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The yacht is not only a symbol of freedom, but also a sign of luxury and wealth. Personal possession of such a vessel, and even a decent length and equipment, instantly elevates its owner to the rank of the elite.

Unsurprisingly, the largest and most famous yachts are dominated by sheikhs, oil and media tycoons. For fans of sea travel, colorful illustrated magazines are published that tell about all the news in this area.

Power @ Motoryacht magazine periodically publishes a list of the largest and most luxurious yachts in the world, with the main criterion still being the length of the boat, not its finish. Let's talk about the twelve largest yachts in the world.

The leader at the moment is the ship Eclipse. It was released in 2008 at the famous German shipyard Blohm @ Voss. The length of the yacht is amazing - as much as 169.8 meters! Designed by Atabeyki Design. The height of the yacht was 9 floors, while the cost of the structure increased during the project from 500 million to 1.2 billion dollars. The vessel is planned to accommodate only 50 guests, 24 guest cabins are allocated for this, of which 8 are deluxe rooms. The largest apartments belong, of course, to the owner of the yacht - Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, their area is 5 thousand square meters. The team has 75 people. The main advantage of the yachts is its safety - it is equipped with a missile defense system, a special laser to protect against paparazzi and even a mini-sub, which the owner can use if necessary. The yacht was awarded the highest rating - 7 stars. It has a huge open-air pool surrounded by Hawaiian-style bars. Here the racks are specially designed for the owner to communicate with his friends. Inside the premises there is another pool for wet parties or just swimming. The presence on the yacht of its own restaurant, library and cinema makes it look like a cruise ship. The large hall is decorated with classic and modern elements. The first of the nine decks is used to accommodate all equipment, engine room and various mechanisms. On the second deck there is a berth for the mentioned submarine for 12 people. Here I found a place and a disco club. On the upper decks there are living quarters and it is there that the main events are held.

The second place in the list is taken by the Platinum / Golden Star or Dubai. It was released in 2006 at the same German shipyard, and its owner is the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed. The length of the vessel was 160 meters. Originally the yacht was ordered by the Prince of Brunei Jeffrey, but in 2006 the semi-finished project was acquired by Mohammed. He transported the unfinished ship from Hamburg to Platinum Yachts' newly built dock in Dubai for completion there. The exact cost of the finished yacht is unknown, but the deal was then $ 350 million. The vessel has 8 decks and can accommodate 115 people, including a crew of 88 sailors. The yacht has its own swimming pool and jacuzzi, and there is also a landing pad for a helicopter. In addition to the guest cabins, there are also VIP rooms. On the sixth and seventh decks there are two master cabins, while the seventh and eighth decks are given over to observation cabins. The yacht has a speed of 26 knots and is capable of sailing up to 8500 nautical miles.

Yacht Al Said with a length of 155 meters sailing under the flag of Oman. Its owner is Qaboos bin Said, the ruler of Oman. The vessel was created at the German shipyard Luerssen Yachts and launched in 2007. The original name of the vessel was Sunflower, but the new owner renamed it. Here the interior was created by designers from Redman Whiteley Dixon. The impressive concert hall can accommodate up to 75 musicians. In total, the ship can accommodate up to 65 guests. The total cost of construction was half a billion dollars. The power of each of the two diesels is 11 thousand hp.

For a long time the palm was held by the yacht of the King of Saudi Arabia "Prince Abdul Aziz", 147 meters long, built in 1984. At that time, the cost was $ 200 million, but the ship was built in Denmark, at the Helsingor Vaerf shipyard. The crew consists exclusively of military sailors, and the yacht is also protected from pirates by combat missiles. Here, in addition to the usual pool and cinema for such yachts, there is even a garage for several cars. The interior was designed by David Hicks. Not without a helipad. After reconstruction in 2007, the ship has become even faster - now it has a speed of 22 knots. The power of each of the two diesels is 15 thousand hp.

The German shipyard Luerssen Yachts created in 1999 the next beauty - the yacht "Al Salamah". It is 139 meters long and 21 meters wide. It belongs, like its predecessor, to the King of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz. The yacht has 8 decks and 92 cabins, serving the houseboat as many as 96 crew members. It's even trite to mention that the yacht has a cinema, a swimming pool and a helipad. It is curious that the history of the ship's creation is still kept in the strictest confidence. Until now, it is not known exactly about the interior interiors, moreover, the owner prefers to do without publicity. It remains only to feed on rumors. They say that one of the cabins is dedicated to the hospital, and the ceiling height here is about 5 meters. In 2006, the yacht visited her home shipyard, where she underwent reconstruction. 2 diesel engines with 8000 hp each allow the beauty to reach a speed of 21 knots.

The Rising Sun yacht, 138.4 meters long, belongs to Oracle IT CEO Larry Ellison, a great lover of sea travel. The vessel was created by German Luerssen Yachts in 2004. Here, the helipad is transformed into a basketball court; in addition to the cinema, there is also a wine cellar. Luxurious cabins are ready to accommodate 16 guests, with a total of 82 interior spaces. The vessel carries several pleasure boats, the hulls of which are custom-made from New Zealand mahogany. Installed on the ship are 4 diesel engines of 12 thousand hp each. allow the ship to sail at a speed of 28 knots.

Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Hassim bin Hasher Al Thani also owns a large yacht. Al Migrab contains everything that a ship of this class is supposed to have - a huge amount of luxury, a steam jacuzzi and a permanent helipad. The main thing here is comfort. The boat can accommodate only about 10 guests in 5 special suites. A luxury cabin is provided for the owner. The yacht has a crew of 21 people. Its length is 133 meters, and it was built in 2008 at the German shipyard Peters Schiffbau. The predecessor, with the same name, but "only" 95 meters long, did not correspond to the status of the owners. The maximum speed of the vessel is 20 knots.

In 2003, the 127-meter yacht "Octopus" left the Luerssen Yachts shipyard. It is now owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft Corporation. The vessel was valued at about $ 150 million. Designer Jonathan Quinn-Barnett was brought in to work on the interior. With his help "Octopus" became a real palace on the water. Here, in addition to the cinema, an entire music studio has found its place. The vessel is equipped with five pleasure boats and even a small submarine for excursions for 10 people. A very creative solution was to create a transparent bottom for the yacht - you can observe the underwater world directly from the vessel. There are two helipads here, in addition to the basketball court, there are also jet skis. There are 54 people in the crew, at a speed of 20 knots the yacht can move up to 8000 miles.

The most magnificent on this list is "HMY Britannia". The yacht, 125 meters long, was built in 1954. Its maximum speed is 21 knots and its autonomy is 2,400 miles. For a long time the yacht served as the royal vessel of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. He initiated the construction of a new royal yacht George VI, but he did not live to see the end of the work. As a result, his daughter Elizabeth, together with her husband, personally approved the drawings, selected furniture, fabrics and paintings. The ship was built by the John Brown shipyard. According to the project, the yacht was equipped with three masts and it was planned that during a possible war, it would turn into a floating hospital. During her service in England, the yacht made almost 700 foreign visits, covering more than 2 million kilometers in total. In 1981, it was on "Britain" that the honeymoon of Prince Charles and Diana took place; in 1986, the ship was able to evacuate more than a thousand refugees from Aden. 300 staff members did their best to make the Queen feel at home. Before the official visits of the ship, almost 5 tons of various luggage of the monarch were lifted aboard - from jewelry to special water. It is also interesting that only the "Britannia" of all the ships of the Royal Navy was at one time under the command of the admiral. It was a great honor to serve on the yacht, despite the high requirements for candidates. Every day the sailors scrubbed the deck to shine, all work near the chambers of the royal family was carried out with maximum silence and at night. In the laundry, the staff worked at a temperature of 50 degrees, while maintaining a perfect appearance. In 1997, the government of England decided that the maintenance of such a vessel was still justified by the country's foreign policy, but now there is no need for a yacht of this kind for the Queen. Since then, "Britain" and taken out of service. Curiously, several cities fought for the right to become the last refuge of the royal yacht. Now the yacht is moored in Edinburgh, turning, in fact, into a museum.

Closes the honorable top ten "Savarona", the oldest at the same time. The yacht, 124 meters long, was launched back in 1931. This was the first yacht built by Blohm @ Voss. The construction of the ship was financed by the American Emily Cadwalader. However, she later sold the yacht to Turkish President Kemal Ataturk, which they began to use as a training yacht. In 1980, billionaire Kahraman Sadikoglu became the owner for 49 years. On board the elder of the list is a library, a bar, a cinema and, of course, a Turkish bath. The staircase between the decks is trimmed in gold. The vessel was extensively rebuilt in 1989 and 1999, most recently in Istanbul. There are 44 people in the team, the maximum speed is 18 knots, and the autonomy is 8600 miles. The ship is powered by two 3600 hp engines. For 34 passengers, 17 cabins are allocated. Savarona now regularly runs across the Mediterranean, carrying celebrities. The yacht is by far the most prestigious and representative, created between the two world wars.

The yacht with the male name "Alexander" belongs to the Greek family Latis. The 122-meter vessel was built in 1965, and in 1998 it underwent a major overhaul. Now the yacht is rented to anyone who wishes. If only there were 115 thousand dollars per day of owning the ship. For this money, a beauty salon, a gym, an infirmary, a helipad and a full-fledged disco hall are provided. There are 14 cabins for guests. The interiors are filled with comfort. The owner has a separate sleeping room, his cabin also has a bathroom, jacuzzi and his own changing room. Cruising speed of 16 knots is provided by two diesel engines with power up to 4000 hp.

The yacht with the original name "A" closes our list. Its owner is the Russian banker Andrey Melnichenko, and the letter "A" is not only the first letter of his name, but also of his wife Alexandra. The length of the amazingly shaped vessel is 119 meters, and in height it is an impressive 32 meters. The yacht of the author's design by Philippe Starck cost the Russian citizen 200 million pounds. The vessel literally shook the world of yachtsmen, because it uses a completely new design, which many took literally as a slap in the face for the entire industry with canonical foundations. Philippe Starck chose not to create a plump enclosure with multiple tiers of zones, bars and tanning salons. The yacht has a streamlined silhouette, and its decks are mostly hermetically glazed. This is no longer a palace, but rather an astronaut's helmet. The bow of the ship is somewhat reminiscent of a pontoon, it is blunt-pointed, and just the same extended end is facing the sea. This form was typical even for warships of the early 20th century. Thanks to this, by the way, the yacht practically does not spray at a speed of 24 knots. Leading British yacht designer Donald Starkey believes that the yachts' appearance is rather aggressive, contrary to the very idea of ​​the vessel - to glide on the sea, enjoying the company of friends. Even more canons were violated during the interior arrangement of the yacht. Here, the cabins are upholstered in cream-colored leather, lamps and other metal elements are made of stainless steel. There is no gold, rare wood or bronze to be found here. But the windows are made of bulletproof glass. Six guest cabins can be easily converted into four. The owner's giant bed is installed at the very top, it can rotate on a circle, giving the opportunity to admire the panorama. There are swimming pools at the bow and stern, there is also a helipad, an amphibious vessel and a garage. The yacht is served by 35 people, dressed in a special uniform designed by Starck. The team includes water skiing, surfing and cycling instructors. The ship has more than 100 audio speakers and a dozen plasma screens, some of which are disguised as mirrors. In any cabin, you can watch a movie from a centralized film archive.


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