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Meaning of the name

Yvette translated from ancient Aramaic means "trust of a friend".


As a child, Yvette is a cheerful, very mobile and playful girl. Little Yvette has inexhaustible energy and a lively, inquiring mind. The baby's health is poor, which gives parents a lot of worries and anxiety. However, Yvette loves sports, and through regular exercise, she grows up to be a healthy person.

Yvette is capable and talented, but not always able to achieve her goals. She has an unstable nervous system. Yvette is overly sensitive and perceptive. Loves to argue, it is almost impossible to argue with her. Yvette is used to not trusting people, she is very suspicious.

Yvette gets married early. She is jealous, does not trust her husband, which brings her suffering. Yvette strives to become a leader in marriage, but often this ends in divorce.

Yvette, born in winter, is an extremely controversial person, but cooks as hell. Her culinary talents are the envy of any professional chef.

Yvette, born in the fall, is very calculating and too economical, loves to visit. She is the soul of any company, without her a holiday is not a holiday.

Yvette, born in the summer, is very kind, sympathetic, overly trusting, vulnerable, impressionable.


Thanks to her lively mind and attractive appearance, Yvette easily finds her fans. Yvette is flirtatious when necessary, amorous and very temperamental. For her, sex is a part of love, but sometimes, she is able to enter into sexual intercourse with an unfamiliar man, so to speak, "for health."

Yvette is somewhat notorious, she prefers sex in the dark and without long foreplay. Yvette's behavior largely depends on the sincerity and delicacy of her partner. Usually a man is not too experienced, but affectionate and gentle, able to give her much more pleasure than a master of the secrets of sex techniques.

Yvette is a person of mood. If she does not want intimacy, it is useless to seek it. A man who loves her should always be able to feel her. Yvette needs to feel the need for closeness herself and even experience some kind of sexual hunger.

She adapts to her partner for a long time, so she tries to deal with one man for a long time and breaks ties with him only if there is a betrayal.

In marriage, he practically does not care about observance of fidelity, but cheats very carefully. She attaches great importance to intimate relationships in marriage. If her husband does not live up to her sexual expectations, she withdraws into herself, becomes angry, irritable and begins to seek comfort for herself on the side.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Yvette gives the impression of something small, quiet, complex.

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