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Meaning of the name

Constantine means "permanent" in Latin.


Konstantin is a bright and mysterious person. He listens carefully to advice, but does not give in to any influence. He is kind-hearted, lovingly treats people, not demanding anything in return. Excellent self-control, but do not abuse his patience!

The temperament is quick-tempered and impulsive, complex and contradictory. Grows up as a fearful, anxious child. Kindergarten, especially in the early days, is a problem, a new teacher is tears, to enter a dark room - no way ...

Later, as a teenager, Konstantin skillfully hides his fears, choosing for this a playfully ironic tone of communication. Outwardly, he is friendly and even with almost everyone, but not everyone can call him their friend. His true friends have been tested by years of companionship. These are usually childhood friends.

Konstantin is a responsible and conscientious person. At the same time, they are cunning and stubborn. But the business he is engaged in gives his whole soul. Delicate. With subordinates he is soft, rather asks than orders. Has a predisposition to alcohol. The imagination is highly developed. Can get annoyed over trifles.

These are bright personalities, whose behavior is always a mystery. They are very confident in themselves, they have the nature of a commander, a chief: they are interested in some business only when they hold the steering wheel in their hands.

Constantine's character is complex and contradictory, it is an amazing mixture of constancy with inconstancy. He has a subtle instinct for the beauty that is in varying degrees in almost every person. In an unremarkable, seemingly, girl, he discerns the dignity invisible to those around him and will with great persistence "open" these dignity to others. When he finally reaches his goal and everyone, including Constantine's parents who did not agree to marriage earlier, fall in love with his chosen one, he will feel a chill towards her.

A brilliant man. Quite tough and inflexible, but a pleasant person, devoid of aggressiveness and more reliable than dangerous. It's an amazing mixture of consistency and inconsistency. He has a subtle flair for beauty. His nature is such that he cannot share the opinions of the majority.

Konstantin is a great lover of the exquisite, although he often takes purely external attributes for him, admitting, however, his mistake later. This means that he can be carried away by a bright, spectacular woman, realizing that her brilliance is ostentatious and behind it there is a spiritual and moral emptiness.

Divorce is hard for Constantine. Despite this, it happens in multiple marriages. At times gloomy. The old people love Konstantin, and Konstantin loves the old. He is wary of his mother-in-law. He is friendly with an adult son.


Konstantin does not dare to marry for a long time. Stops his choice on a woman with sufficient life experience and, most importantly, very neat and tidy.

In the family, he is a leader, does not tolerate objections, demands that everything go as he determines, and if his wife is a "winter" woman, this marriage is likely to be far from cloudless.

Many Constantines marry more than once. He is vulnerable, touchy. In sex it is moderate. She wants to see her ideal in a spouse, she should be sexy, well-built, smart and charming. He is the leader in the family.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Constantine gives the impression of something majestic, rough, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, mighty, big, mobile, active, bright.

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