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Meaning of the name

Renata translated from Latin means "reborn".


Little Renata is by no means quiet. She is very obstinate, touchy and noisy, contradicts her parents for any reason, fastidious and capricious. At the same time, this is a recklessly brave girl, she can even fight with a boy that is older than her in age and strength, if she needs to defend her innocence or take revenge on the offender.

She is a good student at school, extremely sociable. Renata has many friends with whom she shares all her joys and adversities. She is not envious, knows how to rejoice from the bottom of her heart in the success of others and empathize with their failures.

Adult Renata is persistent and hardworking, has excellent intuition, practical, although she loves to dream. Before taking on any business, he looks closely, calculates all possible scenarios for the development of events and ways to achieve the goal.

But if he gets down to business, he will grab onto it tenaciously and will not let go until he completes it. He is respected by colleagues at work, friends and acquaintances. Can achieve success in any field.


Renata is sweet and charming, sociable, dresses very bright and catchy, loves noisy parties and discos. But if suddenly completely new features appear in her character for no reason, just know - she fell in love!

In a state of falling in love, the laughter Renata becomes quiet, composes poems, even does not share her feelings with close friends. Most often, her chosen one is much older - it can be a teacher, a neighbor, a famous actor or singer, etc.

An outburst of feelings can end with a confession in a diary or a long conversation with the best friend, but more often - a whirlwind romance, tears, tantrums, or even an attempt at suicide, if Renata's chosen one (most often already burdened with family ties, having a wife, children, and even grandchildren ) will not reciprocate.

Having suffered a fiasco in a love story, Renata is engaged only in studies or work, she openly despises men, rejects fans. But time passes, old grievances are forgotten, and Renata nevertheless gets married, but remains true to herself - her chosen one is necessarily older, and the age difference can be 15-20 years, having considerable experience both in everyday and intimate spheres.

In bed, Renata completely transfers the initiative to her partner, is very sensual, reacts subtly to everything that happens, therefore she is able to give a man maximum pleasure.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini.


The word Renata gives the impression of something good, rough, angular, loud, brave, powerful, agile, active, bright, joyful.

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