Fifth week of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - up to 3 mm, weight - not determined.

At this stage, the human embryo is difficult to distinguish from the embryos of other animals. In its development, it now goes through all the stages of the evolution of the living world, therefore it also has a tail and even gill slits. At the same time, on the limbs, you can see tiny processes - future fingers. The embryo resembles the letter C.

The most important changes in the baby's body will be the appearance of the rudiments of the organs of vision and hearing, lungs, thyroid gland, neural tube - the prototype of the spinal cord and spine. Where the neural tube expands, the brain will soon appear. Around the neural tube there are special tissues - somites. Muscles will then arise from them. Folic acid plays a very important role in folding the nervous system, so don't forget to take it!

On ultrasound, you can distinguish the amniotic cavity, the fetal bladder gradually forms. The placental circulatory system is established, while the yolk sac is producing blood cells. In the center of the embryo, an accumulation of tissue is noticeable, it is she who will form the heart. The best modern devices can now detect the pulsation of the heart tube. Yes, yes, and even if this is not a heartbeat as such, it is still wonderful.

The digestive system is also developing, despite the fact that your baby will not need it for a long time. The intestines begin to fold, which so far is just a tube in the shape of the number "3". An umbilical cord is then formed on the jumper of this figure. The liver is formed, and then the esophagus and trachea.

Your child will have gonoblasts this week - the prototypes of his sperm or eggs! Thus, information about your future grandchildren or granddaughters is already being laid!

Future mom

Your period has not arrived this week. You should have a pregnancy test done. Pregnancy is diagnosed in three ways:

1. Rapid tests (strips), which are sold in every pharmacy. They detect the presence of the hCG hormone in the urine. It is best to do the test in the morning, when the hormone concentration is highest. Dip the test strip in urine to a certain mark and wait 5-10 minutes for the result. If a second line appears, you are pregnant. The second strip of any color and clarity is a sign of pregnancy. A weak streak is obtained if the term of your actual pregnancy is still very short (1-7 days of delay in menstruation). Moreover, in the first days of the delay, the second strip on the test may not appear at all, just the concentration of hCG is still very low. Retest one week later.

2. Blood test for hCG. This test detects even the smallest concentrations of hCG in the blood. Therefore, if you are in doubt about the express urine test, do yourself a blood test. Blood is taken from a vein in the morning and on an empty stomach.

3. Ultrasound. Usually, ultrasound can determine at this time only indirect data about whether you are pregnant, for example, an increase in the size of the uterus, which also becomes more rounded. Sometimes it is possible to see both the fetal egg-embryo and the corpus luteum, but this does not happen every time. It is best to do ultrasound at a later date (10-12 weeks) or in case of any health problems.

So, you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, moreover, in one of the most crucial and crisis periods (3-6 weeks). Your unborn child is developing rapidly. You should help him as the risk of miscarriage is still very high. Therefore, the expectant mother should observe the following rules:

1. Eat well. It is good, that is, eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fresh juices, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs. Don't eat too much. It is better to eat more often.

2. You may already have strange taste preferences, such as pickles spread with jam. Try not to get carried away with spicy, salty, smoked. Of course, it is better to take a bite of spicy sausage than to be nervous all day that you cannot. But the piece should be really small.

3. Drink still mineral water or freshly squeezed juices often. Tea and coffee should be gradually eliminated from the diet. Black tea can be replaced with green tea, and coffee with chicory.

4. Be sure to take prenatal vitamins, especially if you live in a large metropolis. Now environmental pollution is reaching incredible proportions. If you do not feed your future baby with vitamins, it will be very difficult for him to grow properly.

5. If you still smoke - quit urgently! Carbon monoxide, which is 600% more in the blood of a smoking mother than in the blood of a non-smoker, prevents the transfer of oxygen to other tissues, including the baby. And the child needs oxygen now. Lack of oxygen can affect the formation of any organ in the child. Now it is already clear to everyone that the harm from the use of alcohol and drugs is even greater than from the use of alcohol.

6. Don't overheat. Hot baths, steam baths, saunas, and solariums can stimulate miscarriage as well as hinder the normal development of the spine. You should not stay in a hot bath for more than 15 minutes, and it is better to completely cancel the bath, sauna and solarium. Although recent studies show that the sauna and steam bath are quite accessible to pregnant women, but not for more than 10 minutes.

7. Listen carefully to your body every day. If you feel unwell, see your doctor. If you have any pain or reddish-brown discharge from the vagina, lie down on the couch, put your feet on the pillow and call an ambulance to rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Not all bleeding is dangerous, many carried a child, although their periods did not stop. But it is imperative to consult a doctor.

8. It is worth limiting your fitness and other physical activity requiring a lot of muscle tension or fraught with possible injuries (dancing, running, skating, skiing, etc.). Of course, if you played sports all the time, then you shouldn't quit. Just choose a gentle workout routine designed specifically for pregnant women. They will help you keep fit and prepare your muscles for labor. Swimming is an exception. Regular visits to the pool are recommended by all midwives.


Many women already at 5 weeks experience bouts of toxicosis - nausea, dizziness, even fainting. Toxicosis is fairly constant in 70% of pregnant women, and almost 100% have experienced such an attack at least once.

Toxicosis is caused by the activity of the corpus luteum, which produces the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Then this function will pass to the placenta, just then (at 12 weeks) your toxicosis will end. Estrogen and progesterone help your baby to harden in the uterus. Without them, the uterus can reject the fetus and a miscarriage will occur. The corpus luteum tries and produces a lot of hormones, in excess. This explains the toxicosis.

Most often, the malaise occurs in the morning. But in fact, she can "grab" a pregnant woman at any time and in any setting. Especially in transport or in a crowd of people. Therefore, you should carry emergency bags, wet wipes and a small bottle of water with you. It is best to move around alone as little as possible, let someone from your relatives accompany you.

Do not hesitate to seek help from people around you, especially if they are doing something that causes you another attack of toxicosis. For example, your officemate uses perfume that you can't stand the smell of, or someone smokes in your presence. Ask for a change of perfume and stop smoking - people rarely refuse a request to exhausted pregnant women.

Toxicosis goes away by the 12th week of pregnancy, so you only have 6-7 weeks to endure. Other changes you may notice in your body include increased urination (one of the most common signs of pregnancy), drowsiness, decreased or sudden increase in appetite, and increased fatigue.

A restructuring is also taking place on the emotional level. A woman becomes too excitable, she may suddenly become nervous and even cry, or, on the contrary, enter into euphoria. Try to control your behavior, because in the future the situation will only get worse. This can lead to unwanted squabbles in your family.

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