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Sooner or later, the measured office life gets boring and then you just want to embark on some kind of unusual adventure. Their adventures make their hair stand on end, and not everyone can repeat such a feat.

Adrenaline hunters made extremely interesting adventures - they dived into the very depths of the ocean, visited predators, climbed the highest peaks and descended into the bowels of the earth. However, some of them will take months or even years to complete.

Climbing Everest. Everest, or Chomolungma, is the highest mountain in the world. It is located in the Himalayas, in Nepal. For a long time the mountain seemed beyond the control of people, until in 1953 Edmund Hilary and Tenzig Norgay proved that people can conquer this peak. Since then, the passion for climbing the snow-capped peak has not faded away. Every spring a new season of people climbing here begins. They are not afraid of the likelihood of avalanches, or severe frost, or strong winds. Every year, about 500 people compete to conquer Mount Everest. There are also practically children, blind and disabled people. They all go up to prove themselves. However, such an adventure is rather risky. Over the past 58 years, more than 200 people have died on the slopes of the highest mountain.

Jump down from Mount Eiger. Translated from German, the mountain is called "cannibal". It is located in Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps. This monster, almost 4 thousand meters high, lives up to its name. After all, he has already killed more than 60 people. The Eiger North Face attracts fans of wingsuits. They strive here to jump down. At the same time, people dive down like birds, thanks to their wing suit, made of fabric. This allows athletes to fly not vertically down, but forward. In this case, the speed reaches one hundred kilometers per hour. People can hover in the air for 2 minutes. Flying like a bird is an exciting adventure!

Surfing on Sheipsterns Bluff. There are many surfer destinations in the world. But it is the South Coast of Tasmania that is considered one of the best. The island itself is located in the "roaring" forties latitudes, where persistent gale westerly winds pass. The southern part of Tasmania is washed by a rough and unpredictable sea. It is there that there is a well-known in a narrow circle of Shipsterns Bluff. It is hidden from prying eyes, and you can get there either by sea, by boat, or on foot through rugged and wilderness. Oncoming unpredictable waves have a height of up to two meters, but at the time of their apogee they can rise by as much as 6 meters. These conditions are a challenge for real adventure surfers.

Travel the routes of the Triple Crown. America has three famous hiking trails that have been known for hundreds of years. The Americans have used these roads since the time of the confrontation with the Indians. The total length of all these rather long paths is neither more nor less - 12.5 thousand kilometers. But this is a quarter of the earth's equator. It will take more than one year to cover the entire path. But the reward is worth it - travelers will be able to enjoy the beauty of American nature. They will see virgin forests, snow-capped peaks, jungles and volcanoes, deserts and the vast sky. Pictures will replace one another, like in a kaleidoscope. O people even risk their lives for this! A great adventure, every self-respecting traveler should go at least part of the way along these routes.

Ski slope from Chogori. This mountain on the border of Pakistan and China is also known under the shorter name K2. Chogori is the second highest mountain in the world, only 237 meters behind Mount Everest. However, the summit is located much further north and further from people. It was first conquered by the Italians in 1954. Although the mountain is lower than Everest, climbers constantly strive here. After all, the climb to Chogori is technically much more difficult. By 2005, 249 people had conquered the peak, another 60 died during the ascent. But 6 times more people have visited Everest! Chogori is distinguished by very difficult and unpredictable weather. Few can be proud of their climb there and skiing there.

Climbing El Capitan. This 900-meter monolith is located in California, in the Yosemite Valley. It towers over the area like a fortress. The cliff is twice the height of the famous Empire State Building in New York. For its enormous size and vertical cliffs, climbers fell in love with El Capitan. Climbing it resembles a whole ritual. Newcomers who climb for the first time can watch one of the most beautiful crevices in the world as a reward for their bravery.

Travel through the Sahara. Many people call the Sahara Desert a real sandy sea. Its area is 8.5 kilometers, which exceeds the area of ​​all of Brazil. The Sahara stretches across all of North Africa. The desert beckons to itself and researchers, and swindlers and just romantics. They are not afraid of heat, sandstorms and unfriendly local tribes. As a reward, travelers will be able to see with their own eyes the endless sand dunes that inspired the creation of songs, poems and legends.

Kayak jumping from the waterfall. Perhaps those who decide to experience such an adventure in Washington state believe in their own immortality, although luck will be needed here. After all, jumping down from a 57-meter waterfall is quite risky. There were few brave men, not all of them survived in the end. But they now have a great reason to brag.

Descent into an active volcano. Usually people try to stay away from an active volcano. But on the island of Vanuatu, in the south of the Pacific Ocean, there are daredevils who descended right into its mouth. There was a unique plunge into the underworld in 2010. The group of speleologists-adventurers was led by Kiwi Jeff Macley. Their adventure consisted of descending 195 meters directly into the Marum volcano. Such a crazy feat remains unrepeatable.

Surfing and mountaineering at the pole. To experience such an adventure, you can choose any of the poles - the Arctic or Antarctica. Man can boldly challenge the coldest places on the planet. The feeling that there is no one around for thousands of kilometers is literally intoxicating. In pursuit of such sensations, a surfing tour was arranged off the coast of the Lofoten Islands. But it seemed to the athletes a little, they then made a freestyle swim on the waters of the North Pole. There, at the very edge of the Earth, where many mountains remain unnamed, six brave souls were able to get an unforgettable experience. The news of their adventure and their successful return home inspires their followers.

Cross-country skiing on the Hahnenkamm track. This track is located in Austria. Its length is about 3 kilometers. The descent is famous for the fact that in some of its sections the angle of inclination is 85 degrees. Thus, the race on this track turns into a rather extreme and exciting adventure, being also dangerous. Making this path, you need to prepare for the fact that in some places you will have to jump from a height of 80 meters, and the maximum speed of the skier reaches 140 km / h. The average speed along the entire route is “only” 100 km / h.

Travel along the Amazon. This great South American river has the largest basin in the world and is also the deepest. Therefore, many people come here in search of adventure. Very few people will be able to walk along the entire long river, because the entire distance is 6500 kilometers. In addition, a tropical fever and leeches, formidable jaguars and terrible tarantula spiders reaching the size of a watermelon lie in wait for the traveler. It is unlikely that the adventurer will have enough strength to search for the lost treasures of the Incas or the golden land of El Dorado. Nevertheless, a lot of vivid impressions are guaranteed.

Membership in the 7 summits club. In 1981, climbers had the idea to create an elite club of those who conquered all the highest mountains on various earthly continents. To do this, you need to climb Everest (Asia), Aconcagua (South America), McKinley (North America), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Elbrus (Europe), Vinson Peak (Antarctica) and Kosciuszko Peak or Carstens pyramid (Australia or Oceania) ... The elite club already has over 100 athletes. Trying to enter it can be a fun and lengthy adventure.

Descent into a flooded cave. There is a whole system of submerged caves under the Bahamas. It has always been considered a very mysterious place. At the depths of the sea, there is a whole kingdom of labyrinths and tunnels created by ancient formations and fossils. Those lucky ones who have been able to visit the blue holes say that the underwater architecture is magnificent. Scuba divers also note the mystical atmosphere present in local halls.

Cycling from Alaska to Argentina. It will take two whole years to complete such a marathon. During this time, travelers will overcome two whole mountain ranges, the largest in the world. Cyclocross across twenty countries will be an unforgettable adventure. The starting point of the road is Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, and the path ends in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. It is not a desire for fame, prizes or money that drives travelers along the route. It's just that for them this adventure becomes a part of their life.

Solo circumnavigation. To repeat the feat of Magellan's expedition is not so difficult. But to go around the entire globe and return to the starting point, and even do it alone, only a few can do it. Crossing all the meridians will require more than just luck, you must be prepared to cope with the many dangers of the sea. There will certainly be storms on the way of a brave navigator, as centuries ago there is always a risk of falling under the power of huge waves and the elements of a wayward wind.

Swimming near a great white shark. This adventure can be experienced in the waters of South Africa. People are terrified of white sharks, but some step over their fear. It helps to realize that although sharks are located at the very peak of the ocean food chain, humans are not their natural prey.

Marathon through Mont Blanc. To make a marathon run through the Mont Blanc mountain range, the highest in the Alps, you need to have great endurance and excellent physical fitness. A 166-kilometer loop track has been created for those who wish. It passes through the territory of three states at once, and the total climb on it is equal to 9500 meters. Although only the most experienced and seasoned athletes take part in the race, only half of them reach the finish line.

Rafting through the rapids of the Bashkaus river. Until recently, this Altai river was considered impregnable. But people have learned to raft along it, and this route is automatically ranked among the most difficult. The reason for this is the large number of obstacles. The adventure is to overcome about two hundred obstacles. The most dangerous of them are located in 7 canyons and the impregnable Lower Gorge. And at the end of the path, you should not relax. There, in remote backwaters, not far from Mongolia, the change in water level per kilometer averages 8 meters. And a similar picture awaits the extreme traveler along the entire 200 kilometer journey.

Parachute jumping from the stratosphere. Regular parachute jumps are performed from a height of no more than 4 kilometers. But there are exceptions to every rule. The most courageous climb even higher into the sky, making a start to Earth directly from the stratosphere. They rise there in balloons, these layers are called pre-space. Jumping down from there, a person in his free fall flies faster than sound. The speed of the parachutist reaches 1500 km / h or 416 m / s. The first successful experiment took place in 1960. Since then, each new jump has become either another record or a suicide.

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