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The character of men with the patronymic Artemovich is not easy, since they are quite straightforward, rude personalities, a little closed in themselves. They do not like to be in the spotlight, but quietly and calmly prefer to do their work.

People like them are prone to constancy, so they can work all their lives in one place, preferring order and stability in everything. They value responsibility, accuracy, punctuality in people, and they themselves take everything they do seriously.

Artyomovichi do not know how to act quickly and swiftly, they are a little heavy on the rise, but if they have already got down to business, they will bring it to the end. They like to do everything with their own hands, so they choose work related to the repair of cars, equipment, they make good car mechanics, welders, etc.

Stubbornness is another feature of such men, it is difficult to convince them of something, and in a dispute with them it is not easy, because on the most insignificant issue they can discuss indefinitely. It should be said that such people become devoted friends, you can rely on them in everything.

In family life, Artyomovichs are monogamous, having married once, they live with their chosen one all their lives, remaining faithful and caring family men.

Artyomovna are not simple women, they are restrained, strict, organized personalities, who love order and certainty in everything. In life, they always clearly know what they want, and confidently go towards their goal.

They are not ambitious, they stubbornly act in the right direction, but they never go over their heads and do not act according to the principle "The end justifies the means." Honesty and decency are what distinguishes them from many other people.

The Artyomovna do not strive to be in the spotlight, they are not very sociable and laconic, they prefer to listen to their interlocutor, but they will never go in with advice, unless they are asked about it.

These women do not easily converge with people, being afraid to open up and show their weaknesses. Although such restraint and the desire for loneliness is just protection, because inside they are sensitive and impressionable people.

Artyomovna are hardworking and responsible employees, they are valued and respected at work, but they are slightly disliked for their indifference to collective events and events. However, it should be said that women with the patronymic Artyomovna are good friends and for the sake of loved ones they will go even to the ends of the world.

Family life is not the main thing for them, despite the fact that they receive marriage proposals in large quantities, they get married late, but, as a rule, successfully.

Such women choose their companions among calm, flexible men and can spend their whole lives with them, becoming wonderful housewives, devoted wives and good mothers.

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