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Do you still think that homosexuality and family happiness are incompatible concepts? However, in the history of gay relationships there are very impressive figures that break the primitive notions of ordinary people that all gays are libertines and that there can be no question of any long relationship between them ... of the same sex.

Zemfira Ramazanova and Renata Litvinova. Both women were in the center of public attention even before they met each other. The singer Zemfira's mistresses were called either her former driver, Anna Kruchinina, or the producer Anastasia Kalmanovich. It would seem that the "scandal girl" Ramazanova and the goddess Litvinova can have in common? The couple met on the recording of the soundtrack for the movie "Goddess" and the tabloids immediately "married" them. Although in 2001 Renata gave birth to a daughter Ulyana from her businessman husband Leonid Dombrovsky, a divorce soon followed. The girls did not comment on their personal lives in any way, continuing their joint work. From 2005 to 2007, Litvinova shot videos for her friend for the songs "Blues", "Airplane", "Walks", "Results", "We Are Crashing", and in 2008 the film "Green Theater in Zemfira" was born. The couple have been living together for a long time, and in 2009 it was reported that they had registered their marriage in Sweden.

Elton John and David Furnish. Few remember that the famous English musician, who sold more than 200 million discs during his career, was married to a German woman Renate Blauel 20 years ago. The singer himself says: "I still regret it, because I was not honest with Renata. I was married to her and at the same time I knew that my nature was different. I consider her a wonderful woman, she could well ruin me, but didn't. That's what I call true friendship. " In 1993, Elton met film director and producer Furnish. The couple have long sought to legalize same-sex marriage in the UK, they eventually succeeded. On December 21, 2005, on the very first day after the ban was lifted, the couple got married. This ceremony was included in the list of the most expensive weddings of all times and peoples, more than one and a half million dollars were spent on it. The spouses themselves are not going to have children, although they themselves already have 10 godchildren, including the children of the Beckham couple. The couple says: "We do not want to leave child-raising in the hands of nannies and maids." Lovers, due to their work schedule, simply cannot devote all their time to the kids.

Cynthia Nixon and Christina Marinoni. Cynthia Nixon is the star of Sex and the City. She met a US education activist in 2003 during a campaign to reduce class sizes in New York. The actress also took part in this social campaign. Before meeting her new lover, Cynthia 15 lived in a civil marriage with Denny Moses, from whom she gave birth to a daughter and a son. Now the children are raised by a new couple. Samantha and Charles were sympathetic to the fact that their mother had a girlfriend. Cynthia says: "Everything was fine. My son was very young when it happened, and my daughter has a gay uncle and her godparents are lesbians." Now the children live with their mother and her friend in Brooklyn. Cynthia tells Marinoni: "I never felt any unconscious part in me that suddenly woke up or just came out from nowhere. There was no struggle, no attempts to overcome it. I just fell in love with her." "I fell in love with Christine for who she is," Nixon admits. "Would I have paid attention to her if she were a man? I don't know. I feel very good with her." The couple has one obstacle on the way to complete idyll - in New York, registration of same-sex marriages is still prohibited.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. Before starting dating Samantha, the actress, model and singer Lohan had many gentlemen. The beauty, three times included in the list of "100 Sexiest Women in the World", met with rapper Aaron Carter, actor Wilmer Valderama, snowboarder Riley Giles and the owner of the diner chain Calum Best. In 2007, Lindsay met famous DJ Samantha Ronson. They began to live together, without advertising their relationship. When on one of the radio stations the presenter said that Lohan and Ronson looked good together, the actress only thanked for these words. For the media, this looked like an official recognition of the relationship. Lindsay said: "People can think whatever they want. I am really happy, and everything else does not matter." Soon, the girls told the press that they were ready to officially legalize their relationship. Later, a scandal erupted - drugs were found in the actress's car. The tabloid press blamed Samantha for everything and she could not refute the rumors. As a result, a series of scandals arose around the name Lohan, in which her relatives accused Samantha. The couple decided to break up, the actress stated, "We are taking a short break so that I can focus on myself." The reason for the separation Lindsay called the constant betrayal of her friend and her addiction to drugs.

George Michael and Kenny Goss. The press recorded both Brooke Shields and Melissa Meggiston as mistresses of the sweet-voiced singer, he was also one of the first on stage to openly announced his non-standard sexual orientation. This statement shocked the world. In 1993, the singer's lover, Anselmo Feleppa, died, Michael began to look for a new partner. It was the former cheerleader coach Kenny Goss. According to one version, the acquaintance took place in a spa, and according to the other, in one of the boutiques in Los Angeles. Now the couple in love lives in London, then in Dallas, hatching plans for a wedding. But until this happened, the press was already tired of discussing the singer's orientation. Michael himself says: "My sexuality is determined by the people I love." The couple has a joint business project - an art gallery in Dallas. However, in 2010, a breakup happened. The fact is that George considered his relationship to be free, while Kenny did not share his partner's passion for casual relationships and drugs. Michael plunged into depression, hoping that the relationship could be revived.

Darren Hayes and Richard Cullen. After the divorce from his childhood friend Colby Taylor in 2000, singer Hayes, a member of the duo Savage Garden, stopped hiding his orientation and immediately married graphic designer Cullen. Darren recalls: "I ended my first marriage because I thought I was gay but didn't want to be. I never lied about my sexual orientation, but I never made a statement about it." The singer, being a native Australian, mentions gay marriage: "I was born in a country where Aboriginal people did not have the right to vote in elections until the 60s. I do not compare sexual orientation to race, but I compare it to discrimination." And on June 19, 2006, the wedding of two men took place. By that time, the registration of same-sex unions was just allowed in England. Darren admitted: "I am glad to live in an era when the relationship of two loving people can be officially registered." School love, makeup artist Colby Taylor, with whom the singer was calm and good, remained in the past.

Stephen Fry and Daniel Cohen. The famous English director, writer and actor Fry in 1995 met the son of the owner of a china shop, Cohen. Stephen wittily noticed that the family of his boyfriend is friends with the royal servants and now all the dirt of the palaces is available to them. Prior to this acquaintance, Stephen did not advertise his homosexuality, although he later stated: "I believe it all started when I came out of the womb. I looked around, looked at my mother and said to myself:" This is the last time I was there. " By the time he met Cohen, the writer had already held a vow of abstinence for 16 years, which was constantly trumpeted by the press. If before that Fry constantly said "I", now he enjoyed saying "we." Cohen, a vitamin seller, paved the way to the heart of his beloved through the stomach, because he cooks well. Stephen admires him: "There are so many talents hidden in Daniel that for fifteen years I could not learn about them all." Now the couple lives in a large mansion in the English county of Norfolk, they made the design of the house together They rarely go to London together, appearing recently at the premiere of "Alice in Wonderland", where Stephen voiced the Cheshire Cat.

Tom Ford and Richard Buckley. This romance has been going on for over 20 years. The ties of love have united the famous journalist and fashion designer. After Buckley was diagnosed with cancer, Ford announced that he would like to have children. Tom says: "Richard knows I wanted this for a long time. It will give new meaning to his life. If things go on as usual, Richard will probably leave this planet sooner than I, and I will not have what I always have I always wanted children. I don't want to live to be 75 and just sew a lot of dresses and build a few houses. " However, Buckley himself is skeptical about this idea. Indeed, in his youth, it was unheard of for homosexual men to adopt children. The couple met back in 1986 at a photo shoot for Vogue Hommes International magazine, which was edited by Buckley. In 1989, the couple faced a serious test - Richard's cancer. Now the disease has receded, and the lovers lead a happy family life away from the bustle of the city on their ranch in New Mexico. That's where they think about children: "I don't want to live to be 75 and leave behind only dresses," Tom told Fantastic Man. "Richard will make a wonderful father. The child will give our life a new meaning."

Johanna Sigurdardottir and Yonina Leosdottir. On February 1, 2009, the interim government of Iceland was headed by Johanna Sigurdardottir. By that time, the former flight attendant had already gained the largest experience of working in the parliament of the island state. The fact that this woman is the first prime minister in the world who does not hide her non-standard sexual orientation added to the fame of this event. By the time she took office, the woman had already been married to the banker Thorvaldur Johannesson. She had two children, but in 2002, a 60-year-old woman politician married journalist and writer Yonina Leosdottir, who is now likely to become the country's first lady. Iceland is famous for its liberality, same-sex marriage has been allowed there since 1996, so the prime minister’s orientation does not cause much excitement. Politician Skuli Helgenson says: "Her sexual orientation means nothing. Our electorate is very liberal. They don't care about the privacy of politicians." It is noteworthy that in Iceland the organization of sex minorities was organized in 1978, just with the beginning of Johanna's parliamentary activities.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Fate brought men together in 1982 while working in one of the Milan ateliers. As a result, two charismatic and dissimilar Italians created the most successful couturier duo in the world of fashion. Love came at first sight, men became partners in everything, including in business. The beginning of a successful joint creative work was a series of outfits for Madonna in 1993, and a year later the D&G brand was born. The couple dreamed of their own children for a long time, but Italian laws prevented adoption. But two dogs appeared in their house. But the idyll was not eternal - Stefano Gabbana is now happy with handsome Alessandro, with whom he still has fun in nightclubs, and Domenico lives as a recluse in his house. It was not love that remained between them, but only business. Stefano recalls with tears in his eyes: “I still wonder how we survived this terrible blow ... It would be painful for any couple, homo or heterosexual. We are still together because we have a story of true love behind us. I have a different relationship, but Domenico is the most important person in my life. We remained friends and business partners - it makes sense. Instead of dividing the business, we continued our cooperation. It was difficult, but we managed. "

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