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Egorovichi are a kind of stubborn, persistent, even persistent people, though somewhat indecisive. They are very sociable, although they do not really hold on to friends, they easily converge with them, but they part just as easily.

Usually they stand their ground, so it is almost impossible to please them and it is also impossible to convince them. Egorovichi are more efficient after dinner, as they usually start late, preferring extra time to soak up the bed.

In work, he does not tolerate fuss, prefers to measure seven times before cutting, is not inclined to hasty conclusions.

Egorovichi, born in winter and autumn, are more inclined to technology, they often choose the profession of engineers, technologists, designers. In general, these men are inherent in careerism, but they prefer to reach the top gradually.

The Yegorovichi love their family very much. These are the real owners of the house, who know how to prepare pickles for the winter and carry out repairs, strict, but fair to the pranks of children. Holders of this middle name like to relax by reading books, watching TV, receiving guests.

These are very tactful women, they never impose their opinions, although they hardly agree with the opinions of others. Often because of this, the Yegorovna argue a lot and violently.

Egorovna are very persistent in achieving their goals, while it is difficult to push them off the chosen path. But real, serious difficulties and problems can not only confuse them, but even stop them altogether.

In general, Yegorovna are very calm women, they are characterized by hard work, kindness, maybe a kind of silence. This is an independent woman who rarely relies on strangers, it even happens that she will not call a doctor until she becomes completely ill.

The Yegorovna are very similar to their fathers - both in appearance and in habits. These are usually religious women, though they don't really advertise their faith.

The Yegorovna are very sociable, they love to sing, dance, tell interesting stories, and at the same time, at the same time cheating a little, though they do not dress too brightly, since they do not particularly follow fashion.

These women are excellent wives who try not to argue with their husbands, although they often come across with a difficult disposition. Yegorov is not easier to endure than to provoke an open conflict.

At the same time, the Yegorovna love to cook, coming up with and trying new recipes for pastries, pickles, and at home she adores cleanliness and comfort. As a mother, she is very loved by children and looked after by them until old age ..

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