons of Baltic amber. When in 1941 Hitler's army came close to the place of preservation of the room, the keepers tried to evacuate it, but the fragility of amber prevented their intended. As a result, it was decided to hide the masterpiece behind plain wallpaper. But the Nazis knew where to look for a unique room, the soldiers took it apart piece by piece to transfer it to Konigsberg. From 1942 to 1944, the Amber Room was displayed there. In August 1944, a fire broke out during the bombing of the British Air Force, but it is believed that the relic was not damaged. She was collected and hidden, since then no one has seen her. Of course, the most popular version today is the death of a room in a fire. However, there are other theories - the boxes may remain in the undergrounds of the city, be buried in mines in the Czech Republic or Germany. There is some evidence to prove that the Amber Room may have been aboard the sunken ship or submarine that brought it to South America. In favor of the version of the seizure of the room by American units looking for masterpieces of art stolen by the Nazis, evidence of the discovery in 1994 and 1997 in Germany of fragments of the room. The amber room may remain lost - after all, long-term storage in damp basements will simply ruin it. Today, a copy of the Amber Room has been fully restored in the Catherine Palace.

The riddle of the Sphinx. The mention of the Sphinx immediately brings to mind the image of the Great Sphinx in Giza. However, the Sphinx was a powerful symbol in Greece, Syria and Phenicia. And the mystery of the Sphinx originated precisely from the Greek legend. According to her, the mythical creature had to ask the person who appeared in front of him: "What kind of creature is this that walks on four legs in the morning, on two legs at lunch, and on three in the evening?" If the unfortunate man could not answer, then the Sphinx killed him and ate him, otherwise it destroyed himself. According to legend, the only person who was able to survive after meeting the Sphinx was the Greek hero Oedipus, who answered correctly - "man". Despite the solved riddle, many questions are hovering around the great sculpture. What is it all the same, who built this monument, and for what purpose did people pass by it? Even the age of the Great Sphinx is disputed by archaeologists. Traditional science believes that he was carved about 4500 years ago under Pharaoh Khafren, even note the similarity of his facial features with a mythical creature. But in 1989, a study by John West and geologist Robert Schoch appeared, which established that the sculpture is much older, and the ruler only rebuilt it. As for the passages, rumors about numerous underground passages from the Sphinx to the pyramids have existed for a long time. Today, the remains of several passages have been found, but it is still unclear whether they were the work of man or nature. The Sphinx still poses its own riddles, to which people are trying to find answers.

Jack the Ripper. This mysterious story is one of the oldest and most famous among the unsolved murders. Jack the Ripper once instilled fear in the heart of Victorian London, capturing the imaginations of historians and forensic scientists to this day. From August to November 1888, in Whitechapel, near London's East End, five prostitutes were killed in succession, and the entrails of the victims were skillfully removed. This area of ​​the rich capital of the empire was extremely poor. Jewish refugees from Russia, Poland and Romania lived here, and the crime rate went off scale. Everything that could be learned about the mysterious killer, including letters from him, were sent to the police. The number of victims of the maniac also remained unclear. The generally accepted version says that there were five - Mary Ann Nickles (August 31, 1888), Annie Chapman (September 8), Elizabeth Stride (September 30), Catherine Eddows (September 30) and Mary Jane Kelly (November 9). But some sources believe that there were only four victims, while others increase the number to nine. The letters sent by the maniac to the police are usually considered a hoax, although they contain some graphic details of the crimes. They were believed to have been written by Tom Bulling, a journalist with the Central Telegraph Agency. Much attention was paid to the letter received by George Lask. Half of a human kidney was found in it, and it was written that the other half was eaten by a maniac. But Eddows had one of his kidneys cut out! The story of a bloodthirsty, skilled maniac had an impact not only on London, but throughout the British Empire. After all, it turned out that poverty, fear, crime, social unrest and disease were at arm's length from a prosperous life. And it was Jack the Ripper who became the personification of all this evil. Over the past 120 years, nothing has prompted researchers to unambiguously unravel the mystery of the Whitechapel killer. Among the suspects were princes Albert Victor and Edward, who later became King Edward VII, writer and mathematician Lewis Carroll, Dr. Neil Cream, criminologist Frederick Deeming, poet Francis Thompson and even some women.

Ark of the Covenant. For most Christians, the mention of the Ark of the Covenant evokes awe. For the first time about the shrine mentioned in the Bible, Exodus 25. God commanded Moses to make a tabernacle where the Jews could pray, but inside there was to be a special room called the Holy of Holies. This is where the ark is located. It was made of acacia wood and plated with gold. The ark was crowned by two cherubim, whose wings symbolized the throne of the Lord. Inside were three precious caskets in each other, two stone tablets that contained the same 10 commandments, Aaron's rod and a golden vessel with manna. The Holy of Holies was allowed to enter only once a year and one high priest on the Jewish day of atonement, Yom Kippur. The Ark was the center of the faith of the Jews, it was believed that he had supernatural power and helped to defeat external enemies. The main mystery that arises at the mention of the Ark of the Covenant is this - did it ever exist at all? The relic was allegedly kept in Solomon's temple until it was destroyed in 586 BC. Since then, no one has seen the Ark. If it really existed, did the Babylonians destroy it or capture it? The second Maccabean book of Revelation states that the Ark no longer exists. However, there are guesses according to which the relic is stored either in Mount Nebo in Jordan, then on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, then in the Church of Our Lady of Mary in Ethiopia, then in the Languedoc castle in France. And the version according to which the Ark is located in limestone caves under Mount Tsurugi in Japan seems absolutely incredible.

King Arthur. This legendary English ruler is the most famous in the country. However, it is not clear - was the story about him a legend to inspire the British troops, or the truth? For the first time, Arthur is mentioned in a Welsh poem in the 7th century. Subsequently, the cleric Nennius also mentioned the king in his History of Britain in the 9th century. The first detailed story appears in the historical work of Galfrid of Monmouth about kings already in the XII century. The writer claims that Arthur was an unsurpassed politician and ruler, a great military leader who defeated the troops of Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Germany, Normandy, Brittany and Gaul. It is in this chronicle that the facts generally known today about the conception of Arthur, the betrayal of his wife and death are told. Today this work is considered more a fantastic epic than a truth, but the world has already plunged into admiration and love for the brave and wise king. Although King Arthur is considered a mythical character, the legend about him is based on the deeds of several real historical people. One of the most widespread theories is that in fact Arthur is the Roman commander Lucius Artorius Castus, who led the five thousand army of the Sarmatians.His name is consonant with Arthur, however, he lived 300 years earlier than Arthur - in the second century. Although today there are no authentic historical facts about the existence of King Arthur, many still believe that he ruled England, especially since his supposed tomb is located in Glastonbury.

Lost Atlantis. Humanity has lost in the depths of centuries not only relics, secrets of people and peoples, but also a whole continent! This secret is one of the oldest in the world, surprising people since ancient times. Plato wrote about Atlantis, calling it a large island west of the Pillars of Hercules (now Gibraltar), which existed around 9500 BC. An incredibly developed civilization of the Atlanteans lived there. The historian described Atlantis as an unusually beautiful place with a huge palace complex in the middle and a system of canals. Each new king of the country who inherited the palace tried to add something of his own to it, surpassing his predecessor. As a result, the building united many palaces, surpassing anything similar in beauty and wealth. Although the Atlanteans were blessed with wealth, they were extremely ambitious, constantly seeking power. As a result, Atlantis was struck by a giant earthquake and went into the depths of the sea. But is this true or a beautiful myth? It seems that anyone who has studied Greek history had their own theory about the location of the mysterious country. Moreover, for many cultures the history of the great flood and even the name Atlantis is not unusual. So, the Basques have the Atlantic, the Vikings have Atli, the peoples of North Africa have Attala, the Aztecs have Aztlan, and the Canary Islands have Atalaya. The location of the mysterious continent remains a mystery. Researchers place it in different places in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Mediterranean or Black Sea. There are versions that the Atlanteans lived in the South Pole and in the Andes. The inhabitants of Atlantis themselves could survive and continue to live in England (becoming druids) in Greece and the New World (becoming the progenitors of the Maya and Incas) and Egypt.

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