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Meaning of the name

Kuzma translated from ancient Greek means "mobile".


Kuzma is a sonorous and mobile name, but, perhaps, he lacks firmness a little. Alas, this fact cannot be called positive, especially given the images and associations that are associated with it. Perhaps the only salvation for Kuzma may be his own sense of humor. You can be sure that if the penchant for wit in his character is absent, then Kuzma will simply disappear. Or it will simply turn into a person with an obvious inferiority complex.

On the other hand, endowed with his wit, Kuzma can not only smooth out the negative aspects of his sensitive pride, but even use his rare and funny name to establish himself in the team.

For the rest, the energy of this name implies good-naturedness, good nature and cheerfulness, and if the issues of painful pride are successfully resolved, then it can be expected that Kuzma's life will turn out well. Although, of course, for a normal career it would not hurt to gain some firmness.

From early childhood, a mischievous boy, fidget, does not know how to listen to his elders. Each time he gives his word that he will no longer play pranks, and after a minute he forgets about everything, completely immersing himself in his games.

She cheated on the boys in the yard, they blame him for all the troubles, and he does not open up, does not shift his blame onto others. Endures punishment firmly. Open-minded, fair and truthful. If he is undeservedly punished, he closes in, harboring resentment for a long time.

A child with an independent character, a stable psyche. Really perceives everything that happens, doesn't make a tragedy out of anything. Irritates adults with his constant disobedience, many simply cannot understand him. This is an addicted nature, and when he is carried away by something, he forgets about everything in the world. Outwardly, he looks like a mother, but in character there are more paternal qualities.

Growing up, Kuzma becomes more balanced, capable of extraordinary actions. Brave, resourceful, decisive. Without hesitation, he rushes to protect a friend, always defends justice, often to his own detriment. I am ready to take risks, can radically change my life at any moment.

Living next to him is interesting, but unsafe, if you are not ready for constant changes and surprises. Obligatory in business, reliable: if he promised something, he will certainly fulfill it, bring the matter to the end. Colleagues trust him.

Kuzma takes everything to heart if he fails and if through his fault he brings his comrades down. Does not know how to adapt to superiors, friction may arise in relations with management.

Chooses a job associated with frequent trips, cannot stand monotonous work, paperwork. Indispensable wherever live communication with people is required. He takes up a new business with enthusiasm, especially if he likes it.


He is inconsistent in relationships with women, often changes sex partners, tries not to get attached to them, does not make any promises. Often, Kuzma's first marriage turns out to be weak. For the second time, Kuzma is more serious and careful about choosing a wife. He meets with his beloved for a long time, they may have a common household, a house, but they do not formally formalize the relationship.

Only after making sure that his choice is correct, he can decide to have children in a second marriage. He loves children very much and not only his own, painfully experiences a break with the first family, if there are children there. If the ex-spouse agrees, she can keep the children with her and take care of them as well as the mother.

I am ready to make many sacrifices for the sake of children, can give up my favorite job, which requires frequent travel on official business, can change profession. Kuzma has golden hands, he knows how to do everything around the house, a good master.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Kuzma gives the impression of something rough, safe, angular, small, bright.

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