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True moviegoers look not only at the screen. Some of them remain loved, even if they are located quite far away.

Today these establishments are trying to keep the viewer with various tricks. There are many original and authentic cinemas in the world.

For example, in the legendary "Castro" in San Francisco, before the screening of films, the organ plays in the evenings. It's time to talk about those original cinemas that have learned to captivate their audience.

Colosseum Kino, Oslo, Norway. This cinema is the largest and most famous in all of northern Europe. Thanks to its squat gray-cream dome, outwardly the institution looks like a fantastic spaceship that for some reason visited Scandinavia. But the cinema was built back in 1921. "Palace of Cinema" throughout its 90-year history has constantly kept pace with the times. In the 1950s, the pioneering Cinemascope appeared here, and in the late 1990s, the institution underwent a major reconstruction.

The Raj Mandir, Jaipur, India. This Indian city is the center of gem deals. There was also a place in it for the Bollywood cinema palace. Even the sections of the seats are called jewels - diamond, emerald, and so on. And the cost of tickets in this cinema is very democratic - about $ 3. Raj Mandir was built in the mid-70s and is still considered the main cinema in the country. From the street, the establishment is easily recognizable due to its unusual pink facade. The hall inside the cinema is richly decorated. It resembles a retro-deco ballroom dance hall. The predominant colors here are also cream. The greatness of the cinema is given by the portraits of the main icons of Bollywood, pasted on the columns.

Alamo Drafthouse, Austin, Texas, USA. This is a whole chain of cinemas, famous for its independence. Here, even the most respected regular customer can be kicked out of the hall for using a mobile phone during a session. And let it be just a one-word SMS, there can be no exceptions. The administration believes that all thoughts must be in the cinema, without being distracted by outsiders. In addition, the institution in Texas has its own unique look. It was founded 14 years ago in a former Austin covered car park. Later, Drafthouse appeared in Virginia. It is noteworthy that the same set of films is shown in each cinema. Black-clad waiters bring cold beer right up to the chair. Here they offer to imbue the spirit of the tape as much as possible. For example, during the screening of The Lord of the Rings at the Festival of the Hobbits, guests were only asked to eat when the on-screen characters did. In some shows, guests are encouraged to dress like the protagonist. Otherwise, the visitor will simply not be allowed into the hall.

Sun Pictures Cinema, Broome, Australia. This cinema is known for being the oldest open-air cinema. This institution was created in Australia back in 1916 from pieces of corrugated iron and the trunks of the local eucalyptus. The cinema was supposed to entertain the inhabitants of a small and remote town that lived on pearl mining. At one time, the first silent movie was shown here - the bright racing drama "The Kissing Bowl". In the early 1980s, the cinema nearly ceased to exist, but wealthy businessmen saved the local landmark. They managed to preserve its original appearance. The seats are still made of sun loungers, the toilets are marked with the words "Vivienne" and "Humphrey". In such a peculiar way, the stars of old Hollywood are immortalized. Chinese lanterns are hung along the timber frame. They shine against the deep black background of the endless desert. This sight alone is worth something!

Kennedy School, Portland, Oregon, USA. In Oregon, the McMenamins is known for a large local chain of beer bars and entertainment venues. It includes more than a variety of establishments in Portland. Some of them use old buildings, which have changed both the appearance and purpose. One of them is the former Kennedy Elementary School. Now in its place is a hotel with 35 rooms and a restaurant. Inside, in the old auditorium, a 300-seat cinema was created. Retro films are shown here every night. Matinee sessions are provided for children. Visitors are attracted by comfortable chairs and the beloved McMenamins beer menu. Such an unusual cinema will allow you to truly relax.

ReRun Cinema, Brooklyn, New York, USA. In the summer of 2010, a new cinema was opened in the annex to the LeBar snack bar. He quickly fell in love with the inhabitants of the Brooklyn waterfront Dumbo. The cinema shows those films that have not received public attention, that have not been advertised, but can boast of their independence. A regular DVD player is installed in the hall, and the image is displayed on a four-meter screen using a projector. Spectators are seated in modified car seats, which even retained their seat belts. The organizers have taken seriously the transformation of the appetizers on offer. Only popcorn is served to the traditional type, but its variety is amazing. There are even varieties with bacon or duck flavor.

Cinémathèque Française, Paris, France. This establishment has a rather unusual appearance. The cinema is located in the Frank Gehry Cubist complex on the banks of the Seine. This is the real treasure of French cinema, because after the war such directors of the "New Wave" as Godard and Truffaut matured here. The cinema houses one of the world's largest archives of film materials. On four screens, you can watch a selection from this priceless library, but premieres also happen here.

The Castro Theater, San Francisco, USA. It would be more appropriate to call this old cinema a cinema palace. It is a true gem of Timothy Pfluger's Mediterranean Renaissance. The lush façade hides an even more luxurious interior. Foaming balconies stand out in it, and busts of ancient heroes are installed on the walls. The cinema shows mainly retro classics and foreign films. The most enthusiastic city audience comes here. Viewers come to the evening shows at the Castro early, because Wurlitzer's organ is playing here. At the end of the music mixes, Judy Garland's uplifting hit "San Francisco" is always heard. The incendiary melody makes the audience clap their hands. The atmosphere of the cult institution will certainly be imbued with everyone who visits here at least once.

The Electric Cinema, London, UK. The bohemian Notting Hill area is home to an elegant and comfortable cinema. It is aimed at wealthy viewers. It is interesting that this area became famous thanks to the cinema, not only this hall, but the 1999 romantic comedy with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. The cinema, on the other hand, offers both popular box office tapes and vintage documentaries. Here you can sit comfortably in soft leather chairs, and put your feet on a special stand. In the last row, there is a secluded two-seater sofa, especially for those who see a romantic setting for kissing in the cinema.

Cine Acapulco, Havana, Cuba. During the heyday of Cuba, Havana had up to 130 cinemas. Today the situation is not so rosy - only a third of the former number is functioning. The "Acapulco" club stands out from the total number. Everyone who comes here can be mentally transported to those very blessed 1930-1950s. The cinema opened in 1958, becoming the last luxury establishment of its kind before Castro came to power in the country. At that time, the establishment was designed in a modern style, sheathed with wooden panels, decorated with ornaments and large mirrors. Today in "Acapulco" everyone also plays movies. Only such modern attributes as air conditioning are absent in the halls.

The Cine de Chef, Seoul, Korea. The luxurious cinema can accommodate only 30 spectators in its soft chairs. They leave their cars in the car park and take a private elevator to Cordon Blue. There you can enjoy a bite to eat with modern Asian cuisine. The hall itself, with its wide cinema screen, resembles a room for closed screening of films to influential persons. Each pair of chairs has a footrest and side tables for food. Tickets to this place are not cheap, they cost at least $ 54. But there is a category of viewers who can afford such expenses for the love of cinema and comfort.

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