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Meaning of the name

Nahum translated from Hebrew means "comforting".


In terms of its energy, the name Naum is rather closed. It does not call for excessive activity, and outwardly Naum looks like a calm, flexible person. At the same time, he is a rather excitable person, just the peculiarities of his energy do not allow this excitement to break through.

But in the depths of his soul, emotions can reach enormous strength. In particular, this leads to the fact that Nahum is able to carry a resentment in himself for a very long time, although outwardly this may be completely imperceptible, and, by the way, it is not at all a fact that this resentment will someday be poured out on the offender's head. No, rather, it will remain a part of Naum's inner world.

However, this inner world is characterized not only by resentment, positive emotions live in his soul in the same way and in the same way are in no hurry to break out. All this makes the inner world of Naum extremely rich, although this usually cannot be said from the outside.

However, if Naum once comes to mind to open his soul to someone, and this happens extremely rarely, then he can pretty much surprise the interlocutor with the wealth of his imagination.

It is difficult to say what exactly prevents Naum from realizing his creative imagination professionally. Perhaps he simply underestimates his inner world. treating it as a matter of course.

Nevertheless, he should probably let this genie out of the bottle by trying to express his feelings in some work or picture. In childhood, they often suffer from respiratory diseases, they have weak lungs. Sociable and kind. They look like a mother. At school they are given more mathematics.

Those born in winter are hardworking and impulsive, often saying one thing and doing another. However, they are kind and non-offensive. Naums born in winter are couch potatoes and do not like long-distance business trips.

Those born in summer are modest and indecisive, which is probably why they do not marry for a long time. They are hospitable and love to visit themselves. They are touchy, but they do not hold evil for a long time. By old age they become grumblers.

Among the Naums, there are musicians and doctors, electricians and engineers, teachers and waiters, architects and tailors, shoemakers and drivers. They are good family men, they know how to create a warm atmosphere in the house, despite the difficult nature of the wife. Not too talkative, prefer to listen to what others have to say.


Happiness in love for Naum means much more than pure sexuality, but love imperiously awakens desire in him. Among many partners, he finds the only one and, having mastered her once, tries not to part anymore, he wants to possess her again and again.

Nahum tries to strengthen relations with such a woman, seeks to give them a special charm, receiving multiple satisfaction so much in certain conditions, as a rule, he is not capable of achieving orgasm in their absence, which is why attempts to interact with another partner do not bring him usual satisfaction.

Nahum has a dual nature: on the one hand, he is a champion of stability, on the other, the need for pleasure can outshine the whole world for him. Such a state is fraught with breakdowns, nervous breakdowns for him, and only closeness with a partner, and then only for a short time, eases his suffering.

Naum is more often a temperamental person, capable of the most unexpected actions. He is a great gambler, an excellent sexual partner. He never allows himself to relax and fall under the influence of his girlfriend. For him, the greatest value is personal freedom.

In marriage, he is not in contact, he helps his wife. Calm, reasonable, family support. If the spouse is "in the winter", from her constant quarrels, relations are complicated, the marriage is unstable. Often one child is born - a boy. Naum is engaged in education, not trusting his wife.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Naum gives the impression of something good, simple, smooth, courageous, cold, powerful, big, slow, slow.

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