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The topic of non-traditional sexual orientation has always been taboo in small talk. Only now, in the 21st century, same-sex love and bisexuality have lost their cover of taboo.

Today, many people are already publicly admitting their non-traditional orientations. We will tell below about the most famous lesbians who announced this to the whole world or were caught in this by the ubiquitous press.

Lindsay Lohan. The young actress constantly gets into scandalous stories. Although she did not officially declare her orientation, the public understood everything from Lindsay's rather hot kiss with designer Donn Karen. Journalists claim that the actress had an affair with the daughter of the owner of "Yahoo!" Courtney Semel. In 2008-2009, Lohan dated DJ Samantha Ronson. However, the actress refuses to answer direct questions about her orientation, confirming that she is possibly bisexual.

Jodie Foster. This actress differs from most Hollywood divas in that she carefully hides her personal life. She practically does not appear at public events, it is even more difficult to meet Foster in a man's company. She also does not answer phone calls, making it difficult for the paparazzi. For the first time they started talking about the non-traditional sexual orientation of the actress after the release of the book "Foster's Child". There, her brother very frankly shared the secrets of Jody's personal life. However, it is difficult to say how reliable those facts were. The gossip continued until Foster herself recently claimed to be a lesbian. It happened at the "Women in Show Business" award ceremony. When Foster was awarded for achieving professional excellence, she thanked her beautiful Sydney for this. She turned out to be Sydney Bernard, a producer and part-time girlfriend of the actress. She supported Foster in both difficult and joyful moments.

Jenny Shimizu. But this famous top model has never hidden her love for women. She spoke easily on this topic. Shimitsu spoke to the press about her many star lovers. Among them were Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Rebecca Luz. Jenny sentimentally recalled her tender and adorable relationship with Jolie. The model enjoyed being Madonna's sex slave with great pleasure. As soon as she called her, Shimitsu raced to satisfy her friend's sexual fantasies.

Marlene Dietrich. The great actress was also a great lesbian. Among her mistresses were such celebrities as Edith Piaf and Mercedes de Acosta. And they learned about Marlene Dietrich's same-sex love only after her death. The diary of the actress was found, in which she similarly told about sexual adventures. The names of her mistresses and the dates of their meetings were encrypted there. The diary told about a very stormy and active intimate life of a "cold" German woman. As it turned out, she was literally obsessed with having sex with women. Sometimes she changed several partners in a day.

Martina Navratilova. This woman has become one of the most famous tennis players in Czechoslovakia and the United States. However, for a long time she was forced to hide her sexual orientation. Martina told her father that she liked girls when she was 18 years old. To which he angrily replied to his daughter that it would be better if she was a prostitute. In Czechoslovakia, then lesbians were despised, and homosexuals were generally forcibly treated in mental hospitals. To find personal freedom, Navratilova emigrated to the United States. But even there she had to hide her face for a long time. As a result, Martina Navratilova became the first of the athletes who openly declared her homosexuality. She said: "I'm a lesbian and I'm proud of it!" Martina first met with the writer Rita Mae Brown, and then another writer, Judy Hill Nelson, became her passion. She took her away from her husband.

Cynthia Nixon. Actress Cynthia Nixon gained worldwide fame after the release of the TV series "Sex and the City". However, fame led to a keen interest in her person and in her personal life. Soon the press found out that Nixon broke up with her husband, exchanging him for his mistress. The actress herself confirmed this information, stating that she even wants to marry her passion Cristina Marinoni. Cynthia Nixon broke the news at one of the events dedicated to supporting same-sex marriage. As a result, the actress was able to seal her same-sex union with sacred bonds. According to her, she is very happy in marriage with the chosen one. The couple are raising three children - two of Cynthia herself from her ex-husband and one more Christina herself.

Tove Jansson. This woman was a rather multifaceted person. She was an artist, illustrator and writer. Her most famous work is the cycle of books about Moomin. Until the age of 35, Tove communicated with men and was even betrothed. But then she realized that she was attracted to women. In those days, in the bohemian environment of Finland, same-sex unions were considered normal. Since 1956, Tove has lived with her partner, artist Tuulikki Pietilä. The couple lived together for 45 years. Women spoke openly about their relationship only at a press conference in 1993.

Melanie Brown (Mel B). One of the beauties of the "Spice Girls2" group for two whole years kept in touch with two women at once. One of Mel B's mistresses told the press. First, the singer began to meet with Christa Parker, whom she met near the school where their children studied. She introduced Melanie with her friend, Elizabeth Rodriguez, a saleswoman in a sex shop. Since 2005, women began to practice intimate meetings in three. Park herself said in an interview that before meeting Mel B, she had sex with women only once. However, her new friend turned out to be very experienced in this business, she is a great kisser. Christa said that Melanie in parallel with her friends also met men. The same-sex romance was interrupted as Melanie Brown married producer Stephen Belafonte.

Rosie O'Donnell. This comedy actress is very popular in America. She also sings, broadcasts and produces. Everything suggests that this is a talented and strong woman. In 2002, Rosie openly declared his homosexuality. Prior to that, she was repeatedly met at Hollywood semi-clandestine lesbian parties. It was rumored that Oprah Winfrey herself was her mistress. But the women said they were just good friends. Today Rosie O'Donnell is a sex minority activist.

Samantha Fox. In the 1980s, this singer was very popular, driving her crazy with her sexuality. The Englishwoman, in addition to the stage, also worked as a photo model. Her chic figure and flamboyant looks have brought Samantha Fox to the cover of Playboy. When in 1999 the former star appeared on the jury of a lesbian beauty contest, they began to talk about her gay orientation. They began to say that Samantha's manager, Chris Bonacci, with whom she lived, may not be just a colleague. In February 2003, the singer stated in one of her interviews that she was in love with her manager Myra Stretton. However, Samantha is not yet ready to confirm the fact of her exclusive affection for women.

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