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Ruslanovichs are very strong people, unbending and strong-willed. These men are characterized by adherence to principles, they are critical both to themselves and to those around them.

The Ruslanovichs have a high demand for people, they will not allow anyone to work carelessly and are completely devoted to work. Holders of such a patronymic never give up the business they have started.

These men have a rare composure, in a critical situation they will not sit idly by, but will make an informed decision. Ruslanovichs hardly choose creative solutions, rather they are guided exclusively by bare logic, which can lead to failures.

At work, these are highly professional employees who are distinguished by high responsibility, at the workplace and in business they always have complete order. Ruslanovichs believe that at work there should be no place for intrigue, chatter, and all the time should be given only to professional pursuits.

Due to their adherence to principles, they are in conflict with their superiors, so their career growth is never quick. Ruslanovichs, on the one hand, are not unforgiving, but on the other hand, they may part with a friend because of a principled, but still trifles.

The owners of such a middle name choose their wife for a long time and carefully, since they do not imagine a divorce. The houses are unpretentious, but very critical to order, they can forgive an unprepared dinner, but never dust!

They like to have a rest, attending cultural events - exhibitions, museums, concerts, while they gladly take their wives to them.

Ruslanovnas give the impression of strict women. They find fault with others, mercilessly criticizing those for their shortcomings.

If they achieve high positions, then serving under their authority is very difficult, since they are very demanding and they lack a sense of justice.

Often Ruslanovna demand from their subordinates simply the impossible! They themselves are very capable of working, they know how to see their shortcomings, do not give themselves a descent, demanding on the basis of this from their subordinates the maximum calculation.

Usually Ruslanovna does not have close friends, as she prefers business relations with others. The owners of this patronymic do not like companies, therefore they themselves do not go to visit and do not invite their acquaintances.

Ruslanovna get married only once. Home is their second element. Giving more than half of themselves to work, the rest goes to the family.

The hostesses of these women are great! Ruslanovna not only know how to cook, but also make it tasty, varied, love to make homemade preparations.

They have a partnership with her husband, but she will not tolerate infidelity on the part of her husband, immediately filing for divorce. They prefer to bring up children in severity, accustoming them already from infancy to order and to the simplest duties.

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