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Brothers Den and Frank Carney attended Wichita State University in Kansas. A friend advised them to open a pizzeria, which was very rare in their place, so the brothers liked the idea.

The brothers borrowed $ 600 from their mother, which was an impressive sum at that time. Delhi went on to rent a small building in downtown Wichita and purchased old pizza equipment.

The small restaurant could seat only 25 people, and the tiny sign above the door did not allow more than 9 letters to be placed there. Yes, and the phrase "Pizza Hut" literally spun in the language - the old building very much resembled a shack or hut (in English "hut").

On June 15, 1958, the restaurant opened to attract customers on the very first day, the brothers delivered pizza to the neighborhood for trial. A few months later, the place became so popular that it was bringing in $ 500-800 a week. The Carney brothers realized that they had attacked a gold mine and began to open more and more new establishments under the same brand. Initially, the new restaurants were stylized as the very first "hut".

Even today, this is common in some Pizza Hut restaurants in America. Already in 1959, it was decided to open new establishments on the basis of a franchise. And the first restaurant outside the United States opened in Canada in 1968. Since 1971, the brand has been considered the number one pizza manufacturer in the world and the main trendsetter in this food segment.

The company went public in 1972, and in 1978 it was taken over by the giant PepsiCo, which also owns fast food brands such as KFC and Taco Bell. The owners paid a lot of attention to advertising. For example, the 1965 campaign turned out to be very successful - the townspeople chased the driver with pizza. As a result, the delicious food was eaten by everyone except the owner himself.

One of the factors behind the growing popularity of Pizza Hut was the introduction of pizza delivery in 1986. Today it seems natural, but then this approach to customers was considered innovative. In the same year, an anniversary event took place - 5000 chain restaurants opened in Dallas. The brand has been actively featured in films and video games, and even Mikhail Gorbachev has appeared in commercials in 1997.

Pizza Hut offers a rather varied menu, which is unusual for a fast food chain. Restaurants are divided into two main types. Pizza Hut is a family run establishment with a large menu and quite comfortable. And there are much more service personnel here. Pizza Hut Express is a classic fast food.

In the restaurants of the chain, in addition to the pizza itself, you can also taste pasta, garlic bread, chicken wings, and the bistros of the same chain offer Italian themed dishes. Pizza Hut has traveled to space in the form of rocket ads and vacuum-packed dishes, and in 2012 the company even released a limited edition perfume.

Today the headquarters of the company is located in Texas, the city of Plano. The famous pizzeria employs more than 140 thousand people in 11 thousand establishments located in one hundred countries of the world.

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