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Meaning of the name

Nonna in translation from Egyptian means "dedicated to God", in translation from Latin - "ninth".


Impulsive, proud, somewhat withdrawn, honest and fair - such is little Nonna. She is extremely charming, does not give parents trouble, does well without their attention, loves to play alone. She is cheerful and benevolent, loves listening to fairy tales and watching cartoons.

Curious, with a good memory, she tries to study well, but quickly gets tired, she is oppressed by the monotony. She does not differ in assiduity, she is very mobile, she enjoys attending circles and sports sections.

Loves animals and has no fear of them. She enjoys great authority among her classmates, and only one thing complicates her relations with people - extreme resentment.

In her youth, Nonna is subject to mood swings: gaiety and carelessness are suddenly replaced by sadness, depression. However, growing up, he learns to control himself, to control his own feelings and emotions. She is very friendly, with friends at school or college keeps in touch for life. She is responsive and will never refuse a person in need of help.

In the chosen field of activity, Nonna is an excellent specialist, has a flexible, sharp mind, if necessary, she will quickly master a new profession. In a team, she not only herself does not provoke conflicts, but also has the ability to calm down quarreling. She is extremely demanding of herself, shows tolerance and condescension to the shortcomings of others.

The only thing she cannot forgive is a lie. Nonna does not like idle talk, has excellent intuition, easily recognizes deception, but she herself is always honest, to achieve her goal she never goes to tricks or cunning.

Nona, born in winter, is not strong and hardy as a woman. Chooses the profession of a trainer, operating nurse, programmer, or becomes a professional athlete.

Born in spring or summer, she is a born healer of both body and soul. She prefers to work as a hairdresser, fashion designer, artist or artist.

Born in the fall, Nonna is an adventurer, she is extremely collected, quick-witted, has an analytical mindset. Can become a secretary-assistant, defectologist, librarian, accountant, economist, microbiologist or designer.


Nonna is sociable, has success with men. Having learned to keep her emotions and passions in check, she is always able to correctly recognize the true intentions of her boyfriend and not make mistakes. She will never throw herself on the neck of a man she likes.

He will look closely at his partner for a long time, and only when he studies him, as much as possible, can he agree to a closer contact. Or disagree. In this case, it is useless to persuade her - Nonna rarely changes her mind.

In bed, Nonna is passionate and inventive, she does not strive for a dominant position, but she will not give command to herself, preferring the equality of men and women in matters of love. Knows how to enjoy intimacy and to give pleasure to a partner.

Having married, Nonna fully displays such character traits as kindness, responsiveness, the ability to compromise. She will never respond with rudeness to rudeness, she will be able to smooth over any conflict in the family. She gets along well with her mother-in-law.


Dark brown, silvery whitish.

A rock

Sarder, carnelian.

Zodiac sign

A lion.


The word Nonna gives the impression of something courageous, big, majestic, good, simple, loud, beautiful, strong, slow, powerful.

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