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Identifying popular names is currently not difficult. But this will be dry statistics.

You can truly identify popular names only by conducting a comprehensive study, which includes several stages:

1. Finding out the roots of the popular names identified by you. Names have existed since the appearance of man. Scientists suggest that the first names were given according to the main characteristics of a newborn at birth that distinguish them from other people. It can be skin color, activity, parents, signs, and signs of pregnancy, and much more.

Christian names appeared in Russia in the 10th century along with the spread of Orthodoxy. The name was determined at the time of baptism and corresponded to the clergy or Christmastide, that is, in accordance with the days of the saints.

It was believed that a person, together with we, is given not only a patron saint, but also a direction in life, close to the life of a saint. This continued until the 1917 revolution, when the excommunication of the state from the church allowed to call newborn babies by names that parents liked on their own.

What will this information give us ?! We will be able to find out how deep the roots of a given popular name are, and thus assume its "longevity" as a winner. After all, unfamiliar names can hardly determine the popularity rating.

2. Determination of the latest fashion trends. At all times and centuries, the choice of the name of children was (and even now is the least affected) under the influence of fashion trends. The degree of influence of fashion is determined only by the eccentricity (exaltation) of future parents.

Political and cultural events, figures and prominent personalities leave a special imprint. In the post of revolutionary Russia, a huge amount of absurd, both phonetically (sound perception) and the semantic load of names (Traktorina, Kim, Lunachara, Akadem, Markslen, and so on) was "created". At that time, it was these names that were considered the most popular.

But times changed quickly enough, and the children named by these names remained. As adults, many have sought a name change and have achieved it. And so the popularity of this category of names passed.

Holding the Olympics in Moscow led to a surge in the popularity of such names as Mikhail (Misha), Olympiada, Lipa and the like. This point should also be taken into account, since it will be a pity for the effort and energy spent on determining the most popular names, if in the process of "research" the popularity of the chosen favorites quickly evaporates.

3. Detailed forecast for the future. Fashion can be a little predictable - this is no secret to anyone. Likewise, the fashion for names is quite predictable. At present, it is among the popular to call newborns Old Slavonic, but quite sonorous or solid (representative) names: Daniel, Gleb, Nikita, Daniel, Milan, Euphrosyne, Aksinya (Oksana), Peter, Maria, Evdokia, Sevostyan, who, for a long time were considered rare.

It is noted that old Russian names are used by parents from intelligent and educated families. In ordinary families, there is a spirit of bravado and the need for a certain chic. The pretentiousness in the choice of names is high here.

The most popular names in Moscow at the end of the millennium were: Alexander and Anastasia. Second place - Maria and Maxim, third - Daria and Ivan.

The most popular in Leningrad are: Alexander, Anatoly, Alexey, Anton, Andrey, Boris, Valery, Valentin, Vasily, Vitaly, Victor, Vladimir, Gennady, Dmitry, Eugene, Igor, Ivan, Konstantin, Maxim, Mikhail, Nikolai, Pavel, Oleg, Peter, Sergey and Yuri.

Anastasia, Alexandra, Alla, Anna, Vera, Valentina, Victoria, Galina, Evgenia, Evfrosinya, Evdokia, Elena, Ekaterina, Irina, Lydia, Larisa, Lyudmila, Maria, Marina, Natalia, Nadezhda, Oksana, Olga, Tamara, Svetlana, Tatiana and Julia.

When choosing a name for a baby, do not put your principles and ambitions at the head of the choice. Pride and pretentiousness in this matter can not only bring some inconvenience in the life of a future person, but also harm its calm and happy course. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that before starting any business, opening a store or creating a company, you should carefully choose a name.

So why, in the matter of choosing a name for their child, many parents forget that you give the name to this baby, and not to your own ambitions. A child to be so named all his life, and the fashion that you follow passes quickly, and as a result, an innocent child will suffer.

When choosing a name, remember how aesthetic your choice should be, show maximum wisdom and prudence. Popularity comes and goes, and a name is given for life.

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