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These men are calm, self-confident, not rushing to extremes. Sergeevichs are always purposeful, but in achieving their goal they know the value of their actions and will never violate their moral principles.

When planning their work, these men will definitely put everything on the shelves, so they rarely have unpleasant surprises.

Sergeevichs are very punctual men for whom this word is not an empty phrase. Their many friends know that in a critical situation they will always be helped.

The Sergeevichs prefer not to hover in the clouds, but to carry out their plans on the basis of verified facts. Since these men are talented, they quickly move up the career ladder, although they themselves always retain their independence.

Sergeyevichs tend to react emotionally to failures, they have a hard time experiencing mental problems. Even when they get married, these men maintain strong and good relations with their parents, helping them until old age.

In the family, the Sergeevichs are calm, his wife is confident in her future, knowing that her husband will not betray or change. The owners of such a patronymic truly have golden hands, therefore, at home, there is always complete order.

Born in winter Sergeevichs, has a life full of difficulties and adventures, achieves success in sports. Such men are very neat, even to the point of pedantry.

Sergeevichs, born in the summer, find their happiness in the second, or even in the third marriage. These are avid motorists.

They are very tactful, careful people. Sergeevna will never say too much, will not hurt with a careless word.

The owners of this patronymic have great talents, despite their failures in life, they always remain incorrigible optimists. At work, Sergeevna is distinguished by the accuracy and precision of the task, great diligence.

At work, he is the center of the team, does not intrigue, helps colleagues. These women are very sociable, they are always full of friends around them, always fun and interesting, Sergeevna are good and interesting storytellers.

Such women have a weak nervous system, so they can suddenly burst into tears due to seemingly insignificant little things. The Sergeevna do not like to argue, since they do not have enough strength to convince a stubborn interlocutor and they themselves hardly perceive the opinion of others.

These women get married several times, since they are fickle in their heart affections. In her family, Sergeevna prefers to consult with her husband, believes that it is the husband who is the head of the family and leaves him at the mercy of making decisions. Children of such women are born of different sexes.

Sergeevna, born in winter, are not very picky about people, so they come across unfaithful friends.

If such a woman was born in the summer, then she is more susceptible to nervous experiences, she herself invents imaginary problems for herself.


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