Third week of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - up to 0.1-0.2 mm, weight - not determined.

This week, the most important event in your life and in the life of your future baby takes place: the egg meets the sperm and conception occurs.

Of the 300-500 million sperm that enter the woman's vagina during intercourse, only 400-500 survive, which manage to get to the egg through the fallopian tube. In its head, each sperm, in addition to the nucleus with 23 chromosomes, carries a bubble with special enzymes that destroy the egg shell. As soon as the first of them manages to get inside, the egg becomes inaccessible to all other sperm.

This is how conception occurs. The 23 chromosome of the egg is fused with the 23 chromosomes brought by the sperm and a zygote is formed - the first cell of a new and completely unique being - your unborn child. Already at the moment of fertilization, the sex of the unborn child is determined.

Therefore, no amount of your efforts, no magic special diets or exercises can now force the unborn child to change their gender. Sometimes it happens that two eggs mature and fertilize at once. Then the double twins will be born. Sometimes even one egg starts to last so that identical twins are born.

Fertilization usually occurs in the middle of the fallopian tube. After fertilization, the zygote, continuing to divide, for about 3 days moves into the uterine cavity and attaches (implants) to its wall. At this moment, your future baby is called a blastocyst in scientific language. It consists of 32 cells and looks like a berry. By the end of 3 weeks, your baby has 250 cells and looks more like a 0.1-0.2 mm ball.

If the implantation was successful, then the embryo will now begin to receive nutrients directly from the mother's body, and not from the reserves created by the egg. The mucous membrane of the uterus envelops the embryo and soon the placenta forms around it - a special organ that will take care of your baby throughout pregnancy, nourish and protect him. If, for some reason, the implantation process was disrupted, then the embryo without the formation of a placenta will die.

Future mom

Now the expectant mother is officially pregnant, although she does not yet know about it. The developing embryo secretes enzymes that lead to changes in the functions of the female body. For example, it is because of them that menstruation stops for the entire duration of pregnancy.

At the same time, the former graaf vial, in which the egg was ripening, turns into a yellow body - a special temporary gland - and begins to produce hormones progesterone and estrogen, which contribute to the further development of pregnancy.

Very often, expectant mothers feel the first signs of toxicosis precisely at the time of the formation of the corpus luteum. Still not knowing that they are pregnant, they may feel sudden lightheadedness, unusual severe motion sickness in transport, sensitivity to odors, etc.

Dreams are one of the mysterious and yet unexplained facts of the first weeks of pregnancy. It is during the third or fourth week of pregnancy that many expectant mothers see strange, long-lasting dreams. There is a popular belief that if you dream of a fish, then this is for pregnancy. Indeed, most pregnant women dream of fish in one form or another.

Psychologists also identified several more motives: a breast full of milk, a healthy and cheerful child, as if he had already been born, beautiful bouquets of flowers, the sun (as a variant of chamomile - small suns - or huge yellow water lilies, on the petals of which you can sit or run), aromatic bread or an abundance of food, for example, in a store. There is always a very good and warm feeling after such dreams.

It may be the other way around. The expectant mother dreams of how something beautiful and healthy turns into sick and dead (for example, a beautiful bouquet of flowers withers and crumbles), or she dreams of herself, but in a strange and defective state, or mysteriously disappearing and disappearing children. Such a negative dream can be a harbinger of a miscarriage and a woman should pay extremely serious attention to her health.

Remember that it is imperative to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, avoid stress by all means. It is worth carefully reviewing the medicines that are in your home medicine cabinet. Set aside those that are clearly contraindicated during pregnancy.

Keep valerian, noshpa or Magne B6 handy. These medicines help with increased nervous excitability and spasms, but even they should not be abused. After all, any medicine has an effect on your unborn baby.

2 weeks - 3 weeks - 4 weeks

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