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Meaning of the name

Michael in translation from ancient Greek means "like god".


Little Misha has a good ear, besides, he is a very sociable boy, he can be seen in the children's choir. Educators and teachers have no trouble with him. Misha tries to do everything right and well.

Michael is endowed with a logical mindset. They can successfully work as teachers, lawyers, among them there are military leaders. They quickly find their bearings in an unfamiliar environment, are balanced, but perceive criticism painfully.

They love animals, rarely do without a cat or dog in the house. Children feel Michael's kindness, he loves to play with them, does not refuse anything, indulges with expensive toys. He enjoys spending time in the garden.

An innate passion for the world order, correcting other people's shortcomings. People feel his kindness and are drawn to him, and he does not tolerate loneliness. Mikhail is generous, not petty, sometimes sentimental.

Huge vitality! Resistant to disease. However, he must watch the heart and circulatory system. Loneliness does not tolerate. He patiently looks after elderly parents, the whims of the elderly do not irritate him. It's easy to communicate with Mikhail, just put up with it.

The wife should not be angry with him for a long time - her husband highly appreciates the gentleness and easygoingness in a woman. Drinks a little, having drunk, becomes sentimental and in a fit of feelings can give everything that he has.

At parties, Mikhail behaves relaxed, jokes, sings songs, he is, as they say, "the soul of the company." Likes to show off a little. In a woman, the main thing for him is kindness, he avoids rude women. Jealous and hardly hides it.


The development of Mikhail's sexual individuality is rather slow, he learns the intimate side of life later than his peers. It happens that his first partner turns out to be his wife, and he himself did not fully realize his sexual needs and possibilities before the wedding.

Michael is inclined to idealize a woman, in her younger years he considers her an unearthly creature worthy of worship. With age, he gets rid of such a notion, but retains an attitude towards a woman as a weak creature in need of male protection and patronage, and still overestimates the dignity of his partner.

Michael often reduces the pleasures of love to rare episodes that occur out of necessity. At the same time, he is quite skilled in the technique of sex and, when he wants to demonstrate his masculine abilities, he can shine with skill.

All Mikhails are squeamish, so they are panicky afraid of casual connections. With their wives, they are diplomatic and patient. They like women who are gentle and compliant. Mikhail is relatively cold and restrained in amorous pleasures, although he easily succumbs to the heady charm of erotic caresses.

Mikhail is not a supporter of external manifestations of love, does not tolerate tender phrases and cannot stand being caressed, and his own caresses are always somewhat rude, sometimes he hurts a woman.

For Mikhail, sex is a kind of indispensable part of communication and does not leave a big trace in his soul. He strives for entertainment, a pleasant pastime and is in no hurry to get married. In family life, he values ​​independence, does not tolerate pressure, because of which the marriage can collapse.

Born in July, marries late, after thirty. Careful in choosing a spouse. Sex in marriage is of great importance to him. He is romantic and sentimental. Faithful to his wife, loves children.



A rock

Green jasper.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Mikhail gives the impression of something kind, gentle, feminine, frail, slow.

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