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Meaning of the name

Myron is translated from ancient Greek as "fragrant".


Myron breathes with the generosity of the soul. The unhurried melody of the name, and the obvious associations with the word "world", and, probably, to some extent the image of the actor Andrei Mironov, which is attractive in its kindness, are reflected here. Yes, yes, this seems to be the very case when the surname plays a role no less than the name.

At the same time, despite all the softness inherent in Miron, he can hardly be suspected of a lack of hardness. Usually a person with this name has a rather strong-willed character, he is hardworking and persistent, it just goes well with philanthropy and kind-heartedness.

Myron is usually a generous friend who is ready to help and knows how to sympathize and empathize, but at the same time he can stand up for himself if necessary. Also, one should not lose sight of Myron's pride, which is usually rarely painful. But it is clearly manifested in the characteristic ambitious aspirations.

Here Miron will most likely make every effort to realize his abilities in a career, but the choice of this career often depends on his upbringing. It is possible that Miron will want to follow in the footsteps of his parents in this matter.

Myron is a very kind, flexible and hardworking person. The latter quality distinguished him as a child. He looks like his mother and treats her with great warmth. In general, the role of education in Miron's life is very significant.

Internal balance in childhood makes him extremely susceptible to the influence of parents or other people who have authority for him. So, say, parents can develop in Miron his predisposition to good humor, or, on the contrary, they can increase his tendency to mild sadness to complete melancholy. Of course, the first option is much more favorable.

It also happens that parents inadvertently increase the firmness of Myron, although in any case it is difficult to imagine that in his character a certain rigidity began to noticeably manifest with age. In a word, this name is quite favorable for a normal, fulfilling life and healthy relationships with others.

Honesty, commitment, loyalty to the word - these features inherent in Miron always attract people, so it is not surprising that he is a leader in the team. In addition, Myron is outwardly extremely charming and spiritually gifted.

If we can say "home" about a man, then this is Miron. He does not like long and long trips, is attached to family, home, selflessly devoted to children. Nevertheless, in marriage, Miron is often unlucky. However, divorce is not for him, for the sake of children he will patiently endure all family troubles.


Myron's inherent composure and love of order find expression in the desire to achieve the utmost clarity in relations with women. Myron is modest, somewhat timid, and this often complicates his intimate life.

Captivated by prejudice, he is ashamed to be frank, although Myron's sexual capabilities are high. However, he conquers women not so much with passion, as with tenderness, gentleness, devotion, so rarely found in other men.

He is slightly childish, and he needs support, the friendly disposition of his partner. No sexual art can replace him with a careful and attentive attitude.

His closeness should be spiritualized, sex for him is not a way to get rid of sexual tension, but one of the greatest pleasures, filled with deep meaning. The woman who will be able to understand the capabilities of Myron, relieve him of constraint, will know the full strength of his passion.

Miron is cheerful, good-natured, in love with nature, he is drawn to beautiful deeds and charming women. Not every partner will become his guiding star, but this does not indicate his indifference, but rather indicates his exactingness.

Love prelude is essential for him: erotic play gives him no less, and perhaps more pleasure, than the process of intercourse itself, which leaves him feeling empty and somewhat sad. Myron prefers a strong, large woman, he feels protected and peaceful with her.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Miron gives the impression of something safe, kind, gentle, feminine, slow.

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